5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack

by Christopher Jones

5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack
5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack

Here 5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack

As an adventurous, hardcore traveler, I always find kitchen backpack more useful than a regular rucksack.

I have met some people who do not think about using a KB everywhere. They just buy one and put them in their storerooms.

The poor bags of them only can come out occasionally. Such a pity!

Some people even think that they have wasted their money on a scrap.

But they don’t know how useful a kitchen backpack can be. So, here are five ways to use your Kitchen backpack. I bet you will tell, “KB has the coolest uses.”

Pack Up Your All Tools!

Mostly, KB is famous among the hard users because they are really very strong and long-lasting. So, they can carry up all types of tools in whatever categories they belong. Pointy like stone tools, compass, spikey, spear all can go with a KB very safely without damaging the bag.

You can keep your hiking and mountaineering tools in different pockets. These types of bags have lots of pockets which option I like the most of a kitchen backpack. I can separately hold my ice axes, pully or my fire stones. There is no chance of pulling out unnecessary things while searching for another.

Comfy Place for Your Lappy!

I always take my baby Lappy (my mother says it that it’s my GF. LOL!) wherever I go. When I used to carry up rucksack or regular backpack, I couldn’t take my laptop. Who wants to risk his laptop after all?

But since I have been using a kitchen backpack under 100 usd more details Fullyreviews there is no chance of breaking, scratching or damaging my Lappy. Generally, most of the KBs’ inner parts are spongy. So, they can support any device very practically.

Therefore, it has separate pockets; I can keep my cable, portable batteries, chargers too.

It Holds Your Cameras and Lenses, Too!

I am not a camera guy. So, I don’t carry cameras generally. But my best friend is a crazy photo guy. He always takes cameras, lenses, lights, and many things, I don’t even know their names, wherever he goes.

He doesn’t use a regular backpack too. He uses KB when we go on a tour. As the kitchen bags have numerous pockets, all his camera kits and camping tools hold in the bag suitably.

Don’t Forget About the Cloths!

Most of the Kitchen bags have two main storage sacks. In one, I put my laptop. In another one, I put my clothes. As they occupy large spaces, I can take 3-4 sets of cloth along with my Lappy.

What’s about Some Foods and Water?

Generally, most of the Kitchen bag has extra holders to carry your food containers and water pots. You can keep your cookies and crackers in the pocket without the tension of mashing them. When I go for tracking, I take dry fruits, crackers, nuts. So, I wrap them in a plastic bag and keep them in one of the inner side pockets.

Some Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack in A Brief

These places are perfect for using your KB-

  • School and regular uses
  • Single travel bag
  • Laptop holder
  • Mountaineering, hiking, tracking
  • Camping
  • Military and special forces
  • Industrial workplaces
  • The mining tracks etc.

Last Words

Now you know how a kitchen bag can simplify your travel bag nuisances. Then, why will you waste a hack of money on two different bags when only one of them can do the works of both?

So, bring your KB in light and use them everywhere. As they are very durable, they can serve you 3 to 4 years even for heavy uses.

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Chris is a true globetrotter. He has been to many destinations and tried different types of food from all over the world, yet he still loves finding new places and tasting their specialties. Chris has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and so he decided to go back to school at age 24 for his MBA at University of San Francisco so that he could have a better understanding of business strategy in order to start his own company. His favorite motto is “how can one live well, travel well, and work well without having good food every time?”

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