Ghee vs. Butter – Which One is Healthier ?

ghee vs butter taste

Dairy products have become more of a necessity than a basic ingredient in our day to day meals. They are key ingredients to some of the most delicious recipes ever created. For most of us, living without them is absolutely impossible. From cakes to ice creams, numerous products consist of one or other form of … Read more

The 4 Best Substitute for Tomatillos in 2021

substitute for tomatillos

Tomatillos are very different from the tomatoes that you normally use from your garden. These are very famous ingredients in dishes like Chile Verde and this goes very well with most of the Mexican foods.  Some of the chefs prefer to include them in their classic guacamole to give it a delicious kick. Its popularity … Read more

Top 08 Serrano Pepper Substitute You Can Use

Serrano Pepper Substitute

Although the demand for hot chili peppers is growing at a very fast pace, some people prefer to decrease the heat level on their dishes. In different Mexican cuisine, Serrano pepper is considered as one of the top picks. Not only that, but South Asian people also love to have it on their dishes.  If … Read more