Best Chef Jackets for Smart Chef’s: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2021

by Daisy Dao

Being a chef does not just mean proficient culinary skills but also following the mandatory rules. One of these rules is to wear the uniform at all times.

However, there are many aspects to go over for obtaining the best chef jackets . You have to work in a kitchen that is always warm. The stove heat is sometimes unbearable if the clothing material is discomforting.

Such irritation can even affect your cooking performance. As legends say, the food a chef makes reflects his/her mood, so does the taste.

There is no way we can let you lose your cool, can we? So here are ten recommended coats for you to check out. Take your time!

Editor's Recommendation: Chef Jackets for Smart Chefs

Top 10 Review of the Best Chef Jackets

Best Chef Jackets for Smart Chef's
Best Chef Jackets for Smart Chef's

Do you want a chef jacket for commercial use or home? It honestly does not matter so long you achieve protection and comfort. Here you go!

1. Chef Works Men's Hartford Chef Coat

Chef Works Men's Hartford Chef Coat, Black, L
Chef Works Men's Hartford Chef Coat, Black, L

Let us get straight to the point of why we were keen on this item. The black jacket has a zipper closure that we believe is the key to swift functionality.

We all know how quickly one has to move in this line of occupation. If the zipper can extend further assistance in dealing with time, then who are we to judge, right?

The fabric is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, allowing it to be substantially robust during rough use. From the right sleeve pocket area to the well-made fitting, you can rely on the fabric when moving from station to station.

Some might find the sleeve pocket a bit inconvenient and small. Other than that, it is resourceful in all weather, no matter where you are.


  • Excellent fitment
  • Breathable poly-cotton fabric
  • Single-breasted
  • Includes a back collar apron holder
  • Machine washable


  • The sleeve pocket is too small for a cellphone

2. Dickies Chef Women's Classic Coat

Dickies Chef Women's Classic Coat, Pink, Large
Dickies Chef Women's Classic Coat, Pink, Large

Who said the chef uniform has to be plain white? The Dickies provides some of the best chef clothes in various colors to match the restaurant codes.

On top of that, the long-sleeved pink coat is loose yet appropriately fit for women of any stature. It is made from poly cotton fabric, making the item exceptionally comfortable during work.

The left sleeve and chest pocket ensures secured cell phone holding along with a thermometer.

You are getting it all at an affordable price! Its classic collar design with double-breasted front buttons promises nothing but a lightweight feeling. Overall, this material is of superior quality that will not let you down.


  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
  • It comes with a thermometer and chest a pocket
  • Double-breasted classic look
  • Poly cotton fabric for long-term durability
  • Easy to wash


  • The sleeves are bigger than necessary

3. Chef Works Men's Morocco Chef Coat

Chef Works Men's Morocco Chef Coat, Merlot, Large
Chef Works Men's Morocco Chef Coat, Merlot, Large

The Chef Works is one of the best chef coat brands we have encountered so far. It includes multitudes of varieties when it comes to jackets. One of which is this Morocco jacket we could not ignore.

It has three-quarter sleeves that are known for the super neat and professional functionalities. Therefore, it correspondingly protects your arms from hot oven heat - all the while preventing getting in the way of your job.

The thin poly-cotton material can be a lifesaver in a scorching hot kitchen. We loved its color assortments to match the workstation. The left chest pocket is large enough to accommodate a notepad/cellphone.

Let us not forget the almost obscured thermometer pocket on the left sleeve as well. Our favorite feature, nonetheless, is the premium stitching. One cannot ignore such quality on this double-breasted chef jacket.


  • High-end durable poly-cotton fabric
  • Quite practical when handling hot stove/oven
  • Breathable; lightweight
  • Double-breasted button closure
  • Easy to maintain the stains


  • Potential to shrink in the dryer

4. Chef Works Women's Marbella Chef Coat

Chef Works Women's Marbella Chef Coat, Black, Large
Chef Works Women's Marbella Chef Coat, Black, Large

If you do not want to go for the universal coats and focus more on the feminine grace, here is a product to fulfill your wish. It is a little steep, but the overall hours of use are worth the cost.

The black poly-cotton material associates a tapered waist that is flattering and practical at the same time. However, its key features are the cloth-covered buttons and the turn-back cuffs.

These details are not only fashionable but also provides class and amenity. We admit that it might get tricky to acquire the perfect size. Besides, there is no chest pocket.

Many have found the lacking difficult to get used to. Although the sleeve pocket fills in the void, it is not always big enough.


  • Tapered waist for a feminine gesture
  • Sturdy double-breasted buttons
  • Durable quality
  • It gives a professional air
  • Machine washable in warm water


  • Not as fitting as it should be

5. Mercer Culinary M60010BKM Millennia Men's Cook Jacket with Traditional Button

Mercer Culinary M60010BKM Millennia Men's Cook Jacket With Traditional Buttons, Medium, Black
Mercer Culinary M60010BKM Millennia Men's Cook Jacket With Traditional Buttons, Medium, Black

Here is one of the best chef coats in the world to fall head over heels for! We are dead serious. The Mercer Culinary chef jackets are a compilation of comfort, style, and practicality.

This medium-sized black attire is constructed from poly cotton. It lets you achieve a lightweight feeling without worrying about wear and tear. To be brief, it can withstand the harsh culinary environment a chef has to work with.

Therefore, whether it is the greasy splatters or the high-temperature cooking, you can relax and enjoy what you love doing.

It features a short collar, double-breasted buttons, sleeve pockets, and so on. All in all, if you want breathable but superior withstanding quality, we highly recommend Mercer's chef jacket.


  • Premium-grade poly-cotton construction
  • Resistant to wrinkles
  • Retains color even after rigorous washes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stands out sophistically


  • Shoulder fitting might be tight for some

6. Chef Works Women's Sofia Chef Coat

Chef Works Women's Sofia Chef Coat, Black, X-Large
Chef Works Women's Sofia Chef Coat, Black, X-Large

Once again, here is another of the best chef uniforms by the Chef Works that had to be on the list. There is no way a female chef can turn a blind eye regarding its exceptional character.

You can look forward to its reliable quality in the long run. The double-breasted front and the short-collar only raise coziness. Plus, the lower side seam has slits for ease of movement.

The reason we have picked this item is for the sole purpose it delivers meticulously. It is incredibly lightweight, thus, breathable throughout the hours of hard work. Plus, the jacket is tailored to fit excellently.

Its only drawback is the thin twill fabric that fails to resist heat as much as it should. It is a far-fetched possibility, but the cooler material is ideal for those who do not spend much time near the stove/oven.

In any case, the Sofia chef coat is worth the bucks in any work environment.


  • Beautiful and patented design
  • Easy to wash and move around with
  • Smooth, lightweight poly-cotton fabric
  • Simple sleeve rolling choice
  • Includes a thermometer pocket


  • Stains are likely to bleed through the thin fabric

7. Chef Works Men's Bordeaux Chef Coat

Chef Works Unisex Adult Bordeaux Coat Chefs Jackets, White, Medium US
Chef Works Unisex Adult Bordeaux Coat Chefs Jackets, White, Medium US

Although the Bordeaux chef coats for men have a distinctive design, its white poly-cotton blend is suitable for both genders. As a result, it is widely selected by many aspiring chefs.

The classic white chef jackets give you a sense of capable personality. And the best part is that it can withstand any laundering hardships as long as you follow the right chemical applications.

So, should you go for it? We do not see any reason why not. The only issue we have faced is the too thick tailoring properties. The poly-cotton fabric is thicker for some chefs.

Hence, it might not be such a great idea during summer in a compact kitchen station.


  • Poly cotton fabric for durability
  • Moderately comfortable
  • Double-breasted for better heat protection
  • Fitting sleeves with turned-back cuffs
  • Includes a left chest patch and thermometer pocket


  • The fabric is too thick for some users

8. Chef Works Men's Gramercy Denim Chef Coat

Chef Works Men's Gramercy Denim Chef Coat, Indigo Blue, L
Chef Works Men's Gramercy Denim Chef Coat, Indigo Blue, L

This item is for chefs who prefer a contemporary look to go with the profession and interior. The garment is constructed from denim cotton that has a zipper closure.

It is two-way and offers swift removal/wear of the uniform. Despite being a single-breasted front design, it provides maximum safety against sudden burns and oily spatters. The overall size and design are convenient for anybody.

Our favorite aspect is the short-collar with an apron holding a snap tab. Of course, you can roll up your sleeves whenever you wish and keep them in place with buttoned fasteners.

While it comprises pockets on both sleeves, there is none on the chest front. The only problem it has is the quick odor-absorbing disadvantage.

Yes, it is an issue most denim lovers have to face. In that case, we suggest frequent washing or leaving it in the freezer overnight. The item is expensive, and we personally do not believe in spending this much on a product that cannot resist odor.


  • Nice chef denim jacket for the price
  • Withstands variable wash
  • Durable in the long run
  • Comfortable, modern fit
  • Easy apron holder behind the collar


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to remove odors

9. Nanxson Unisex Chef Coat Men's Long Sleeve Chef Jacket

Nanxson Unisex Chef Coat Men's Long Sleeve Chef Jacket Restaurant Kitchen Cooking Zipper Chef Uniform CFM0058 (Black, L)
Nanxson Unisex Chef Coat Men's Long Sleeve Chef Jacket Restaurant Kitchen Cooking Zipper Chef Uniform CFM0058 (Black, L)

Here is yet another of the unique chef coats for you to try out. It is a poly-cotton blended porous fabric that allows you to go on about your business without feeling out of breath.

It is always an important characteristic to keep your cool in the workplace, especially when you have to deal with customers and various meal loads. The Nanxson universal design chef jacket ensures you remain calm.

It is possible due to the free-moving capability. Whether you are a chef or a baker, it does not matter if you require it for work or home use. The garment delivers soft yet durable functions that are practical in the kitchen.

You can always roll the long sleeves up to your desired length. Moreover, the single-breast zipper closure design provides all the same protection against flame, sweat,


  • Well-sewed poly-cotton material
  • Comfortable and elegant look
  • Highly breathable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for unisex chefs


  • It does not have a side chest pocket

10. Red Kap Men's Long Sleeve Ten Button Chef Coat with Mimix and Oilblok

Red Kap Mens Long Sleeve Ten Button With Mimix And Oilblok Chef Coat, Black, Large US
Red Kap Mens Long Sleeve Ten Button With Mimix And Oilblok Chef Coat, Black, Large US

The main reason a chef has to buy and return many jackets is the irritating quality in the high temp working environment. So, one has to make sure the fabric meets sweat-absorbent features.

The Red Kap brand focuses mainly on improving the fabric and providing breathable chef coats for our diligent users. If you prefer the front left chest pocket along with the double-breasted classic design, here is the perfect pick.

We could not think of a better choice than this one - when it is about convenience, vented features, and exceptionally attractive attire! The MIMIX stretch panels in this unit increase mobility without any discomfort.

Furthermore, the rip-resistant fabric with Oilblok technology ensures oil-based fluids repellence. In short, you will hardly notice the stains, and when you do, they are super easy to wash off. We have to admit it is not a bad way to start your career in the food industry.


  • Maximum movability with MIMIX stretch panels
  • Repels oil-like fluids
  • Highly permeable fabric
  • Double-breasted button closure
  • Poly cotton; suitable for daily wear


  • Attracts pet hair

Things You Should Know To Find The Best Chef Jackets

Are you having difficulty picking the right coat for your station in the kitchen? Take a quick look at our buying guide for a better grasp on the matter.


First of all, you need to know the fabric to determine what suits you the most. The modern chef coats use poly-cotton (polyester and cotton), which is easy to wash, wrinkles less, and breathable.

The 100% cotton or Egyptian requires specific maintenance to prevent wrinkles. They are long-lasting and porous.

On the contrary, polyester is adaptable and affordable to acquire. They are not meant for a long period wear, though.

Fabric Weight

Yes, weight plays a dynamic role in movability. Make sure the fabric is thick enough to protect you from heat and burns.

Although, some chefs do not prefer moving around wearing heavy fabrics. So thin ones allow them to breathe better. The only problem is that lightweight jackets tend to wear and tear fast.

Fastening Type

The type of fastening you want in the chef coat is all about personal preference. Just keep in mind the three fastening styles - press studs, detachable studs, and cloth buttons.

Now the choice is yours! We personally like the press studs as they enable instant jacket removal whenever required.


It is the most crucial feature you must look at before anything else. And it relates to the fabric you select.

Long story short, poly-cotton, cotton, and Egyptian cotton are ideal for durable and ventilating quality.

The polyester and denim cotton is soft but not always convenient.


There never is any restriction against wearing colored chef jackets besides the traditional white. However, it depends on the uniform code set by your workstation.

In any case, it will not hurt to be practical in the kitchen chaos. Therefore, decide on the sleeve length and collar by considering the number of times you have to face scalding, flames, splatters, burns, etc.

How To Wash Chef Jackets

All the high end chef coats tend to get dirty in the kitchen. We can feel your pain when the fabric has stubborn and visible splatters/stains.

We suggest prompt action when such disaster occurs. Always keep a few uniforms ready to go when the shift changes.

In any case, keep a stain remover at home that is enzyme-based. If you do not have any, strong detergent liquid/powder works the same.

Always apply oxygen-based bleach if the uniform is colored. Now, all you have to do is soak the uniform in hot water with detergent/bleach, then wash off.

Do the same when using a washing machine to wash chef jackets. Finally, never add cold water as it does not remove the oily elements.

How To Get Chef Jackets White Again

You are an amazing chef, but alas, the white uniform does not last white too long! What should you do?

1. Detergent Type

All the top chef coats in white require specific cleaning treatment. The first thing you have to consider is the detergent and bleach. The trick is to soak the jacket in oxygen-based bleach water for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the stain depth.

As for the cleansing agent, go straight for heavy-duty. No questions asked!

2. Water Temp Level

Here is the extensive argument that confuses people a lot. Our personal opinion is to experiment with the water temperature.

However, we recommend you to use warm to hot water for an all-time wash.

Whether it is machine or hand wash, our vote goes to the lukewarm/hot water temperature.

Top Chef Coat Brands

According to our chef jackets reviews , Mercer Culinary and Chef Works turns out to be some of the top chef coat brands you can rely on. Many professionals have chosen their products for being highly durable.

Chef Works is a name that majority of the consumers greatly depend on, thanks to their wide range of designs. They vary from gender to size, whichever way you wish to sort them.

The Mercer Culinary, on the contrary, is significantly renowned for its high-end quality craftsmanship. The apparel from this brand continues to shine amidst the crowd in the market.

Besides, there is also the Nanxson that numerous culinary artists choose to go for. It is easy-going and affordable to get by.

Other Names of Chef Jacket

If we are talking about other brands, bragard chef jackets have the knack to go beyond average. They are lightweight and reasonably priced. Plus, the unisex chef shirt-coat they design depicts true professionalism in the culinary world.

Another name that comes to our mind is the Le Chef. It has been the top of the line for twenty years. The detailed designs are specifically made to live through kitchen life and repel heat rather than absorb it.

How Much Are Chef Jackets

Frankly, the cost depends on the fabric material. If you consider polyester, for instance, it is cheaper than others. Poly-cotton, on the other hand, costs lesser than 100% cotton.

We believe it gives the perfect amount of sturdiness and ease of mobility combination beautifully. So to acquire it within affording rate is pretty much a win-win situation!

Now, Egyptian cotton is a different matter. It is expensive we will give you that. However, it is also superficially permeable, keeping your body cool and dry.

That does not mean the cheaper materials have no advantage! In fact, poly-cotton is highly anti-abrasive that makes it long-lasting. Plus, they are very comfortable.

And the polyester does not wear down easily or shrink as the cotton fabrics do. All in all, these chef jackets might not even cost more than a hundred bucks, rest assured.

When it comes to 100% cotton garments, they are surprisingly cheaper than polyester. It is great for absorbing sweat but thinner than necessary.

Verdict for Chef Jacket Buyers

It had been a lengthy process of debate and research. Still, we believe Mercer Culinary M60010BKM Millennia Men's Cook Jacket and Chef Works Men's Morocco Chef Coat deserve to be the best chef jackets of the year.

They are properly fitting against heat, stains, and irritation. Each coat offers easy maintaining quality that will not wear out any time soon.

Of course, this is our verdict based on many hours of contemplation. You have the power to alter the decision and make your own comfort level.

Whether you are a professional or aiming for a career, a well-crafted chef coat can take you a long way. Attiring in a sophisticated, breathable uniform can help you gain a positive personality along the journey.

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