How to Dispose of Lamp Oil Safely

by Daisy Dao

If you are planning to clean your home or move into a new city or country and you just found yourself with excess lamp oil that needs to be disposed of properly, you must take some measurable steps. These are not regular oils that you can dispose of easily without any hesitation.

Lamp oil is unsafe for the environment if you dump it into the river or throw it off into the trash can. The prime reason is that these oils are made of some chemicals that you must handle carefully. If left unchecked, it can pollute the environment as well as the living things.

However, the good news is that you can dispose of these oils safely without harming anything.

So, following the article, you will get to know the proper way to dispose of lamp oil. The guides provided below will be very beneficial for you as you will be taking part in making the environment greener and safer for mankind.

Read on to find out more.

How to Dispose of Lamp Oil Safely
How to Dispose of Lamp Oil Safely

Find out Where You Can Do the Disposal Safely

  • Various companies collect hazardous chemical wastes, and you can find their information on the website. Google it nearby your location, and you will find out various companies that will be able to solve your problem.
  • Consult with one of the companies about their procedures for collection and whether they collect lamp oil or not. If they give you the green signal, make an appointment with them. Don’t forget to ask them whether you will be delivering the oil to them or they will be picking it up from your home.

If they say the latter one, ask them about any charges that they might impose for disposal.

  • If you are unable to find out the waste collection sites that do this work, contact the fire department in your area. They will advise you the safe way that you can get your job done.
  • Many gas stations or auto shops accept unused lamp oil as well. You can get their information from the website. You can even visit them to know their required criteria to receive your oil. Always consult with them in advance and then take necessary steps for the disposal.

Give It to Someone

  • Ask any of your family member or friend, whether they need lamp oil or not. If it is a yes, deliver it to them safely by sealing the oil in a container.
  • There are various pages and groups in social sites that collect and deliver lamp oil from one people to another in need. These are mainly done to help one another and make the environment safer and greener. Check them out and if you manage to find it, post an advertisement regarding your disposal into the site.
  • Various charities do this kind of work for the welfare of the environment and humanity. You can also have a look at it.

Finish It Completely

  • Lamp oil comes in various sizes, and you should buy it according to your usage. If you buy a small one, you won’t be facing any disposal headache as it will be finished very quickly.

On the other hand, if you buy a large one and you are not finding any of the ways that are mentioned above helpful, you should then use and finish the oil with the help of the lamp to avoid any leftovers.

  • The bottle of lamp oil comes with instructions, and you can easily find it out on the back of it. You will find out the way to store and use the oil safely and smoothly. This will help you to take precautions and strategic steps beforehand.

Storing Tips

The entire disposal ways mentioned above are constructive and efficient if you follow it properly. In order to do the disposal, the first thing you need to do is to store it properly.

Some safety tips are given below so that you can have a good grip on it.

  • Some containers are made explicitly for storing lamp oil, and you should only store in this kind of container. These oils are flammable liquids, and the bottles will help in shielding the flame if it occurs out of the blue. Before buying one, consult with the supplier.
  • You must store the container in a safe place at room temperature. Lamp oil burns at certain temperature, and it’s best to keep it away from sun, heaters, stoves and other heating sources.

Safety Tips

  • Never throw the lamp oil in the ground or water or any other area. This will undoubtedly contaminate the environment. The air will be poisoned, and due to that, the trees and other living beings will be affected by it.

Not only that, when the water gets contaminated because of this, fish and other aquatic mammals will also be infected. And, if you eat that fish, you will be harmed to an unimaginable extent. Wild animals will also be affected in this same situation.

  • Refrain yourself from pouring the oil down the drain because it will damage the pipe and will surely pollute anything in its path.
  • Keep the container away from the kids and make sure the container is out of their reach when you are not at home.
  • Don’t mix the oil with other fluids such as gasoline etc. Mixing it will make the oil impure, and the hazardous materials disposal companies won’t accept your oil as they might prefer the pure one.
  • While storing the oil in the container, make sure you are wearing protective gloves. This will keep your hand safe from any unwanted problems.


Go through all the ways that are mentioned above and choose the one that matches with your requirements.

Be a responsible citizen and contribute to the welfare of the environment and the people along with it.

Stay safe!

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