5 Exceptional Smoker Recipes to Get Your Smoker Out


Smokers have been around for quite a while and very popular equipment for cookouts. They come in many shapes and sizes. There is the bullet charcoal smokers, barrel and drum charcoal smokers, cabinet style charcoal smokers, propane gas smokers and so on. They are the reason behind the explosion of your taste buds after having a piece of smoked turkey at the barbecue party.

If you have never thought or had reason to buy one of them, below are some recipes that will make you go looking for the best pellet smoker to buy.

  1. Chicken wings

Chicken wings come in many fashions, but there is something common about all of them. They never disappoint. There is one that you have not tried yet: smoked chicken wings. How about you give them a try this time around? For best results, you can incorporate woods like hickory or pecan. Depending on the kind of flavors you like, you can always add a rub on the wings with herbs and other types of seasoning. You will love it!

  1. Bacon Explosion

Away with the same conventional bacon. It is always better if you try a different way of cooking it. One of the most explosive smoker recipes is the bacon explosion: the name tells it all. This bacon recipe consists of bacon and sausage weaved together. The recipe is simple as you are only required to place the woven bacon in a preheated smoker and let it cook for about an hour regularly brushing barbecue sauce on the woven bacon.

  1. Smoked turkey

Turkey is a popular Thanksgiving delicacy. It is time you tried to do it differently. How do you go about it? First, you need to marinate the turkey as it tends to be tough at times. This is primarily to make it tender and juicy. Also, it is essential that you season it adequately to get the perfect taste. Once all that is done, the only thing you will be required to do as it cooks on the smoker is to baste it constantly. It would be best if you used a butter-based solution for the job. Also, remember to use low and slow heat to have it cook evenly.

  1. BBQ smoked ham

Did you call your friends over and it is only the first time you are using your smoker? Do not despair. No one wants to embarrass themselves with a failed attempt on a smoker recipe. The good news is that this recipe does not require trial and error for it to turn out fine. To make it tastier and juicy, you can always add pineapple juice. It is so far the easiest smoker recipe that you can make.

  1. Buttery smoked corn on the cob

There is something for the vegetarians and guys that are not really enthusiastic about meat. Did you know that ribs, ham, bacon and other meats are not the only things that can be cooked on a smoker? Now you know.

You should totally try out this recipe. If you have ever tasted grilled con, then you can attest to how delicious it can be. You have not even tried smoked corn. The beauty of it is that this recipe works really well with smoked meat two. There is totally nothing wrong with getting the best of both worlds.

If you are looking to buy a smoker, the five recipes above should certainly be given a shot. You will not get enough of them. More so, your friends and family will love you for this!

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