Best Noodle Maker Reviews

by Daisy Dao

Homemade pasta takes a very little time to get just right, and everyone agree it tastes much better than commercial pasta. Fresh made pasta spends less time in your pasta cooker however. You need to know what to look for to get the best pasta maker for your money. There are lots to view.

When buying a pasta maker machine, you must first consider whether a manual pasta maker is what you want or do you want to buy an electric pasta maker. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The hand-crank pasta machines are definitely a lot cheaper and give you that real authentic experience of making your own fresh, homemade pasta.

How to Choose Pasta Maker

Best Noodle Maker Reviews
Best Noodle Maker Reviews

If you like pasta, enjoying a good plate of fresh pasta is a pleasure, and if you also want the pasta to be of the best quality and suits your tastes and needs, it will be a pleasure to do it at home with a machine to bake. So, if you have decided to make the leap and prepare to cook your own fresh pasta and not get lost in comparing the cheap noodle machines offered by the market, we will give you some tips to keep in mind when making your own. That choice was a success.

When buying our cheap pasta machine, we must consider what kind of fresh pasta we want to make. It is not the same as cutting pasta in the form of pasta, pasta or ravioli, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify what type of folder we want to obtain and find a machine that includes the corresponding accessories without having to invest in them later.

Equally important is that these machines include adjusting the thickness of the dough elongation so that your cooking options are not limited. Usually, this regulator generally has seven levels of thickness, so you can choose, according to your needs, cooking and the type of pasta you want.

Finally, it is essential to talk about the material from which the pasta machine is made. Although there are noodle machines made of plastic, it is true that they can be fragile and not very hygienic; therefore, the least desirable is that they are made of chromed metal. And if you want to go one step further or offer more professional use, opt for high-quality stainless steel machines and, therefore, also for a higher price.

Below and in our comparison of cheap pasta machines, we offer the Ibili Italia 773100 model, a machine that will surely be very useful if you are starting in the world of fresh pasta at home.

Cutting accessories

Although other economic pasta machines only have rollers to smooth and straighten the dough, the Ibili Italia 773100 is equipped with a head, adaptable to the main machine, for cutting pasta. This accessory is removable for easy cleaning and, on the other hand, you can use accessories for other types of cutting that you can buy separately. Because these accessories are universal, you can buy them at a very reasonable price.

Easy to use

The Ibili 773100 Italia model is a very simple and easy to use roller gluing machine and, above all, very intuitive. Using a removable crank located on one side, we will turn the rolling pin that will soften and stretch the dough.

On the other hand, we have a wheel with which we can choose the thickness of the pasta according to our needs. With your noodle accessory, it will be as simple as introducing the already stretched pasta to the desired thickness and turning the crank again to get a perfect cut from them. With a little practice we will get a noodle worthy of the best chef.


This machine is made of chromed metal, suitable for domestic use, so, compared to the older stainless steel sisters, it is much lighter and weighs only 1.3 kg.

It has dimensions of 21.4 x 17.8 x 14 cm, which gives it a great ease of use and lightness, compensated lightness thanks to a robustness and stability sufficient to work safely, thanks to the sergeant that is included to fix The machine on the surface. so you can make your pasta fresh without the risk of the machine moving or accidentally falling.

Made in Italy

This may sound crazy, in an age where everything is manufacture in china why would one bother in getting a product made in Italy, well there are many reasons why, the first being Italian knows their pasta and been making it for many years, if you can trust an Italian with one thing it is probably pasta. The marcato pasta maker is produced by the marcato family for many generations now, Yes of course that anyone can copy what they have done, But for me knowing where my pasta is coming from and that its produced under the highest standards which had been learned throughout the years has a lot of meaning.


If you worked with a pasta maker before you know that these machines can be a bit fragile or clanky to work with, I wanted to have a machine that is from a quality that I can actually work with and that would last for many years as I’m not planing on buying a new pasta maker every year or so,  The marcato pasta maker is 100% stainless steel machine, it is a bit heavier for this reason, but that’s what will give you the stability as you roll your pasta out of it.


I wanted to get a pasta machine that I’ll be able to use in different ways, first to be able to process dough in a range of thickness from very thin to very thick, and since the The marcato pasta maker has 9 thickness level setup I knew that this is the type of machine that is right for me. you’ll see when you run it through this pasta maker, you first start with a thicker size 6 or so, then you do a second run on a lower thickens size like 4, then if you want a very thin pasta you can run it again on size 3 or 2.

The Checklist

So to sum it up I put up this “Before you buy a pasta maker check list“, if you have a question that is not on the list, please feel free to add it to the comments on this page.

  • How often you plan on using your pasta maker?
    Having a general idea of how often you’ll use the pasta maker will help you make a better decision on which pasta maker is the best for you. If you think that you’ll use the pasta maker once every 4-6 months, it’s prob’ the best that you’ll get a simple machine rather than and electronic pasta maker that is more expensive. if on the other hand you are a once a week type of a person when it comes to pasta making, you should consider getting a machine that will suite your pasta needs, perhaps even one that works as a mixer attachment.
  • How many mouth you have to feed?
    When you get a new pasta maker, you should take into consideration the amount of pasta you plan on producing with it, if you have 12 mouths to feed you will need to go through a lot of pasta and you’ll want to have a machine that is easy to work with and fast, perhaps even an electric pasta machine. Or if you only plan to make pasta for yourself (nothing wrong with indulging on some fresh pasta when you are lonely :)) a simple and solid pasta maker like the marcato will work great
  • How much are you looking to spend?
    You can get a cheap pasta maker for around $50 but I would advice you to consider adding a bit to it to get a machine in a decent quality, there are many models who range between $70-$100 and that are great for home use, or may I even say a mid-professional use. of course that you can always spend more when it comes to pasta makers, get an electric one or add additional knives to it. One of the great thing about  the marcato pasta maker is that it is very affordable and is one of the best pasta makers out there, which makes it also a great gift when you consider “Giving the gift of pasta making
  • Do you have a mixer?
    Many mixers, like the famous KitchenAid, comes with pasta maker hooks, so if you already have a mixer or if you are considering on getting one, you most likely want to take an advantage of what you have already, adding a few attachment to it will make your life in pasta land much easier and will give you a state of the art pasta making machine (with a mixer!)
  • Do you need an electric pasta maker?
    Making fresh pasta can be a bit labor intense at times, if you know yourself as someone who enjoy fresh pasta but could use some electric power  perhaps you should consider getting and electric pasta machine that will do the some of the work for you. or if you don’t mind the exercise that comes with making fresh pasta on a manual paste, you most likely be happy with a regular pasta maker.
  • Variety and shape?
    How many shapes – sizes of pasta you’ll like to be able to cut is a crucial question when it comes to buying a pasta machine, you want to make sure that the machine you get support all the different pasta cuts from angel hair spaghetti to fettuccine, you want your pasta maker to come already with the basic cuts and you want to be able to extend it with attachment of different blades, one machine that I find to be most versatile is that sense is the marcato pasta maker.


Discover the world of flavor beyond the traditional pasta shapes. with fresh gnocchi and cavatelli, you basically expend your pasta world into an area where many advance flavors and cuts. the beauty of fresh pasta appear just when you think you had enough of it, this is when you discover that there are other types of pasta you have not even had a chance to try. if you have a family this gets even better, I can tell you from my own experience that kids love surprises when it comes to pasta.

Two of the most famous edition of fresh pasta are the gnocchi (pronounced nee-yo-kee) and cavatelli, they are both very easy to make, and perhaps even more accessible since you don’t really need a pasta maker or a food processor to make them. here is one of my favorite potato gnocchi recipe. one thing that I would recommend if you are new to the world of gnocchi and cavatelli (or want to step up your game here) is using cavatelli maker, you can make gnocchi by hand, but in order to get nicer round shapes this machine will make your life much easier.

Potato Gnocchi Recipe

  • 5lb Baking potatoes
  • 5 egg yolks (Beaten (make sure to use fresh eggs))
  • 3.75 cups all purpose flour
  • dash salt


Step 1
Place the potatoes in a baking pan, pinch a few holes in each of them so the vintalate while cooking and place in a 350 oven for about an hour.
Step 2
Take the potatoes out of the pan, cool and peel
Step 3
Using a potato ricer mash the potatoes, or if you are doing a large batch you may find it useful to use a food processor to mush the potatoes.
Step 4
Add the flour egg yolks and salt to the potato mix and keep mixing them till they get into a texture of a light dough
Step 5
at this point your gnocchi is ready to be cut, if you are using a cavatelli or gnocchi maker, simply work them into the machine. if you choose to cut your gnocchi by hand, place them on a floured board, work the dough into line around 1 inch size, and cut them with a pastry wheel, once they have a nice square shape, give them a light punch in the belly so they get some curves to hold the pasta sauce.

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