How to Make Fruit Kabobs for Kids 2022

by Daisy Dao

Fruit kabob is a food that is fun to make and eat. If you are thinking about keeping the kids busy, then have some fruits that do not change color in the open air and gather the kids around and start the fun Fruit Kabob party. It is just fantastic!! It is so colorful! You can practically have seven colors of a rainbow in a skewer. So, let’s know how to make fruit kabobs for kids.

How to Make Fruit Kabobs for Kids 2022
How to Make Fruit Kabobs for Kids 2022

What is Fruit kabob?

Fruit Kabob
Fruit Kabob

Do you know what kabob is? Usually, when you skewer pieces of beef or chicken meat together and grill or roast them in the oven, the skewer is called a kabob. Now, with the same thing in mind, we come to fruit kabob. As we have beef or chicken kabobs, if we skewer a few fruit pieces together, it will become fruit kabob. Now, the difference is that you do not have to grill or oven-cook fruit to make THE kabob OUT of them.

Which Fruits Work the Best in Fruit Kabob?

Any fruit will do, except for the fruits that change color in the open air. You can use fruits of many shapes and sizes in a mixture or cocktail combination. All types of melons, green or black or red grapes lengthwise sliced, berries – straw- or blue- or blackberries), pineapples, kiwis, dragon fruits, and star fruits are suitable for kabob making.

Which Fruit to Avoid During kabob Making

A few fruits oxidize very quickly in the open air and look bad as they change color and become unappealing to food lovers. These should be avoided at all costs. The fruits are – apples, bananas, and pears.

What Type of Skewers to Use?

There are skewers of various sizes and shapes. Therefore, you will have to choose the one that suits your demand or planning. It is not good to give your kids a skewer with a sharp end and is very dangerous. Besides, they might not even be allowed on the school campus. If this is the case, you can buy something specially-designed for kids – for example, lollypop sticks.

Other Equipment Needed

Apart from the skewer, you will also need knives, cookie cutters, and melon ballers. To make various shapes out of fruits, you will need a cookie-cutter; to make balls out of your melons, you will need a melon baller, and to cut fruits, you will need knives.

Are Fruit kabobs Healthy?

Every fruit in a kabob has different kinds of nutrients. Therefore, by eating a skewer, we get to eat them all. If you have seven different fruits, you will eat seven different or even more vitamins and other minerals and antioxidants. These play vital roles in building a sound immune system in our body – adults and kids alike. Although a skewer is full of good elements, kids will need a bit more because they run and jump and play around a lot. Therefore, we can also throw in some other things, such as – plain yogurt or plain yogurt with different flavors like lime/vanilla/lemon, a combination of seed butter/nuts and yogurt, a variety of cream cheese and yogurt, nuts or seeds crushed, and shredded coconuts.

How to Store Fruit kabob?

It is possible to store fruit kabobs for an extended period of time. All you have to do is to place them in an airtight container wrapped with a plastic sheet. The storing safety threshold includes the color change and food value, and it can be around six hours that you can keep your skewers in the freezer before you use them for eating for the first time. But once you have opened the wrapping and started eating, it is not safe to put them back in the container for future use.

Involving Kids in the Creative Process of kabob Making


Give them a bowl and prepared fruits and skewers, and ask them to start making fun skewers.


Give the kids a food cutter to design various fruits to put onto the kabob skewers.


In advanced levels, if the kids are safe with knives and other utensils in the kitchen, give them fruit and all other cutters and supervise them while they cut shapes out of fruits and skewer them together. Also, let them prepare the dips.

Fruit kabobs

Fruit Kabobs
Fruit Kabobs


  • Six Strawberries.
  • Six Chunks of melon – Cantaloupe, 14g each.
  • Six Chunks of Pineapple -14g each.
  • Kiwi fruit – three slices, thick and cut into halves.
  • Twelve 12 Blueberries.
  • Six Grapes.


  • Take a platter and some skewers and several bowls of different fruits.
  • Carefully skewer different fruits together. In each skewer, you should thread every fruit from each of the bowls.
  • When a skewer is done, place it on the platter.
  • Serve when done.


Overall, fruit Kabobs are fantastic snacks. They are refreshing and full of fresh vitamins and minerals. Kids can also take part with moms by making themselves very creative and make their own skewers and take photos, and post on Instagrams to show off their skills to their friends. This is a fun family activity for the weekends or holidays. And I helped to learn how to make fruit kabobs for kids. I hope you all will try them out.

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