Top 10 Best Ice Crusher in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

by Christopher Jones

Summer is known for its back-burning heat, humid weather, and sunny days. However, summer is also famous for another thing- Ice-creams. It does not matter if you are a wee baby or an adult; one cannot say no to ice-cream on a sunny day.

That is why our world is blessed with different types of cold servings! We have creamy ice-creams, sorbets, and shaved ice served with delectable flavors. More importantly, you can make ice-cream with shaved ice right at your home using the best ice crusher.

An ice crusher machine allows you to add your flavors and toppings. Plus, you know it is hygienic. So, the next time someone in your family is craving ice-cream, you can whip the machine out and start churning ice.

But how do you know which one is the best and which one is a dud? You can only get that answer if you keep reading the rest of this piece.

Editor's Recommendation: Top Ice Crusher and

Editor's Recommendation: Top Ice Crusher    and
Editor's Recommendation: Top Ice Crusher and

What is An Ice Crusher?

The ice crusher is one kind of a kitchen grinder that is used to crush ice for different types of drinks. It consists of a moderate-sized cup, a crank, blades, and a hopper that crushes the ice to its maximum level.

This grinder or shaver is also on a large scale (commercial purpose) when giant ice blocks are needed to be crushed. The work can be done within a couple of hours depending on the size and weight of the ice.

Other than that, you can also use it for your home and there are small ice crushers available for that. As the ice blocks in your home will be quite small, it will take a few minutes to crush the ice and after that, you can enjoy the drink.

Accordingly, various drinks go very well with crushed ice. If you use ice cubes, you will notice a change in taste which might not be a satisfactory one. Some examples are cocktails, shakes, juices, and also soft drinks.

This crushing technique is used by many bartenders and other professionals for their customers because the taste of the drink gets enhanced to a new level.

The household ice crushers are made with a plastic body and come with a very eye catchy look. On the other hand, the commercial ones are made with steel because of its heavy-duty task.

Overall, this modern appliance is a must need for anyone who prefers to experiment with their drinks whether it is inside a home or bar. Thus, you don’t have to waste your time smashing the ice that people used to do in the past. Thanks to modern technology, this problem is finally solved.

Types of Ice Crusher

There are basically two types of Ice Crushers: manual and electric. Both serve the same purposes, but some minor differences set them apart.

1. Manual Ice Crusher

A manual crusher consists of a handle that can be moved manually so that you can crush the ice. The main crushing mechanism is the blade and the grinder (attached). You have to move the handle in a clockwise direction and it is quite an easy task.

The topmost benefit about it is that you will have full power over the appliance when you insert the ice onto the container. During the time you move the handle, you will get a feeling initially about the kind of pressure you have to exert. If the ice present in the container becomes full, have no fear because the crusher won’t get jammed due to that.

Some Features of a Manual Crusher : 

  • Can crush ice cubes (large or small) accurately and quickly
  • Manual handle
  • Plastic body (Home-based crusher) with steel blades (stainless)
  • Compatible in kitchen or bar
  • Various designs

However, despite its compatibility, manual ice crusher has become outdated and people are diverting towards using the electric ones nowadays.

2. Electric Ice Crusher

This is the modern version of ice crusher and is on high demand in this current generation. You will find these in most of the bars and some other commercial businesses.

The prime difference is that you won’t have to turn the handle. As the appliance is not manual, so there will be no physical effort from your side. In total, you will be able to save some amount of time and can use it for some other purposes.

First of all, plug-in put the ice in the container, and place it according to its desired place. Then turn on the ice crusher and wait for the output. The appliance will stop automatically when all the ices are crushed. Pick it up and use it on your drinks, enjoy!

Some Features of Electric Ice Crusher : 

  • Blades are very sharp and will provide accurate crushed ice
  • Plug-in switch is very easy to use
  • The appliance looks stylish and attractive
  • No need to moderate it constantly as it stops automatically
  • Can meet your demand if you have to make a large amount of drinks
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance option
  • No sound while it is operating
  • The crusher gets fixed in one place and won’t tip over

Our 10 Best Ice Crusher Reviews for Home and Party 

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine
Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine

Summer or winter, you can make snow in a bowl using the S900A by Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It has incredible features that make things super easy and effortless. You do not even have to bother with cleaning afterward because that mess is easily cleanable.

This machine only has three distinct parts. The top section holds the ice, then it passes through the high churning blades and dispenses on to the built-in bowl. So, you have nothing to do, but sit and watch it snows.

The blades are stainless. Since the machine deals with food items, it has to be extra careful that bacteria cannot accumulate in places. Thus, the brand also included stainless steel and a plastic exterior.

Besides, as the machine has a plastic exterior, it automatically becomes lightweight. Which also makes dissembling a piece of cake. The tool, in general, is portable and is 12 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. So, it can easily fit inside a cupboard or on the kitchen counter.

It is also versatile as you can make several unique dishes anytime, and the tool is a home electrical. Hence, it is compatible with household electric supply.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Only three pieces help in easier assembly
  • Can make slushies, margaritas, cones, and shaved ice cream
  • Perfect size to keep in a kitchen counter or dining table
  • The sleek exterior does not attract much dust
  • A wet towel can easily remove any food-spot from the exterior
  • Stainless steel blade for maintaining food safety hazards
  • Comes with a non-slip mat to prevent the machine from moving away
  • Runs on 120 V and compatible with the home environment
  • Easy to store and disassemble

2. Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver

Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver
Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver

Many ice crushing machines promise smooth sailing and easy churning. Nevertheless, you always end up having tons of prep, such as thawing ice, using individual ice molds, and using certain amounts. But you can say goodbye to all that with the Little Snowie 2.

It can churn ice straight from the refrigerator. If you have a big crowd, you can even use store-bought ice. Since the machine has a similar design to a commercial ice churner, it can easily handle the load. It’s like bar ice crusher.

Moreover, the 1000 watt motor makes sure you get enough power to deal with irregular ice pieces. It also makes for the speedy outcome, and you get shaved ice in a matter of seconds.

Likewise, you can make cold desserts, drinks, and snow ice with the machine, and the stainless steel helps in all of that process. It also has several safety features to protect against hazards.

Another element that will make all the kids happy is the multiple flavors this brand offers. These syrups are powdery, which slowly turns into liquid. Thus, it hovers on top rather than sinking at the bottom of the cup.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Can churn regular freezer ice or store-bought bulk ice anytime
  • Mimics the design of commercial ice shaving machines, but is budget-friendly
  • Comes with three delicious powdery flavors that do not accumulate at the bottom of the cup
  • 1000 watts motor that runs with intense speed
  • Contains 301-stainless steel for safety measures
  • Safety lid protects from any spills or hazards
  • Easy to use and maintain

3. niceCube Mini Ice Cube Trays

niceCube Mini Ice Cube Trays
niceCube Mini Ice Cube Trays

If you were wondering how to achieve the snowy crushed ice look without using any fancy machine, we have good news. The niceCube mini tray allows you to enjoy crushed ice without letting you deal with any device.

All you have to do is fill the tray with fresh water and freeze it. Since the slot is small, it takes minimum time to freeze. You can even make ice cubes of different drinks and avoid diluting the soda with water.

These trays are of food-grade silicone, so it will not have bacteria growing on it, but you should wash it after every use. You can even insert the tray inside an oven as it is heat safe. Thus, you can make hard candy, cat food, and baby food. As for frozen treats, you can make margaritas, smoothies, frappes, and much more.

If you want finer ice, tip the tray upside down, gather the ice in a plastic bag, and gently bash them to get crushed the ice. The tray is extremely flexible, which is why it will not tear apart easily.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Does not need any electrical power
  • Easy to chill and use
  • Small in size and can be a substitute for bigger ice cubes
  • Chills drinks quickly
  • Food grade silicon to avoid bacteria infestation
  • Easy to wash
  • Flexible and tear-proof
  • Can handle oven heat

4. SUMPRI Sphere Ice Mold & Big Ice Cube Trays Novelty

SUMPRI Sphere Ice Mold & Big Ice Cube Trays Novelty
SUMPRI Sphere Ice Mold & Big Ice Cube Trays Novelty

You can beautifully display ice, even in food form using this crusher. To help you more in your decorative journey, we bring you the SUMPRI sphere and big ice trays. It can hold ice, meringues, creams, puddings, and much more.

Each sphere has a small hole at the top through which you can pour the liquid and leave it to chill. The sphere has two separate parts, which you can use if you wish to make semi-spheres.

Then you also get a square ice stray with six slots. Each slot is significantly larger than regular ice cubes. So, you can freeze fruit pulps with ease. These ice-cubes are also fantastic for alcohol and margaritas as it takes longer to melt.

Although the ice-cubes are bigger, it can still fit in a regular square glass. Both the trays are FDA-approved and BPA free. So, it has no smell and will not leak color. The 100% food-grade silicone tray makes sure that the ice cannot be contaminated as well.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Larger ice cubes
  • Can set 6 square cubes at a time
  • Takes longer to melt than regular ice cubes
  • Suitable for freezing fruit juices or fruit pulps
  • Can also set ice in the shape of spheres
  • Excellent tray for making ice art and spherical desserts
  • Food grade, odorless silicone tray
  • Easy to clean

5. Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher

Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher
Waring Pro IC70 Professional Stainless Steel Large-Capacity Ice Crusher

If you want a full-fledged professional ice crushing machine, you cannot go wrong with the Waring Pro IC70. The brand is famous for its blenders and waffle makers, and now they impress everyone with their ice crusher.

It is a tall, sleek machine with all the interior jargon hidden inside a steel container. You can immediately tell that the device has three separate parts. The top funnel-shaped container is where you dump the large ice pieces.

Then it passes through the processing unit, which has stainless steel and other commercial tools. and ends in the retractable bowl. Since the machine follows a commercial mechanism, it can churn up to 30 lbs per hour.

The transparent bottom container can hold 12 cups of shaved ice. So, you can use the machine as a dispenser as well. If you needed ice in the middle of processing, you could pull the tray out, and the machine would automatically stop, preventing ice from spilling.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Automatically stops when you remove the container
  • Sleek and sustainable design
  • Can hold up to 12 cups of ice
  • Internal designs mimic commercial ice crushing machines
  • Can crush large irregular pieces of ice
  • Stainless steel blades for extra precaution
  • Can run for long hours

6. Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126
Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

When you are at a bustling party at the beach, the last thing you need is to worry about electrical connections. But what if you needed an ice churning machine for the event? Well, we have just the right product for you and the you can guess it by its name. You must looking for that hand crank ice crusher.

The VKP1126 is a manual ice churning machine. So, it does not need any electrical power. To make crushed-ice, you have to spin the handle on the side. Et voila! You will get crystal clear ice.

Even though it is a manual machine, it will not tire you out. You have to put the ice on the hopper and close the lip. Holding down on the lid and using the handle will make things easier.

Accordingly, it also has a rubber mat at the bottom to keep the product in one place. Once you find a suitable spot, turn the suction lever counterclockwise, and it should create a stronghold.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Does not need any electrical connection
  • Has leverage for churning ice manually
  • Suction system to create a secure hold
  • Simple stainless steel interior
  • Can hold up to 4 cups of ice
  • Easy to assemble and maintain

7. Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher

Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher
Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher

Often devices like ice crushers do not last long. The motor eventually starts running slow, or the battery wears out. Plus, you get stuck with one speed with an electrical ice crusher. But you can solve all these problems with the Nuvante manual ice crusher machine.

Since it is manual, the speed can vary, and you can control how far the ice should be crushed. The manual feature means the device is portable, and you can take it anywhere. To make the machine even more durable, the brand uses a chrome alloy for the exterior. Thus, the handle or the body will not break prematurely.

It also means that the ice crusher is rust-proof and food safe. So, water will not damage the surface of the machine. Even the blades are of stainless steel.

Besides, a non-slip bottom makes sure that the device stays in one place. It also comes with a large ice storing container and scooping spoon.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Chrome alloy outer body
  • Easy cranking handle for crushing ice manually
  • Non-slipping system to keep the device in one place
  • Stainless steel blades for faster action and food safety
  • Durable and portable
  • Comes with an ice scooping spoon and large ice bucket
  • Crushed ice is suitable for cold drinks, smoothies, frappes and desserts

8. VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine

VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine
VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine

When it comes to cold desserts, you never know which direction you might want to take. Hence you need to have the option of obtaining crushed, shaved, or ice cubes at any moment. Fortunately, the ice crusher from VIVOHOME can take care of that dilemma.

This machine can deliver ice in three ways at different times. So, whether you need crushed ice for margaritas, or shaved ice for a sorbet, you can get that using this tool. The dual blade makes this action possible.

One of the blades is a mesh that crushes the ice. Later, if you want finer shaves, the machine will pass it through another blade. This tool is also excellent for home use as it makes less noise. When it comes to commercial use, it can deliver 143 lbs per hour.

Another reason why the tool is fantastic for kitchen purposes is its ingenious waterproof switch. So, you can work around liquids without being worried about electrifying yourself.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Suitable for commercial and home use
  • Can shave, crush, and cone ice
  • Dual blade action
  • Makes minimum noise while breaking the ice
  • Waterproof switch for maximum protection
  • Can deliver faster output in less time

9. Westmark Germany Manual Ice Crusher

Westmark Germany Manual Ice Crusher
Westmark Germany Manual Ice Crusher

At times, in a kitchen, you just cannot be bothered with machines and devices. When the orders line up, and you need to get your hands on some crushed ice immediately, you require the Westmark ice crusher.

The concept is similar to a lemon/lime squeezer, but this tool is much more robust and durable. You place the large ice cube inside the tool and press both the handles with your hand, and that should crush the ice. It is incredibly easy to use.

However, you might wonder that the tool will easily break. Well, since aluminum and stainless steel are the primary constitutions of the tool, it becomes very sturdy. You can press as hard as you want, it will not break.

Moreover, it is a manual ice crusher, so no need for electricity. Thus the device is portable, and you can use it anywhere. It is also dishwasher-friendly. Hence, if you throw it in there, it will come out squeaky clean!

Highlighted Features : 

  • Handheld ice crushing tool
  • Stainless rust-proof material
  • A food-grade item that leaves no odor or color
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Easy to maintain, clean, and store
  • Durable and ergo-economic

10. Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine

Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine
Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine

A regular ice shaving machine will not work if you are running an ice-cream truck or a commercial factory. You will need a tool such as the ice shaver from the Great Northern Popcorn company. It has the muscles and the technique to suit in such an environment.

The product is much more substantial than any other on this list. It has a big cavity where the ice will stay. A pulldown tray holds the giant block of ice while the blades at the bottom shave the ice.

Then the shaved ice accumulates in another compartment. This powerful machine can deliver 350 lbs of ice every hour, which makes it perfect for a commercial place. The ABS plastic exterior and brass-stainless steel interior also help in durability and outcome.

Furthermore, it also has a striking look that makes it the perfect candidate for an ice-cream truck!

Highlighted Features :

  • Commercial ice shaver
  • Can operate at 1725 RMPs
  • Delivers 350 lbs of ice in an hour
  • ABS plastic exterior and brass-stainless steel interior
  • The steel blade is replaceable
  • Colorful and unique looking machine

Things To Consider Before Buying Ice Crusher 

Here is the buying guide that will help you in buying the perfect one that suits your needs.

1. Test it with an Ice Cube

Test the appliance by putting a block of ice and check whether you are satisfied with the result or not. Also, analyze the quantity of the ice after it is crushed. This will give you an idea about what you are looking for in the first place.

2. Look for its Capacity

All the machine’s output capacity is not the same. Fix yourself the amount of ice that you need to crush per hour. The amount required for the personal purpose is different from the amount in a restaurant. Thus, if you need commercial purposes the invest more for high-speed crushing so that it can generate more crushed ices per hour.

Find out how many ices the container will be able to hold and the amount will determine whether you will be able to use it for a large number of people or not.

3. Find out the Size

The size will be an important aspect if you are planning to put it in your kitchen. Although it won’t take that much space, to be on the safer side, you can give it a try. The size will also determine its weight, so make sure you go for the one that will be easy to pick up when you need it.

4. Check the Portability and Easy to Clean 

Some ice crushers are portable, and some are not. Look for the one that will fit with your daily life. If you are moving constantly (camping, hiking, etc.) or like to visit your friends and families, you can go for the portable one. So you can take it anywhere and still enjoy your drink that you normally experience inside your beloved home.

Easy cleaning is a mandatory attribute for the ice crusher. Having detachable parts and dishwasher safe segments are the sign of an easy-to-clean kitchenette machine.

5. Pick Good Quality Blades

The blade is considered the heart of the ice crusher. You will definitely need good quality blades that will cut the ice smoothly without jamming. Also, ask the supplier about how you will need to sharpen the blades and when you will have to replace it.

6. Make Sure the Motor is Powerful 

This process is very important as the motor speed will determine the rotation of the blades. Don’t go for a less powerful one if you have a small budget. If possible, save some amount of money and then buy the powerful one so that you won’t have to face any hassle in the future. Make sure the motor runs smoothly without creating any noise.

7. Take Information about its Durability

As you are investing some amount of money, you will never want your investment to go to waste. So, consult with the supplier about the durability of the appliance and how you will clean and maintain it in order to increase its longevity.

It’s very natural that everyone looks for a machine with durability. Material and the quality of the material ensure its durability. Low-quality plastic should be avoided. It crumbled quickly after using it repeatedly.

8. Ask the Supplier about the Service for Maintenance

You never know when an uncertain situation will arrive. Before things go south, ask the supplier about the service that they will provide when you need maintenance. Along with that, also ask them if some emergency cases arise, how they will provide their services.

9. Buy the One with a Good Warranty

Always buy the one that comes with a good warranty so that you can have a relaxed mind about the fact that all the equipment is backed up if any accident occurs.

10. Check Price Point Before Buying

It’s said that price reflects the quality of a product. But it’s not true in all aspects. Sometimes quality products are offered at a low price. Hence, it’s all about the intention of the manufacturer. In this circumstance, your attempts should select your requirements first. Then compare with a similar brand. We hope you wouldn’t spend extra money.

These are the prime facts that should keep in mind when buying an ice crusher. Apart from these, few more sides also need to consider. These are: generate low noise during operation, secured lid to avoid accidental contact – automatic shutoff when the cover is open, low requirement of maintenance, whether it’s for light-duty or heavy-duty, features to keep ice cool, drainage tube and surely the outlook.

Advantage of Having an Ice Crusher

Here are all the advantages described clearly. Check it out.

It is Very Beneficial for Business

If you are already doing a restaurant business or planning to do one, having an ice crusher will be a smart approach. It will be a big help when you have to serve drinks to the customers in a large or small scale.

Besides, satisfying the customer is the main objective of any food outlet and when it comes to cold drinks, the ice becomes the mandatory ingredient. Some go well with ice cubes while some taste awesome with crushed ice. For the latter one, this appliance will be a good investment for you in the long run.

No professional Needed to Do the Ice Crushing

You can easily crush the ice without needing a professional. As the appliance does all the work according to your direction, an amateur can easily get the job done without any hesitation. There will be no error in the crushed ices because all of them will be crushed with precision.

Just read the instruction manual or some YouTube tutorial if you are confused with something and you will be all set. As you can do this without any help, you can experiment with lots of drinks and you might even come up with some new recipe.

Takes up Small Space in Any Spot

Normally, appliances like these are quite bigger than normal because of their work, but the ice crusher breaks all the limits. You can put it in any location of your preference, and it will fit perfectly as it takes only a small amount of space.

As it is smaller in size, you can easily carry it from one place to the other. If you buy the portable one, you can even pack it in a bag and take it with you for camping or any other trip.

Saves Time in Every Situation

For your home purposes, this will hugely save your time if you are in a hurry or are planning to throw a party. Suppose you are late for work or in a hurry for something and you need to drink something cool; simply decide what you want to drink and put the ice in the crusher and you are done.

After that, you can drink it up and refresh yourself to face the challenges ahead with a positive mindset. When it comes to guests, it is highly unlikely that you will spend all the time cooking for them. You will definitely give them time and make them feel comfortable inside your home, right!

So, having an ice crusher will be a blessing in disguise in this case as it will give you the chance to make a quick drink.

Zero Noise Pollution and Very Fast

The appliance runs smoothly with zero noise and it won’t disturb anyone around you. Likewise, the blade runs very fast and as a result, you will have crushed ice very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you clean an ice crusher?

Remove all the materials from the internal portion of the ice crusher. Wash the ice chute and container in warm soapy water. Rinse gently and let it dry.

Will normal size cubes from the freezer work with this ice crusher?

Yes, you can use normal or mini size cubes to get the ice crushed precisely.

Which ice crusher is the best?

Currently, the electric ice crusher is very much popular worldwide as you don’t need to check the ice constantly and you won’t have to apply any physical effort at all.

Can I replace the blades?

Yes, you can do it. Just contact the supplier that you have bought from and you will get your replacement.

Is it possible to use fruit to make a smoothie?

No, it is not a safe option if you try to experiment with fruit. This appliance is made based on ice crushing. Using anything other than the ice might damage the crusher.


Why say no to delicious ice-cream treats, especially when you can make it at home with the best ice crusher! As you can tell by now, shaving and crushing ice with these machines are super easy and convenient.

The ice trays are also excellent companions for quick drinks and beverages. The list also has some products that are suitable for commercial places as well. So, you have lots of fantastic options in front of you now.

However, if you decide to buy one for your home, your kids and your guests will shower you with praises after every dessert!

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