Crushed Tomatoes vs. Tomato Sauce

by Rick Goldman

If you visit a grocery store, you will be surprised by seeing lots of canned tomatoes. The variety of cans will surely confuse you about choosing the perfect one that will help in making your delicious recipe. Some recipes require more than one approach of using tomatoes, whereas some dishes only need a single method to complete the task.

So, this shows that different style of tomatoes works in different situations, and you must know the purposes of them.

Following this article, you will find out the differences between crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. This will help you in understanding the kind of tomatoes that you should be using in your future dishes.

Without further ado, lets’ get started.

Crushed Tomatoes vs. Tomato Sauce
Crushed Tomatoes vs. Tomato Sauce

Crushed Tomatoes vs. Tomato Sauce differences


Between crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce, the thickness is the main one that can set both of them apart. If you understand their depth, you will have a good grip on the kind of tomatoes that will need to make your dish as tasty as possible. Crushed tomatoes mainly come in cans, and you can easily find it from any grocery store near your area.

However, if you open the can, you will find out lots of small chunks of tomatoes drowned in tomato juice. There will be some large chunks also, and the overall tomatoes are peeled to the finish.

On the other hand, tomato sauce is simply a puree made by crushing tomatoes. This is very much available in any grocery store throughout the world. The sauce comes in cans or bottles. You can either make it at your home or buy a ready-made one from the store.


The thickness for crushed tomatoes is less than tomato sauce. The crushed one had depth similar to that of soup despite the fact it has chunks of tomatoes inside. In the case of tomato sauce, the thickness is quite dense, and if you put both of them side by side, you will be able to see it practically.


The preparation part is also an important aspect that can differentiate both crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. The name crush reveals everything in crushed tomatoes. The machine called disintegrator will crush it automatically without any physical effort needed from anyone.

After that, the fruits get heat for some time, and then it is mixed with puree or tomato juice. You can notice that the crushed tomatoes taste fresh and flavorful when packed with tomato juice instead of puree. Hence, while buying one, check and read the ingredients mentioned on the back of the can.

At the same time, cooking tomatoes make the sauce in a way until they become thick. You can check the thickness by stirring it for some time. If you prefer it to be less dense, you can add some water to the sauce. This is a very strategic way that you can use to alter the thickness.

Thus, we highly recommend that you frequently stir so that the sauces don’t get stuck to the bottom. After doing that, take the whole portion and strain it in a bowl or any other equipment so that you can remove all the seeds and skins.


Both taste different and unique as they are cooked with different ingredients. Crushed tomatoes are cooked for a short time to maintain its freshness. Sometimes, they are cooked with a small amount of salt and garlic.

No additional ingredients are given because the prime goal of crushed tomatoes is to maintain its original flavor from the time it was taken out from its root.

However, the cooking time for tomato sauce is comparatively longer than the crushed one. The reason is that you need to melt the tomatoes according to its required thickness. Due to this, the freshness and flavor are not that much like the crushed tomatoes.

Likewise, to add some extra flavors, the fruits are slowly cooked along with spices and herbs. Overall, the taste of the sauce won’t let you down for sure.


For pasta sauce, crushed tomatoes are the best ones to go for due to its thickness and delicious flavor. Use olive oil and sauté the onions and garlic in it. Add the crushed tomatoes from the can and cook it in a way that the whole mixture is below the boiling point.

Then, add some extra flavors like sprinkling salt, pepper, and fresh herbs. Keep in mind that you should cook the crushed tomatoes for a short time; otherwise, you will ruin the flavor. If it happens, you and others will be disappointed and your precious time will also go to waste.

Therefore, always go for slow cooking if you need tomato sauce for your dish. You can use the sauce in different Mexican foods like nachos, fajitas, tacos. If you are a pizza or a burger lover, the sauce will be a great addition to it.

Recipe for Making Tomato Sauce from Crushed Tomatoes

This is a straightforward process, and if you follow it precisely, the sauce will taste like the one you usually buy it from the store. Start by removing the liquid from the can. You can drain it but be careful not to lose any crushed tomatoes during the process.

Next, take the blender and blend the tomatoes until it had reached your desired thickness. If you are finding out the sauce still drowned with excess liquid, remove the liquid and then do the cooking. Taste the sauce while you are cooking.

If you are not finding it up to the mark, add some salt, garlic, or any other spices according to your preference. Cook it until the thickness gets darker and visible. If the depth is way too much, add some of the stored liquid that you have drained previously.


These are the key differences between crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Take some additional advice from your close ones about the kind of tomatoes that you will need for your dish. Their experience will surely help you to obtain your desire.

Have a good day!

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