How to thaw scallops

by Rick Goldman

Thawing scallops can be easier if you know the right way of how to thaw scallops. I have mentioned 3 ways on how to defrost scallops.

Be familiar with the instructions at first before the following one. I would suggest you follow the first method to thaw scallops. Keep in mind the precautions while defrosting the scallops in the microwave. 

How to thaw scallops
How to thaw scallops

Thawing scallops in refrigerator

Step 1 Planning: If you are thinking about to thaw scallops, then you know using refrigerator is the best way to defrost the scallops.

Although this process provides you the actual shape and taste, it takes time. You have to go for this plane before 24 hours of cooking. In this process, you just need a refrigerator, a large bowl, and a plastic wrap. Follow the steps below to defrost your scallops in the best way.

Step 2 Fix refrigerator temperature at 3 Degree Celsius: Check out the conditions of other ingredients in the refrigerator. Here, you have to set the temperature at 3 degrees Celsius.

If you are preserving vegetables with other home remedies in the freeze, then this temperature may harm their condition. Keep them to other sections and set the temperature at 3 degrees Celsius. You should know that 2 degrees Celsius is ideal for thawing scallops.

Step 3 Put the scallops into a bowl from packaging: Get a large bowl enough to place the scallops. The bowl size should be ¾ with full of scallops.

Keep in mind that you have to put the bowl on the shelf of the refrigerator. When the scallops begin to defrost, they lose water in the area. You must not allow water in the refrigerator. Get a bowl of enough size that is perfect for the refrigerator and the scallops to meltdown. Remove the packaging and place the scallops in the bowl.

Step 4 Use plastic wrap to cover the bowl: You must wrap the bowl with plastic so that it may not get the smell of other food in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, it takes 24 hours to meltdown. There is a chance of contamination and spoiling. If you cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, then it can save other foods from getting rotten.  Make sure you have covered the bowl completely.

Step 5 Place the bowl on your refrigerator: Try to select a lower shelf in the refrigerator to place the bowl. If possible, separate other foods from the shelf although there is no chance to be contaminated. Check out the temperature again whether it is at 3 degrees Celsius or not. You can set it at 2 degrees Celsius for faster results.  

Step 6 Wait for 24 hours: Now, wait for a day not disturbing the bowl for 24 hours. After 24 hours, take the bowl out to check out the condition of the scallops.

Put your finger on the center of the scallops in the bowl. It can be cool but not icy. You should feel the soft and mild surface. If you can feel such things, then they are ready to cook.

On the other hand, if the scallops are frozen yet, wrap them in the bowl with the plastic cover and place the bowl again in the refrigerator.

Wait for more than 6 hours. After 6 hours, the scallops should melt down properly.

Thawing scallops in refrigerator
Thawing scallops in refrigerator

Thawing scallops in cool water

Step 1 Planning: If you are in a hurry, then thawing scallops in cool water can be the best way for you. It may waste a good volume of water. Here, you need a resealable plastic bag, water sink, a large bowl, and cool water. If you can arrange the things, then it will take only 30 minutes to defrost the scallops. Go for it.

Step 2 Put the scallops in a plastic bag: Get a resalable large plastic bag that can be enough for the entire scallops. Make sure, you can seal the mouth and open up when necessary. Clean the plastic bag with vinegar and put the scallops smoothly in the bag. Wrap the mouth of the bag.

Step 3 Place the bag into a large bowl: Now, place the bags into a large bowl that is enough to hold water. Clean the bowl before placing the bag. Make sure the bowl is sufficient to keep water surrounded by the bag.

Thawing scallops in cool water 
Thawing scallops in cool water  (source)

Step 4 Set the bowl in a sink and pour cool water from the tap: Set the bowl in the sink to fill it with cool water. If you have another water line for cool water, then use it. Slow down the water falling speed from the tap. Feel the bowl to the brim of the bowl to defrost the scallops.

Step 5 Replace the water every 10 minutes for 30 minutes: Change the water every 10 minutes. Remember, it needs 30 minutes to meltdown. The water gets cooler in these 10 minutes. That’s why you have to change the water every 10 minutes to keep the temperature in the same condition.

Step 6 check the scallops: After 30 minutes, open the bag to check the condition of the scallops. Use your finger to check the surface of the scallops. If it is not ready yet, then keep it for another 20 minutes.  

Thawing scallops in microwave

Thawing scallops in microwave 
Thawing scallops in microwave 

Step 1 Planning: Using a microwave to defrost the scallops can be dangerous although it is the fastest way. If you are in a hurry, then follow the instruction below.

Step 2 Put the scallops on a microwave-safe bowl: Remove the packaging and place the scallops in a bowl.

Step 3 Cover the bowl with a tissue paper: Cover the upper portion with a tissue paper so that the scallops may not get heat directly.

Step 4 Run it twice with 30 seconds duration: Keep the heating process for 30 seconds only. Don’t let it be longer otherwise it may start cooking.

Step 5 Continue the process until it melts down completely: Continue the process until you get the ultimate result.

Bottom line

Already you have the three ways on how to thaw scallops. If possible, follow the first method to get the scallops in actual shape and condition.

Enjoy thawing scallops in the easiest way at your home. Read the instruction at least twice to get the result in the first attempt.

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