The Art Of Cooking – 6 Apps to Aid You in the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen is an art that needs praising. To learn cooking from scratch and come up with restaurant-standard edibles requires concentration and hard work. But to finish this task effortlessly, you sometimes need helping hands to instruct and assist you in the process. With the progression in technology, these helping hands don’t need to be of an actual person’s – it’s hard to get a whole person to help sometimes – but it can be your mobile device. Yes! The below-listed apps can be your best buddies whenever you enter the kitchen to perform magic (cook)!


If you want to add a rich list of recipes to your cookbook, the Epicurious app can be a useful resource for you. Browse a vast catalogue of recipes that can add more variety to your dining table. Moreover, you can browse by season and look at items that you can make delightful dishes with. Not only that but when you’re unsure of how much time you need to cook a piece of meat, you can search on this app to know the exact timing it needs.

How to Cook Everything

What does this app not have to train you into a full-blown chef? It has everything to teach you how to cook; easy to understand recipes, how-to tutorials, equipment and ingredients to use and cooking secrets. You can browse the app to choose recipes that you want to treat yourself or your guests with and be guided with easy-to-understand instructions.


Are you a master chef that is assigned a cooking task for one or a number of intolerant guests and don’t know how to substitute your recipes with the ingredients that are easily digestible by them? Your go-to app can be Substitutions. With this app, you can find alternatives to many ingredients in your dishes. If you need to make the food vegan, gluten-free, low carb or allergy-proof this app can show you the way.

Perfect Produce

This is the app that you need to use to know which foods are the most reliable to buy on the market to bring home with you. Perfect Produce can give you a better experience with your grocery shopping and make you pleased with your purchase. More than that, the app also guides you with recipes you can make with your produce. You will also be conducted on the nutritional and storing facts of the things you bring home to use them for in the best way.


If you’re a stay at home mom and spend most of the time in your kitchen preparing food for your family, you’d need means of keeping up with what your kids are doing. The internet can be a dangerous place for children. If you have entrusted your kid with a mobile, you can keep yourself updated on what he/she does on the internet with a cell phone tracker app as this. You can check their conversations, search history, phone calls they make and also know about their whereabouts when they’re outside to calm your worries.


When cooking in the kitchen, you might be reminded of another task you needed to do, like washing or ironing, or you might get bored and want some jams to keep you entertained. You can install a WeMo app to your android or apple device and switch on any electronic that is plugged in a socket.  You can have access to all the electronics at your fingertips while you create edible masterpieces in the kitchen peacefully.