Top 10 Best Sponge Holder – Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

by Christopher Jones

Many of us enjoy washing dishes, many of us don’t. Whether you have a dishwasher at your home or no, there are certain dishes you need to wash by hand. And having the right gear makes this work less boring.

There is nothing more unsanitary than using a scrubber that has been lying in dirty water to wash your dishes. So, organize your kitchen with the best sponge holder to raise its standards. Your kitchen should be kept neat and clean and a sponge holder will only accelerate this process.

Looking for good quality, durable and reliable sponge holder? Here we have the ultimate list for you. Read on to check out our favorites.

Top Sponge Holder   and by Editors' Picks
Top Sponge Holder and by Editors' Picks

What is Sponge Holder?

If you need something to hold the sponges present in your kitchen, a sponge holder will do that work for you. It is basically a kitchen sink organizer and you can put your dry sponges to keep it untouched with other wet stuff. Not only that, but you can also use it to dry the wet sponges easily.

There are drainage holes in the sponge holder so that all the water can easily fall into the sink. To make sure it happens, simply install it closer to the drainage system of the sink.

However, three types of holders are there in the market, plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. The stainless steel one is the most famous and is in high demand around the world. Some come with a suction cup system while some can be placed directly to the kitchen counter. It will be beneficial if you go with the latter one.

What is Sink Caddy?

Sink caddy is also a kitchen sink organizer that you can use to keep things like sponge, brush, cleaning cloth, and lotions altogether in a single place. There are lots of holes designed inside it so that all the water can easily get drained when you put any wet objects in it.

Likewise, when you are cleaning your kitchen, sink caddy will be a big support in this case. Any dish cleaning stuff will be out from your way and your task will be finished at a fast pace.

Finally, when you need any dishwashing tools in an emergency, you do know where it is and because of that, you don’t have to search from one place to the other.

Our Top 10 Best Sponge Holder and Sink Caddy Reviews

1. iDesign Gia Kitchen Sink Suction Holder for Sponges

iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Suction Organizer Basket - 5.75
iDesign Gia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Suction Organizer Basket - 5.75" x 2.5" x 2.25", Polished

Our first pick is this basic kitchen sink suction holder which can hold your soap alongside the sponge. This holder is available in different shades of metal. The size of this holder is perfect for most places including schools and offices.

The holder has an open bottom, which allows water to drain from sponges. We always see that sponges retain water even if you try to squeeze it out a hundred times. In this case, an open bottom will allow your sponge to dry out completely.

This holder is made of stainless steel. So it is ideal for bathrooms and wet areas. Stainless steel is also highly durable and lasts longer. Thus, this steel ensures that the holder won’t rust either.

However small your sink is, this holder will definitely fit in it. The product is only 5.75″x2.25″x2.5″ in size. This compact design makes the holder ideal for most kitchens and versatile as well.

On the other hand, you won’t have to drill a hole into your wall for hanging this holder. It comes with reliable suctions that can hold onto any kind of smooth surface.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Suction for hanging
  • Compact size
  • Open bottom
  • Stainless steel made holder
  • Rust-resistant

2. OXO Good Grips Sinkware Caddy

OXO Good Grips Sinkware Caddy
OXO Good Grips Sinkware Caddy

Most of us would love to have a sponge holder that can be used for holding other things as well. This Sinkware Caddy from OXO is awesome for any compact kitchen or bathroom. It is parted in the middle crock-style so that you can use it for storing other supplies.

Like the previous product, this one has an open bottom as well. Water can drain to the bottom but is stored in a cup-like cover attached to it. Hence, you will have to clean the cup every day. This cup allows your sponges to drain and also holds the water so that your surface can remain dry.

You will get two separate compartments; one for brushes and another for sponges. The compartments are created using a removable divider so that you can have an open caddy if you want to. Dip tray stores the water and also dirt that is accumulated at the bottom of the caddy.

In this situation, this tray makes cleaning this holder way easier providing a simple yet flexible sponge holder. You will need a top for keeping it as it can’t be hung. We definitely recommend this best sink caddy for offices and schools where you need to maintain a dry surface.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Draining holes
  • Dip tray keeps surface clean and dry
  • Crock-style organization
  • Removable divider
  • Easy to clean

3. Joseph Joseph 85134 Surface Sink Caddy Stainless Steel Sponge Holder 

Joseph Joseph 85112 Surface Sink Caddy Stainless Steel Sponge Holder Organizer Tidy Drains Water for Kitchen, Large, Silver
Joseph Joseph 85112 Surface Sink Caddy Stainless Steel Sponge Holder Organizer Tidy Drains Water for Kitchen, Large, Silver

This one is a classy caddy sponge holder appropriate for your aesthetic home or office. It is available in two different sizes; small and large. Prices vary a little based on the size.

The holder is completely made of stainless steel and has an open counter/ railing to keep your sponge in. Its compartments are made for storing your dishwashing tools and products.

Likewise, a bottle and a brush compartment will keep your products away from each other so that you can keep them clean and tidy. The base is sloped and removable. So water from wet sponges can drain out of sight and you will be able to clean it up later.

This holder comes with a premium quality coating of stainless steel which is fingerprint-proof as well. The feet are non-slip so even if your surface is slippery and messy, this thing will stay upright without any issues.

However, you will have to clean this organizer by hand. But as you can take it apart, it’s very easy to clean. Just take all of the parts one by one, wash them, dry them with a cloth, and put them together back again.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Coated with stainless steel
  • Has a bottle and a brush compartment
  • The base is sloped and removable
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to clean

4. Umbra Saddle Sink Caddy – Flexible Rubber Organizer for Double Kitchen Sink

Umbra, Black Saddle Caddy – Flexible Rubber Organizer for Double Kitchen Sink, Storage for Dish Sponge, Scouring Pads, Small
Umbra, Black Saddle Caddy – Flexible Rubber Organizer for Double Kitchen Sink, Storage for Dish Sponge, Scouring Pads, Small

This one might be the most flexible and feature-filled sponge holder you will find in the market. Dishwashing doesn’t have to be time-consuming anymore. You can use this caddy to organize your sponges in the best way possible.

Unlike most other sponger holders, this one is simple and easy to use. It doesn’t have any extra compartments for holding cleaners or bottles. The simple design makes it more convenient and flexible.

The caddy has a universal fit; it is ideal for most double sinks which have a distance less than 5 cm. You don’t need to take it apart or anything, just place it on the sink and remove it when you want to clean.

The measurement of this caddy is 10x10x13 cm. As it is made of rubber, you can fold it and twist it in any way you want. The rubber used for making these holders is of very good quality which won’t break or melt easily. There are drainage holes in the bottom of this caddy which will help keep your sponges dry.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Rubber-made
  • Ideal for double sinks
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Have drainage holes

5. Umbra Sling Flexible Sink Caddy, Non-slip – Holds Sponge, Scrubbing Brush or Dishrag

Umbra Sling Flexible Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink Accessory, Single-Sided, Black
Umbra Sling Flexible Sponge Holder Kitchen Sink Accessory, Single-Sided, Black

Hang your caddy from anywhere you want; this non-slip sponge holder is appropriate for any setting. It comes with a large hanger so that you can attach it anywhere including your sink tap.

Besides, this caddy has a classy yet simple look. You can place your sponges or your soap on it. It has drainage holes and is open on both sides so that the sponge can air dry. You can hang brushes and other cleaning tools in it as well.

Whenever you are using the finest sponge holder, one of the main reasons behind using it is keeping a kitchen or bathroom tidy; this one does that job well. It keeps a clean open area to prevent moisture buildup. So even if you forget to clean it, no fungus or bacteria will greet you when you get to it.

Although it’s made of metal, the caddy is flexible. It comes with an elastic sling that helps it to attach itself snugly around whatever you hang the caddy from. Thus, you can fit this caddy around any faucet’s neck or sink walls and it stays put while you wash dishes.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Flexible
  • Made of metal
  • Can be hung from anywhere
  • Non-slip
  • Excellent drainage system

6. hblife Kitchen Sponge Holder Stainless Steel 

hblife Kitchen Sponge Holder Stainless Steel Sink Caddy Organizer Soap Dishwashing Liquid Drainer Brush, Rack, Draining Basket
hblife Kitchen Sponge Holder Stainless Steel Sink Caddy Organizer Soap Dishwashing Liquid Drainer Brush, Rack, Draining Basket

If you have a huge kitchen where you need to wash many dishes, it’s good to have a large sink caddy as well. This one from hblife is perfect for large families and restaurants. The caddy can store your sponge, soap, brush, and cleaning supplies at the same time.

It resembles a rack. The 304 stainless steel is used for manufacturing the holder. The size of this caddy is 7.30×3.54×5.10 inches, which is enough for most kitchens. The rack comes with a hanger that you can use for hanging it in between double sinks.

Using this caddy is healthier compared to the others available in the market. As it’s designed to be very open and allows air to pass, bacteria cannot grow easily. You can keep your wet sponge in it and the sponge will dry very quickly as it drains and gets enough air.

The caddy is very versatile as well. It has enough space to be a dish rack. So even if you’re not using a sponge, you can use the rack for drying your dishes like glass or small bowls.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Resembles a rack
  • Can be used for drying dishes
  • Healthy to use
  • Excellent drainage
  • Comes with a hook

7. Sink Caddy Sponge Holder Soap Holder, Eunion Plastic Saddle Faucet Caddy Desk Organizer Pen Holder

Sink Caddy Sponge Holder Soap Holder, Eunion Plastic Saddle Faucet Caddy Desk Organizer Pen Holder
Sink Caddy Sponge Holder Soap Holder, Eunion Plastic Saddle Faucet Caddy Desk Organizer Pen Holder

This is a sponge holder that can be used for holding almost anything. You can use it as a pen holder for your desk, as a utensil holder in your kitchen, or as a soap holder in your bathroom. The product is actually a caddy that comes with a plastic saddle to hang it anywhere you want.

It is available in two colors; blue and white. Both the colors are attractive and match any surface. The caddy itself has a pocket like design. It has two sections and both of them are slightly divided into further two sections.

You won’t need suction or sticker as the middle side can act as a hook for hanging this caddy between adjacent basins. Moreover, it has an excellent drainage system with large holes on the side and bottom. The holes on the side also allow air to pass and prevent bacterial growth on the caddy surface.

The size of this caddy is 5.71×5.51×4.88 cubic inches, which isn’t too compact or too large. We recommend this holder for homes and small offices. You can even use it in restaurant kitchens as they often have double sinks.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Not too small or too large
  • Doesn’t require suction or sticker
  • Have holes on side and bottom for drainage
  • Versatile
  • Has two sections

8. Joseph Joseph 85022 Sink Caddy Kitchen Sink Organizer Sponge Holder Dishwasher-Safe, Regular

Joseph Joseph Sink Caddy Kitchen Sink Organizer Sponge Holder Dishwasher-Safe, Regular, Gray
Joseph Joseph Sink Caddy Kitchen Sink Organizer Sponge Holder Dishwasher-Safe, Regular, Gray

The products from Joseph Joseph have a classy and sophisticated design. This one is no different. The sink caddy is perfect for homes and offices. It has enough space and sections to hold your dishtowel, sponges, and cleaners. You can even hang the towel on its railing.

You can get this best sink caddy in two sizes; small and large. The small one is 8.25x5x4.5 inches and the large one is 12x5x5.5 inches. Depending on your kitchen space and needs, you can opt for any of them.

It has a main body and a tray. You can keep your brush and dishwashing liquid in the main body and dry your sponges in the tray. There’s also a railing to dry your dishtowel on. This whole thing together prevents moisture buildup and also eliminates the smelling of towels and sponges.

Both the base and main body and drainage holes on them and water are collected in a concealed reservoir. So you won’t see the sponges draining water and dirt is always out of sight. Nevertheless, you’ll have to clean the tray below. The caddy can be taken apart and washed in a dishwasher.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Available in two sizes
  • Convenient design
  • Keeps dirty water out of sight
  • Keeps surface dry and clean

9. Mud Pie Kitchen Dish Sponge Holder Caddy

Mud Pie Kitchen Dish Sponge Holder Caddy, Off White
Mud Pie Kitchen Dish Sponge Holder Caddy, Off White

This is one of the cutest caddies you will ever come across. Its round mug like sponge holder is perfect for compact kitchens. Nowadays, people are into simple living and love compact things that don’t take up much space. This caddy is just the reflection of that.

It’s like a mug, only has a break in the middle. You can put your sponge there for draining and water will accumulate in the base of the mug. It has ‘sponge’ written in a cute font in the front and there is no other decoration or extra features on it.

The mug is 3.5″x3″ diameter and its slit reached up to 2/3 of the total height. As it is made of ceramic, it might break if falls. You can use it in the guest bathroom or for your spa.

It’s a very classy soothing sponge holder and definitely not built to be used in the kitchen. However, you can use it in the bathroom to enhance your décor.

Despite its elegant look, you should not wash this mug in the dishwasher. Use a mild dishwashing liquid for hand washing the caddy. If you are a beauty lover, this sponge holder will definitely wow you.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Resembles a mug
  • Has slit in the middle for holding a sponge
  • Can be used for holding other things like paper or toothbrush
  • Simple design
  • Has a classy and sophisticated look

10. Adhesive Sponge Holder + Dish Cloth Hanger

Adhesive Sponge Holder + Dish Cloth Hanger, 2-in-1 Sink Caddy, SUS304 Stainless Steel Rust Proof Water Proof, No Drilling
Adhesive Sponge Holder + Dish Cloth Hanger, 2-in-1 Sink Caddy, SUS304 Stainless Steel Rust Proof Water Proof, No Drilling

Many of us live in rented homes and drilling walls is not always an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to use a countertop caddy for holding your sponges. You can use products like this one which requires no drilling and can be hung using adhesives.

In that sense, this caddy can hold up to two sponges and a small dishtowel. You can attach it to your bathroom wall or your sink. Water won’t wear down the adhesive and it won’t come off easily. The adhesive is strong enough to support a 15 lbs weight maximum.

As the caddy has an open bottom, it is recommended to hang it inside the sink so that the dirty water drains inside and no mess is created. It resembles a rack, so good airflow is ensured and that means bacteria don’t grow there. The moisture build-up is also prevented by this great open rack and good airflow.

Similarly, it’s completely made of stainless steel, is rust-resistant and doesn’t melt under warm water. Its size is 7x3x2.4 inches, which is perfect for most kitchens and bathrooms.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Eliminates moisture buildup
  • Adhesive can support up to 15 lbs
  • Comes with a hanger for the dishcloth

Buying Guide for Sponge Holder

Before you go to the shop to buy a sponge holder, you should gather all the necessary information beforehand.Here is a complete buying guide to help you out.

1. Choose Between Hanging and Countertop Sponge Holder

Think about which holders you are going to buy. The hanging one should either be drilled or mounted with adhesive. Some models come with suction cups feature as well. On the other hand, the countertop one can be placed in any spot of your kitchen.

If you don’t have additional space in your sink area, buy the hanging model or else don’t hesitate to go for the countertop holder.

2. Check the Material

Sponge holders are made from plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. The first two are quite used among people throughout the world and the last one is the latest by some creative minds. All serve the same purposes, but when it comes to durability, you must check the kind of material that you are buying.

In this regard, the best pick will be the stainless-steel holder because it is very strong and prevents rust in any condition. If you put in under warm water, it won’t melt and with proper maintenance, it will last for a longer period of time.

3. Decide Where You are Going to Use

Other than using it in the kitchen, you will be surprised to hear that sponge holder can be used in an office or home bathroom. As it comes with different designs, you have to be careful about the style that you are going to choose.

For the office bathroom, buy a classy one that will elevate the beauty of that place. Go for a flexible and comfortable looking holder for your kitchen or home bathroom.

4. Look for the Size

As you know, different models come with their own unique sizes. So, make sure you check the length and width of the holder. If you have a small area in your kitchen, pick the smaller one.

Also, check whether you will be able to fit your sponge properly or not. If you bought it without checking and realized the problem after you have reached home, it will be a hassle for you to replace it because you have to go to the shop again.

5. Make Sure it Can be Cleaned Easily

The one you will buy should be flexible for you to clean all the time.Some models are dishwasher safe while some should always be washed with hands.

Take all the parts out from the sponge holder (if your model comes with this feature) and clean them one by one. When you have dried all of them, connect them again. It will definitely look as good as new.

6. Have a Good Budget

Don’t buy the cheaper ones as it will get damaged with time. Increase your budget and buy a good quality one. Your investment won’t go to waste if you take this step.

If you are confused with multiple models because of their lucrative feature and are not sure which one to go for, consult with the supplier. Take their advice and clear out other queries if you have.

Why Do You Need a Sponge Holder?

You do need a sponge holder for lots of reasons. All the important ones are elaborated below. Check it out.

1. Keeps the Sponge Holder Organized

You would never want your kitchen to look messy when you just entered inside.As every single kitchen tool needs to be organized, so does your sponge. It will keep them safe and secure and on top of that, they will beperfectly in order.

There are different colors and designs from which you can choose the ideal one that will fit perfectly with your kitchen environment.The size will also be an important issue.So make sure you pick the one that suits your requirement.

2. Speeds Up the Drying Process

If you put a wet sponge in any area of your kitchen and keep it there to dry, you will see that it is taking some amount of time to do that. This is because the sponge is not getting the proper area to drain the water.

In that case, using a sponge holder will surely overcome the problem.The holes in this tool will let all the water out. You can test it by putting it in the tool, come back after a couple of hours and then check the result.

3. Reduces the Growth of Bacteria

When an object stays wet for a long time, you will find out that bacteria will start forming all over. This is not a good sign for your kitchen and most importantly, it is harmful to your health. If you are unaware of the growth of bacteria in your sponge and touch it accidentally, this can turn out to be a dangerous situation.

In this critical scenario, having a sponge holder will be a perfect blessing for you. When you put it in a damp condition, it will get dry within a short time. So, don’t worry! Sponge holder has got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I clean my sponge holder?

Make a solution using a gallon of water with a 3/4thcup of bleach. Soak the sponge gently and keep it in the solution for about 5 minutes. Rinse it well and then put it out to dry.

Which material holder is the best when it comes to durability?

Stainless steel is the best out of all materials in the area of the sponge holder. It won’t rust or melt and will survive for a long time.

Will the hanging one be a good choice for my kitchen?

If your budget is good, go for the countertop holder. The hanging model uses adhesive stickers that fit into the wall and it will get loose with time due to the moisture. So, it will be a safe choice if you use the one that you can easily put nearer to the sink.

Which one is the best, sponge holder or sink caddy?

Both tools serve different purposes. The sponge holder only holds a sponge so that it can get dry. Sink caddy can hold your dishwashing as well as scrubbing tools altogether. If you are looking to organize multiple tools in a single place, go for the latter one.

How do I prevent the suctions cups from falling down?

Put the suction cup in hot water and then shake it to remove the excess water. Choose your spot where you are going to stick it (tiles or sink) and then hold it for around 15 seconds so that it can get a good grip.

Final Words

Are you going to hang the holder or keep it on a countertop? You can’t keep a caddy with an open bottom on any counter. That will just create more mess. You need to decide how you’d like to keep it and how it’s more convenient to use before you choose your products.

Accordingly, whenever you are purchasing a sponger holder, first decide where you want to use this holder. You might need the holder in your kitchen, in your office bathroom, or in your home bathroom. It becomes easier to pick a great holder when you know exactly where you will keep it. The design and color also matter, so first pick your room.

Another way of narrowing down your list is by picking a size range and sticking with it. Many of the products we have listed here come in different sizes. So you won’t have a shortage of options when you are limiting the size variety.

Apart from that, check the products’ prices and make sure the one you like is well under your budget before you decide on the best sponge holder. We recommend against surpassing your budget for a sponge holder. Yes, there are many attractive options worth every penny they ask for, but not all of them are for you.

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