How to Make an Egg Patty 2021

How to make an egg patty

An egg is an awesome food full of so many important elements necessary for the body. So, we eat eggs. Most probably in this world, there are very few foods as versatile as an egg. It has so many uses that we need many days and chefs from all over the world to come together … Read more

How to Temper Chocolate in Microwave 2021

How to temper chocolate in microwave

We need to use chocolate on various occasions at home. For that reason, we need to temper our store-bought chocolates. In this article, we will see how to temper chocolate in a microwave oven. What is Tempered Chocolate? Before we learn temper chocolate in a microwave oven at home, we need to know what exactly … Read more

Betty Crocker French Apple Pie 2021

Betty crocker french apple pie

Most of our childhood memories revolve around our moms and grandmoms. They would cook so many interesting dishes for us. I become emotional when I remember those days. That is why today, I will talk about Betty Crocker French Apple pie recipes. Whenever I hear the name ‘apple pie,’ I recall the Betty crocker french … Read more

Delicious Veggie Tofu Burger Recipe

Make Burger

Tofu is the base of this recipe, along with some delicious spices and a gorgeous sauce that will satisfy everyone. The plain nature of tofu lends itself perfectly to this heady mixture of ingredients for a highly satisfying burger. We’ve included a variety of toppings along with other serving ideas if you want them (see … Read more