Best Kitchen Shoes Reviews 2020


When it comes to a working environment, precision, comfort, and protection are all you need. Whether working as a professional chef or at home, you need practical and functional kitchen shoes to get you through the time spent in the kitchen. Working as a chef doesn’t include sitting and relaxing time. More often than ever, it involves standing for up to sixteen hours trying to perfect your craft; thus choosing the right kitchen shoes can make a significant difference. It is essential that a chef should wear the correct shoes, not only for comfort but also for safety purposes.

List of the 5 Best Kitchen Shoes :

Things to Consider before buying Kitchen Shoes :

Not every shoe advertised in the market is the best choice for kitchen activities. A chef needs to choose the right kitchen shoe designed for every purpose.  An attribute of being a good chef is being comfortable enough to withstand long hours at your feet. Whether you are looking for comfort, hardened toes, or an extra grip, there are shoes out there to suit your kitchen needs. Here is a guide to some of the things you should consider:

  1. a) Laces:

Most of the chefs prefer to wear clogs over laced-up shoes for one reason; without laces, there is no chance that your shoes may become untied in the middle of your kitchen activities and trip you over during the crucial moment. Clogs are unique, and you don’t need to tie or untie them. Thus they do not possess any danger to you or your colleagues.

  1. b) Anti-Slip Sole

Kitchen floors are slippery, and one of the essential factor as a chef is to look for a kitchen shoe that will provide grip to the surface of the kitchen.  Things such as oil, water, food, and soap may spill on the floor and may easily send the chef slipping in different corners of the kitchen. The proper shoes are advertised with ‘slip-resistant sole’ and spill guard.

  1. c) Comfort:

Not only are the shifts long but with the wrong type of shoes, you can develop problems at your joints, back and even feet. Pick a shoe that provides extra cushioning and will keep your feet comfortable even during the tiring shifts.

  1. d) Extra protection:

Some chefs may need shoes that offer additional protection to their feet. In some instance, some chefs prefer strengthened shoes that protect them from incidences such as falling knives, stubbing toes on the hard corners or dropping cast-iron pots.

  1. e) Cleaning ease:

As a chef, you will experience all sort of foods and squash dirt from the floor. It also includes oil spills, water, food ingredients, or even food itself. With the above reason, a kitchen shoe can get dirtier more quickly compared to a daily wear shoe. Thus, it is essential to consider the ease of cleaning your kitchen shoes. Choose a shoe that makes the cleaning process effortless.

Top 10 best kitchen shoes

  1. SensFoot Slip Resistant Chef Clogs for Kitchen

SensFoot’s Slip Resistant Chef Clogs is one of the most trusted kitchen clogs available in the market. They are great shoes if you are working for long hours in the kitchen. They are lightweight, comfortable, and durable. The clogs are designed with eco-friendly EVA material, rubber sole and breathable top grade insoles that allow maximum support without sacrificing the comfort of your feet. They also feature breathable insoles that not only make it easy for washing and drying but also relieve feet stress even when upright for long periods.

Additionally, it has an approved rubberized outsole that offers maximum traction, preventing slipping on an oily or wet floor. People who work on busy jobs such as nurses, chefs, doctors, or gardeners prefer these types of shoes.

  1. Own Shoe Men’s and Women’s Chef’s or Nursing Slip Resistant Clog Shoes

These shoes are great for the kitchen! They come with a removable insole that provide comfort and support if standing for long hours. The shoes are unisex, suitable for chefs, nurses, restaurants, and factory workers. Own shoes adhere to the quality of their products, and the products undergo thorough testing including slip resistance, color, and quality.

The footwear incorporates an innovative technology that prevents slipping on oily and watery surfaces. It has a high anti-slip sole and grid pattern that improve the shoes high skid resistance and increases elasticity. If you spend the majority of your time standing, it is recommended that you choose Own Shoe Men anti-slip work shoes as it has a specially designed shoe to protect your feet. Furthermore, they are enclosed and uniquely designed to meet workplace standards. They provide enough room for arch support and for individuals who wear a brace.

  1. SensFoot Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes Restaurant Non-Slip Work Shoes for Chef Nurse

When it comes to protecting your feet while in the kitchen, SensFoot Non-Slip has got all of it covered. The shoes have been carefully adjusted to fit long standing hours at these environments. The non-slip shoe has EVA material on its upper sole, which makes it lightweight and pressure resistant. It has a thick protrudes around the top, which makes it easy to slip into and provide arch support. It has an outer body enclosing the toes, and the region allows them to splay naturally.  The shoe is designed with removable insoles, which are breathable and designed from foam, making them comfortable when upright for long hours.

Additionally, the shoe has rubberized out soles that help keep the pressure off and maintain proper stamina while walking. It has a gripping square which helps create separation between your feet and the surface keeping smooth movement.  The material used in design makes it resistant to dripping oil, water, and it is easy to clean and dry. They have been designed to be slip resistant and ever waterproof. The outsold has been made with environmentally friendly EVA materials which reduce shock felt by the user while working.

  1. VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Unisex Work Shoe Chef Shoe Nurse Shoe Carlisle

This is another favorite chef’s clog available in the market.  Not only has the VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Clog Unisex Work Shoe been recommended by the famous chef, Mr. Gut Mitchell, but the footwear has also consistently gained favor and positive reviews from the customers. It is designed with an Eva Foam body that makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. It is equipped with an Ortholite removable insole that guarantees the chefs comfort, efficiency, and safety during work.

VANGELO offers complete protection from dropped hot water and oil.  It has been recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) due to resistance to letting in microbes and easily washable inside and outside.  If you are looking for a cushioned, warmed shoe to help you stay safe in a dangerous, and slippery surfaces, VANGELO professional footwear is the best choice for you.

  1. Crocs Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Work Slip Resistant Work Shoe | Great Nursing or Chef Shoe


There isn’t much left to say about crocs that you haven’t heard already, most likely. The crocs are designed for your comfort and happiness. The model and design offer comfortable, roomy shoes that molds to your feet. The materials are soft, lightweight, and durable. They are molded from plastic, which makes them easy to clean with water and detergent. They have an enclosed toe design, and the material on the front of the clog is thick to protect the toe from falling objects.

Besides, a feature that makes it irresistible is that it drips and dries quickly. The shoe is designed with chefs, healthcare, and hospitality professionals in mind.

  1. Skechers for Work Men’s Balder Slip Resistant Work Clog

Skechers for Work Men’s Balder Slip Resistant Work Clog is useful shoes that most workers will appreciate. The clog work shoe has been designed to comfort and warmth to the users. They are easy to slip in or off, but only when you want them to. They are designed with Slip Resistant rubber which guarantees you that they will stay on.

This design is a 100 percent synthetic, explicitly made for wet or oily surfaces that protect you and those surrounding you in the kitchen. The synthetic nature makes them waterproof, and thus, they are easy to clean. The toes are enclosed that prevent spills such as hot water and oil from entering the shoe. Unlike many other clogs, the features contribute to the durability of the shoe.

When it comes to cushioning and comfort, these work shoes are the best. They are lightweight and flexible, which makes them suitable in the work world. The rubber soles make them perfect for long duration workday. They are designed with a contoured arch which ensures comfort.

  1. DDTX Slip Oil Resistant Slip-on Mens Work Shoes Black/White

This is another affordable shoe option for those looking to remain safe in a slippery condition. It’s available with different colors, black and white. It is a comfortable, lightweight men shoe which makes them easy to work around with. DDTX Men’s is easy to slip on shoe and fit in almost every environment, including chefs and health profession.

The outer upper area is designed with nano PU leather material making it water and oil resistant. They feature a removable insole and have open foam soft cushioning that provides superb comfort to your foot. To ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort, DDTX Men’s shoes have a textile lining with breathable mesh that prevents feet sweating by allowing air circulation. It is designed with EVA plus rubber soles increasing traction, thus saving yours from slipping accidents.

  1. HMAIBO Garden Clogs Shoes Women’s Men’s Breathable Mule Sandals Water Slippers Footwear

HMAIBO Garden Clogs Shoes are easier to step into but comfy on your feet better than slippers. They are uniquely designed to suit the various occasion, including beach visit, pool activities, house activities, cleaning, traveling, cruising, among other activity.

They are easy to clean and dry quickly. It goes without saying that these waterproof shoes are the best suited for garden activities. They are unisex meaning that you can easily buy them for your husband or wife. The shoes are available in various sizes and different stylish colors.

  1. New Women’s Fashion Flats Casual Comfortable Slip-On Shoes Black White Ladies Flat Platform Loafers

These casual slip-on shoes have been a worker-favorite for a while now, and for a good reason as it provides arch support and designed with high-quality materials. The loafers are easy to slip on and off when necessary. Not only are they suitable for kitchen purposes, but they can be part of your casual wear or essential when undergoing outdoor activities.

These loafers may have a sporty and keep the feet comfy through hours of walking or standings for long hours. They look more polish than any other sneaker.

  1. Sticky Shoes – Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes – Waterproof Slip-Resistant – Keep Nursing

When it comes to applying the correct design chef shoe, sticky shoes does play it part. Its model is designed with synthetic material, allowing the shoe to be lightweight and fit perfectly. The Sticky Shoes Women’s Cute Nursing Shoes are waterproof, which makes them very essential whether working in the kitchen or as a nurse. It prevents oil spills, water, food ingredients, or even food itself from entering the shoe.

Apart from protecting your feet, these women shoes can keep your feet dry all day. The footbed is designed with an absorbent that keeps giving it that feature.

The shoes are light designed with the anti-torsion system, which helps absorb shock. It can give you the support and comfort needed to support you through harsh shifts. The shoes are available in different color and give you a lot of option when it comes to sizes. Just like the upper sole, the non-slip outsole is waterproof, which ensure that you won’t sweat when wearing them.

Final Words!

When deciding which kitchen shoe to choose while preparing to work in a kitchen environment, ensure that you decide practical, functional and to add on stylish shoes. The shoes should help you avoid accidents to you and other people surrounding you in the kitchen. To sum up, non-slip, breathable, water resistant, and lightweights are popular shoe choice while working in a kitchen environment. The qualities will not only ensure that you are comfortable, but will avoid unnecessary slipping and accidents that may contribute to accidents and injury at the workplace.