Is Roblox Safe to Play for Kids?

by Daisy Dao

Roblox is where users can create and play a huge number of 3D games. Roblox is considered to be a "Creative mind Platform." Roblox was created in 2007, and in the same year, it was launched. 

As indicated by an online overview, the month to month average of Roblox users is 64 million. It tends to be downloaded on android, iOS, tablet, and so on. This site was created by gamers who esteem the preferences of different gamers. That is the reason Roblox isn't only a gaming site, yet it is also a platform that is given to gamers to collaborate with different users from any part of the world. On Roblox, you can pick your buddy from either your real-life companions or virtual adventurers.

What is the Minimum Age to use Roblox?

There isn't any age limit set to play Roblox. Individuals of all ages can enroll for a Roblox record and begin playing. Nevertheless, the users who are younger than 13 must be under their parents' supervision. There is no specific parental consent requirement for the underage sign up. Roblox is suggested for anybody over 10 years of age. The PEGI (Pan European Game Information) suggested the age of over 10 years as preferred eligibility for Roblox. Whereas, iTunes suggests it for users over the age of 12 years.

What are the Risks of Using Roblox?

As each game or site on the web accompanies certain dangers, Roblox additionally has certain hostile parts. If you also have a similar concern, don't worry, because, in this guide, we are going to discuss what kind of hazard will encompass your child if he begins playing or making games on Roblox. By the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether or not playing Roblox is safe for your kids.

What are the Risks of Using Roblox?
What are the Risks of Using Roblox?

Mentioned below are some risk factors to consider while letting your children play Roblox:

1. Chatting with Strangers

Chatting with Strangers
Chatting with Strangers

Interacting with people from different backgrounds looks fascinating to children. They find it exciting to make new friends online. Similar happens while playing Roblox. The platform has given access to chatting with unknown people. As interesting as it may be to the children, it is just as dangerous. You never know who is the person sitting on the opposite end of the internet. It may be a good or bad person. This also leads to scam and fraud.

This also gives freedom to many predators who are willing to take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Content Generated by Users

Content Generated by Users
Content Generated by Users

The players on Roblox are very creative, indeed since they strive to create better games for other users. However, some user-generated content may also prove itself to be unsuitable for kids and teens considering that young minds are more likely to get exploited.

Although Roblox has a safety filter to make sure that no inappropriate content makes its way to the players, sometimes, inappropriate content can make its way to your children anyway.

Hotline Roblox is an example of such content. It contains violent graphics including blood, weapons, etc. These factors may affect the mentality of your child in a poor way.

3. No Offline Gameplay

No Offline Gameplay
No Offline Gameplay

Internet is the foundation of each danger for your kids messing around on the online games. Nevertheless, you could simply turn it off and let your children appreciate the disconnected games. In any case, that is beyond the realm of imagination with Roblox as it doesn't offer disconnected playing. There is additionally no choice to play it as a single player. Your children will consistently be presented to Roblox YouTube recordings that contain unsatisfactory visuals.

4. In-Game Purchases

In-Game Purchases
In-Game Purchases

Roblox is allowed to play yet it contains an in-game buying of Robux with genuine money. Robux is the in-game currency. Players use it to buy in-game outfits and equipment. Henceforth, your kids may get overexcited and may represent a danger of going through your money without your permission.

Not just that, but your children may also fall for fake Robux generators. Believe us when we say that you don't want that to happen!

Is Roblox Safe for Kids and Teenagers?

Considering the never-ending popularity and growth of Roblox, almost every other child or teenager is signing up for it. This has made the parents ponder over whether or not Roblox is safe for their kids or not since they want to make sure that their children are investing their time in something that isn't harmful to them in any way.

Accessible on cell phones, tablets, personal computers, the Xbox One, and some VR headsets, Roblox has an ESRB rating of E10+; anyone above the age of 10 and with an interest for Fantasy Violence, which implies that common ongoing interaction is supposed to be appropriate for most children. Whereas, the rating additionally incorporates a User's Interact notice, cautioning guardians that players can speak with one another, join gatherings, and make and offer games with one another. Not just that, but your child can even sell their game on Roblox !

Let's tell you an easy way out! You can follow the safety precautions mentioned below to make sure that Roblox remains safe for your child :

Safety Guidelines to Follow on Roblox

To ensure the safety of your children on Roblox, you just need to follow some safety rules. If you continue following these appropriately, your kids will have no hazard to playing on Roblox and can appreciate the splendid games that it has. Here are the security rules that you need to follow:

1. Read the Parent's Guide

Read the Parent's Guide
Read the Parent's Guide

Roblox offers parental controls that take into account a determination of chat alternatives ( no visit, talk with companions, chat and get along with everyone ), account age permeability ( 13+ or <13 ), a record PIN code highlight, and an Account Restrictions setting that just permits kids under 13 to get to a curated rundown of suitable games.

2. Don't Use your Child's Real Name

while making a username for your child's player record, don't mention their real name. Leave them alone to be innovative enough to pick an irregular yet unique one, something besides their genuine name. You may likewise not have any desire to give their real birth date, yet remember they utilize the birthday to work out how old your youngster is, so attempt to keep it that year as same as the real one; however, we suggest you prefer changing the date and month.

3. Warn them of the Dangers

Have you at any point asked your child not to converse with outsiders? Cautioned them about contacting power attachments? A similar idea ought to be applied to showing them online conduct - and speak the truth about it. Reveal to them that there are awful individuals on the web and in case they request anything like their genuine name, address, or trading off pictures, get them to let you know. Have they welcomed you to utilize another program to talk to them? Advise them to reveal the matter to you first.

4. Play with your Child

Play with your Child
Play with your Child

To know precisely what your kid is getting themselves into. Probably the most ideal method of doing this is making an account for yourself and playing with them! Just create a profile, look for your child's username and once you have reached to them in-game, click "Include Friend". By doing so, you and your kid can join a similar game. Many parents say that they frequently do it with their children. When they have discovered another game, some of the time, parents hop in with their children to explore what sort of game it is. This way they can perceive what sort of things the children are welcoming.

5. Limit Roblox's Social Features

You can confine your kid from chatting and getting along with others on Roblox. Whatever settings you pick, we suggest examining your choice with your child. On the off chance that you limit Roblox's social highlights, consider returning to these limitations as your child becomes mature.

To do so:

  • Log in to the respective account.
  • Click on the visible gear icon. This way, you will be navigated to the Account Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Under Contact Settings, examine the options. If your child is 13 years old or older, there are additional features.
  • Select No one or Friends or enable Account Restrictions. That's it!

6. Report Inappropriate Content

If you see any inappropriate content showing up on your child's Roblox account, either in chat or timeline, you can and you should report it by using the reporting facility provided by Roblox to its users.


In this guide. We tried our best to explain whether Roblox is safe for children or not by mentioning credible information.

Not just that, but we also mentioned the safety measures that you can take as a parent to make sure that your child is using Roblox safely.

Precisely, Roblox is safe to use for children for as long as parents take care of their responsibilities.

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

Thank you!

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