15 Must Have Kitchen Items – Helps You To Get The Right One

Are you a newly married couple and preparing to shift to a new house? You may think of buying new furniture and other home appliances. However, have you thought about the kitchen? May be or not.

Though we know that kitchen is the heart of a home, most of us pay less attention and indifferent to it. If you have less interest for a well-equipped kitchen, you could have less interest on cooking.

When you think about kitchen items, you may just jot down a list of an oven, some pans and pots, spoons, glasses, and plates- done! You begin your journey and each time you feel an item needed then you rush to the market. After a few days, you feel something required then again you go to the shop. More or less this same phenomenon happens to all.

If you know which utensils must have to your kitchen then it becomes easier for you to decorate your kitchen. No matter whether you are a novice or a chef, you need a few essential kitchenette items that are required for your everyday cooking.

Ignore the kitchen accessories that require every once in a while. Here, we are focusing on must have kitchen items.

# 10 Best Kitchen Items in the Market – Editor’s Pick

Let’s have a look at the list with a short description.

1. Knife

Let start with the knife, a must have kitchen items for a new home. This utensil is the first thing to keep in your kitchen.

You could buy different shapes and types of knives. But very few are useful for your kitchen. Basically, three types of knives are perfect for your kitchen: a chef’s knife, a parking knife, and a bread knife.

Chef’s knife is mostly used in culinarian work. It’s popular because of its versatile use. Basic cutting, slicing, and chopping become fun using this knife.

A parking knife is a knife used in the kitchen for its smaller size and shorter blade. It brings control over your performance.

When you cut bread with a regular kitchen knife, the bread is squashed. To prevent this, a special knife with a serrated edge is used and this will allow you to saw through it.

Whatever knife you choose make sure your knife is stainless steel made.

2. Chopping/Cutting Board

It doesn’t matter whether you have a knife or not if you don’t have anything for preparing your food. You need something to keep your food while cutting. That’s cutting board or commonly known as a chopping board.

Plastic made or old fashioned wood made chopping boards are available in the super shop. You can choose anyone. It’s completely up to you. Nowadays consumers are showing more interest in plastic cutting boards.

Our recommendation is to keep both. Use wood made for cutting raw foods like raw meat, vegetables, fish, dairy, etc. And for chopping prepared food, use plastic made. It helps to avert cross-contamination among foods and keep your food poison-free.

3. Knife Sharpener/ Honing Rod

Keeping a knife on your kitchen is meaningless if you don’t have a knife sharpener. Knives become blunt over a while. For cutting your food with less slippage, it’s essential to keep your knife sharp.

Higher force is required to cut anything by a dull knife. This enhances the risk level for its slipping and marks missing chance. Properly cutting food is required for even cooking.

Traditionally, the honing rod is used for a sharping knife. If you are used to with a rod then keep it on your kitchen. It’s true this rod requires skill, patient, and sometimes hard-working.

An electric knife sharpener makes your task easy. Different sharpening slot allows different sizes and shapes of knives. When you are getting an automatic tool then why you need to look for an old days rod sharpener. Make your life easy.

4. Kitchen Shears/ Scissors

Every home cook should have a pair of scissors or shears. You can perform almost all sorts of works like cutting, snipping herbs, slicing chickens, opening the packaging, and many more.

Are you confused about shears and scissors? They look almost the same but they have some basic differences. Though blades and handles are common, the prime differences are in the shape and size of handles, and the blade length.

The scissors have two equally sized blades named over a cutter blade and an anvil blade. Usually, blade length is 6” or less. One blade is for cutting and another one is for griping for whatever you are cutting. This avail blade is serrated and thinner in shape.

Shears contains with a longer bottom handle for placing four fingers while the other shorter portion has a gap to place thumb finger. Kitchen snips have an exception.

Shears have blades of 6” and longer. However, kitchen snips come up with extra leverage and force with its 4 to 5 inches shorter blades.

Our recommendation is to jot down both things to buy for the kitchen list.

5. Can Opener

In old days people use a knife, scissor or any other sharpen rod to open a can lid. Surely, this was a risky business. Many of them cut their hand.

To get rid of this risky operation, can opener was being used. A good number of manufacturers compete to upgrade their product so that can lid can be opened more easily.

Whether you want to open a can of corn or a bottle of mutton, a perfect can-opener performs the activity quickly. A manual can opener is basically made of stainless steel and plastic.

Today’s factory-made preserved food is to be kept in a tin-container and this container lid is sealed for proper preservation. You may cut your hand if you don’t use a can opener.

This essential culinary device makes your work easy and comfortable. You don’t have to squeeze as the opener locks into place.

For getting a smooth cutting operation, this must add to the beginner kitchen set.

6. Nonstick Pan

Every kitchen should be equipped with at least one nonstick pan. If you haven’t listed yet to your must have kitchen items list, then add this in no time.

Frying an egg without oil was impossible before releasing nonstick pan to the market. From egg boiling to pan searing, a nonstick pan is an essential part of your cooking.

People have a wrong concept regarding nonstick pan. They think these pans cannot be heated highly and cooking is to be continued with a slow heat. The surface gets a bad rap that contaminated with the food and they fear the scratching. In reality, those entire concepts are wrong.

Nonstick materials are more user friendly comparing to the stainless steel pan. It can heat evenly and quickly which saves cooking time.

Moreover, because of its smooth surface, fewer messes stuck to it while cooking and thus easily be cleaned up.

7. Stockpot

A stockpot is an essential kitchen item checklist for day to day kitchen activities. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, a stockpot is a crying need for your cookhouse. It’s an integral part of any kitchen.

This must have kitchen items come up with various uses and stocking food is just a function out of many.

Previously these types of pots were made with stainless steel. But nowadays nonstick materials are being used widely for manufacturing stockpot. Instead of stainless steel, customers are showing more interest in the nonstick stockpot.

This cooking vessel is unique for its size. Various sizes are available and its large capacity can stock and cook a full family meal.

8. Sponge Holder

Without a sponge, you cannot think about dishwashing. This simple item is very effective as a cleaning tool. Dirt free hygienic kitchen is impossible without a sponge. But sponges are a source of bacteria. That’s why it needs a holder to keep it dry and away from the surface.

Sponges hold water for a long time and this is the prime cause to catch by bacteria. It needs water-free after using it. If you keep this on the countertop or beside the sink, removing water would take a long time. Keep it on a holder and get a better result.

Sponge holders are perfect for draining water quickly. Keep a sponge holder near to your sink and place the sponge here after using it. Its true sponge will not support you for a long time, but you could get long time support from a holder.

Don’t forget to buy before moving to your new apartment.

9. Candy Thermometer

Who doesn’t love to make self-made sweet treats? Candy making at home is great fun. Parents can build better bonding with their kids by making candy together. One essential utensil is a candy thermometer while making candy.

You may don’t have the skill to make chocolate or candy. Don’t worry; lots of videos are available on the internet. Achieving exact the right temperature is also a part of the skill and precision.

The temperature must closely be monitored when making candies. These thermometers can tolerate a higher temperature than an ordinary thermometer. Usually, a candy thermometer can rate from 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Microwave Oven

A microwave oven is a very common cooking device that can cook, bake, and heat food evenly and quickly. It’s a popular cooking appliance for its versatile uses. Every cook wants to keep one to his/her countertop because of its easy-to-use operation.

All microwave ovens are electric run which made this device fully automated. You just place your food or raw food, then press the right button and the machine do the rest.

The rate of using a microwave oven is increasing rapidly and in most cases, it takes possession of an old-fashioned oven. From popcorn to leftover, steamed veggies to crispy bacon, even heating water for making tea, all are now done by a microwave oven. If you know how to poach an egg using a microwave oven then you don’t need to use cooking pan anymore.

Absence of this must have kitchen appliance makes your kitchenette not well-equipped. So don’t forget to add your list.

11. Blender

A blender is one of the vital kitchen items for the first apartment which can chunk ice and fruits to produce juice within 50 to 60 seconds. This device is known as liquidizer in British English.

For mixing, pureeing and emulsifying food and other substance, the bender is used broadly around the world. Its frequent use in the kitchen makes this cook’s top choice.

Blenders are classified according to functions and features. Basically, two types of blenders are commonly used. One is known as countertop blender where two or three stainless steel blades are used to blend the ingredients. And the blending substances are placed in a plastic or glass made container.

Other types of the blender are known as immersion blender that doesn’t have its own container. Instead of a steady blade like the previous one, a rotating shaft with different shapes of mixing head is mounted for mixing and, suitable for any container.

Don’t for to keep one when moving to your new apartment.

12. Pressure Cooker

Another must have kitchen items for chefs are none other than a pressure cooker. No doubt every cook is dependent on pressure cooker nowadays.

You may have a busy schedule, and don’t want to stay much time in the kitchen. Then before frying your vegetable on fryer pan, boil those vegetables within two minutes using a pressure cooker. It’s really a time-saving kitchen accessory.

Cooking with this is easier than regular stockpot. Mix all the ingredients. Pour the mix-ins to the cooker and lock the lid properly. When heated, the pressure cooker reaches its boiling point, taps inner steam, and started pressurizing to its surface. Excess steam releases through a releasing valve.

Electric pressure cookers are getting more and more popular day by day as this has versatile cooking options. This time-saving equipment saves up to 70% cooking time.

13. Air Fryer 

Who doesn’t love to take his/her favorite meal without the added calories? An air fryer is such kind of cooking stuff that can prepare your dish releasing its fat. Fatty foodies love this kitchen item.

The air fryer doesn’t need extra oil to fry mutton, beef, or chicken. Moreover, these high caloric foods’ fat can easily be separated by this magical culinary stuff.

Today’s air fryers are not just an air fryer; these can cook, bake, roast, reheat, and dehydrate En-bloc. It’s not a matter for an air fryer to make food crispy with a brown-golden texture without any oil added.

Manufacturers are producing different sized and shaped air fryer to make your culinary task easy. Even some machines are too large to fry a full turkey.

Health-conscious culinarian considers this as a mandatory cooking device. This healthy cookware should be included in your first apartment checklist.

14. Kitchen Trash Can

A proper trash can is a must have in every kitchen. Your takeout containers and wasted dinner trays have to go that trash bin or trash can.

You arrange everything you need to cook, but ignoring the garbage is a big mistake. Whatever you use to cook is completely up to you. You may erase any item from your list of things to buy for the kitchen when moving in if you realize that is not necessary right now. But missing this one will surely suffer you!

Various brands and models are available on market. You may find it in the online shop too. Selecting a perfect one is a little bit tricky. All seems similar. However, reading customer reviews will help you.

The latest electric trash cans with sensors are completely different from the previous day’s waste bin which used to open or close by hand or by leg push. You just keep your hand anywhere around the can and the sensor works immediately.

15. Kitchen Shoes   

The last item on our mandatory list is kitchen shoes. Kitchen shoes mean chef shoes. You may think why do you need to have a pair of kitchen shoes? To get the answer you need to know to realize your working environment. So let’s discuss.

Chef’s job is really tough and demanding. Chefs have to stand a long time beside a hot stove. They are exposed to sharp knives, carry heavyweight like flour sacks or large meat cuts.

They have a risk of slipping or falling due to oil or water spill. To tackle all these conditions they need to wear slip-less shoes.

Besides wrong attire are responsible to make their work uncomfortable. That’s why they wear comfortable aprons. Pair of comfortable shoes is also needed to make their movement easy and flexible.

Choosing the right shoes is fully depends on the user. Comfortless vary from person to person. However, some common factors should be kept in mind when buying for a kitchen shoe.

The first thing you should remember when buying this culinary attire is – helpful for your posture. Slip-on design, slip-proof upper side, cushioned midsole, and slip-resistance outsole must be ensured.

Final Words 

Above are just a list of must have kitchen items. Basically, this is the list of utensils that are mandatory for a new kitchen. In our thought, you cannot start your cooking without these essential cooking items.

Apart from these, there are many kitchen accessories that you can keep to make your culinary work easy and enjoyable. Several modern electrical appliances are also available which can save your valuable time and energy.

Here we suggested chef’s knife, knife sharpening rod, kitchen shears, cutting board, can opener, blender as food preparation equipment. Besides these you can also keep vegetable peeler, garlic press, grater, kitchen scales, measuring jug, measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowl, colander/pasta strainer, sieve, and rolling pin.

As for serving equipment, you can add to your list ladle, pasta fork, pizza cutter, corkscrew, and bottle opener too. Plastic containers, plastic zipper bags, and bread bin may also be included as storage equipment.

A list of utensils is well equipped with the items that directly related to cooking. Many newly married couples or couples who are renovating their kitchen with fully new equipment are showing their interest on skillet, saucepans, ovenproof dish, roasting tin, stirring spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, tongs, balloon whisk, pot holder, and food thermometer along with the listed nonstick pan, stock pan, microwave oven, blender, pressure cooker, and air fryer.

All the lists are made by experts. We give value to your investments. If you have a shortage of investment, then overviewing on the list will assist you to choose your most needed items right now. We hope the list will be beneficial to you.

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