Healthy Meal Ideas & Delicious Recipes

by Christopher Jones

Looking for healthy, delicious, easy to prepare meal ideas?

The meal options below offer solutions for making healthy eating a delicious and doable part of your daily diet. Most meal ideas and recipes are gluten-free and Paleo-friendly. These nutrient-dense meals support fat loss, help balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and support overall health.

Healthy Diet Ideas

Healthy Meal Ideas & Delicious Recipes
Healthy Meal Ideas & Delicious Recipes


Start your day with success by thinking outside the cereal box with a protein packed breakfast.

  1. creamy coconut protein shake or green drink
  2. eggs (hard-cooked, poached, fried) solo or with nitrate-free bacon/sausage
  3. baked egg dishes, such as egg muffins, mini frittatas, and quiche
  4. cottage cheese with raspberries and/or peaches
  5. yogurt/kefir medley or parfait with cherries/berries
  6. sausage with raw milk cheese and sliced apple
  7. smoked/leftover/canned salmon with avocado and cherry tomatoes
  8. leftover meat with nuts, such as steak with walnuts or meatballs with cashews
  9. bacon wrapped turkey with avocado and Primal Kitchen mayo
  10. prosciutto wrapped asparagus with ricotta cheese
  11. burrito/taco with scrambled eggs, peppers, cheese, and salsa
  12. steel-cut oatmeal and berries with a side of protein
  13. sandwich or wrap, such as egg, bacon, and tomato or “PB&J” peanut butter and sliced banana
  14. paleo pancakes, waffles or french toast with a side of protein


Snacks can be smaller versions of breakfast or lunch. The fewer ingredients on the label, the better.

  1. fresh/frozen, ripe fruit
  2. fruit/celery and nuts, nut butter or a nut squeeze pack, such as an apple with almond butter
  3. roasted coconut flakes with cinnamon and sea salt
  4. Paleo Wrap with nut butter and fruit or lightly toasted with butter and cinnamon
  5. Primal Kitchen snack bars
  6. homemade bone broth (optional additions: gelatin, collagen, egg, meat, seaweed, veggies)
  7. yogurt/kefir medley or parfait
  8. chocolate chia seed pudding
  9. Primal Kitchen dressing with veg (carrots, celery, cucumber, peppers, cauliflower)
  10. guacamole with carrots and peppers or organic corn tortilla chips
  11. raw milk cheese or hummus with Mary’s Gone Crackers and olives
  12. mozzarella cheese with sliced tomatoes, balsamic and sea salt
  13. hard-cooked eggs and avocado sprinkled with sea salt
  14. canned sardines mixed with walnuts and cayenne powder
  15. canned salmon mashed with sweet potato and walnuts
  16. slice meat with cheese, such as roast beef rolled with raw milk cheese, arugula, and mustard
  17. cold shrimp with pesto and sliced red peppers
  18. cinnamon raisin toast with mascarpone and green apple slices or nut butter and banana slices
  19. jerky with kale or seaweed chips
  20. Zukay veggie or fruit kvass


Lunches can be leftovers from last night’s dinner or larger versions of the snack options above.

  1. salads, such as a steak salad with Primal Kitchen dressing
  2. wraps/rolls/stacks, such as a lettuce-wrapped burger with cheese/avocado/Paleo mayo and side salad/veg
  3. chicken with hummus, carrots, cucumber, and olives
  4. 1/2 sandwich, such turkey, avocado/cheese/Paleo mayo, tomato, arugula and a side of veggies
  5. Paleo Wrap, such as BLT, sausage, and onions or any leftover meat and veggies


Cook larger portions at dinner, especially of proteins to have leftovers for the next few days.

  1. rotisserie/roasted chicken with a side of veggies or a salad
  2. homemade bone broth soup with leftover meat, veggies, garlic, and onions
  3. crock pot protein with veggies, such as slow cooked beef stew with red potatoes, carrots, and kale
  4. sous vide protein with veggies, such as pork loin with roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower
  5. Instant Pot meal with veggies, such as Kalua Pig, Lamb Curry, Beef Ribs or Chicken Soup
  6. sautéed ground meat for burgers, meatballs, salads, stuffed pepper, tacos, pasta or tossed with veggies
  7. tacos, such as organic corn tortillas, chicken, guacamole, salsa, peppers and shredded cheese
  8. protein and pasta, such as chicken and mung bean fettuccine with pesto, spinach, and tomatoes
  9. stir-fry, such as shrimp with stir-fry veggies and coconut milk
  10. broiler, such as broiled salmon with asparagus, mushrooms, and peppers
  11. salads, such as Taco, Greek, Caesar, BLT, Waldorf
  12. baked egg dishes, such as egg muffins, mini frittatas, and quiche

Quick Reference

Protein sides: cottage cheese, salmon, sardines, hard-cooked eggs, bacon, sausage
Wraps: Paleo Wraps, brown rice tortillas or organic corn tortillas
Bread: gluten-free homemade, Paleo, sourdough or “sprouted”
Pasta: spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, or gluten-free pasta such as brown rice, mung/black bean

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