Reload Walmart MoneyCard in 2023 : Best Ways, Times, and Safety

by Daisy Dao

Walmart MoneyCard is among the best available prepaid debit cards. It is a prepaid debit can that can easily be reloaded. It is accepted and used everywhere just like just Visa debit cards or debit MasterCards. There are several options to reload money on the card, this is the one feature that makes MoneyCard very attractive. The Walmart moneyCard is available out there to make life simple and easier to live. This is because the card helps you in the normal basic routine of life.

However, if you want to make purchases using the Walmart moneyCard, it is pertinent that you get familiar with some of the basic informations about the card which includes it's features, benefits, pricing etc. What is Walmart moneyCard? Well do not focus on its name, because the way it works is like any other debit card, and it is more secure and efficient with lots of other benefits. The Walmart MoneyCard can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted and not only at Walmart. Any individual is eligible to use and purchase the Walmart moneyCard provided they are 18 years and above. Nevertheless, individuals who are below 18 years can still get the card, but with the permission of their parents. Another interesting part about Walmart moneyCard is that it does not require you to have a bank account or credit check. In this masterpiece, I will be helping you understand the several ways to easily and effectively reload your Walmart MoneyCard.

What Is a Walmart Moneycard and How Does It Work

Moneycards are prepaid MasterCard cards issued by GreenDot Bank that can be used at the register or anywhere else that accepts MasterCard. You can get them by opening up a prepaid account with GreenDot, which is free, or you can purchase one at any participating Walmart store for $3.

The card functions like an ordinary debit card in most ways. It's both pin-activated and bank-issued, so it works almost everywhere where debit cards are accepted (as long as there isn't an issue with PIN authentication).

This is beneficial to people who don't have access to checking accounts but want access to their cash without carrying around cash.

It does come with some limitations, though. There's a $1,000 daily ATM withdrawal limit, and there are no paper checks you can order for it.

But the major competitive advantage that Walmart MoneyCards have is that they're a lot more accessible than most other prepaid cards or debit cards. They're available in most Walmart stores across the country, whereas most other types of prepaid debit cards can be difficult to find. For example, if you want to get an American Express Bluebird card, you need to buy it from a participating Walmart store or at You can't just go out and buy one anywhere else -- which makes them really convenient for people who don't want to have to spend time hunting down the card they need.

How does one get a Walmart Moneycard, either by opening up an account with GreenDot Bank or purchasing one at any participating Walmart store for $3?

Walmart Moneycards are issued by GreenDot, which is a US financial services company based in Irvine, California that provides prepaid debit cards. It's the same company that provides Walmart MoneyCards.

Walmart Moneycards are available in most Walmart stores across the country. If you're not able to find them at your local Walmart, you can always purchase one online at or call GreenDot Bank customer service at 877-937-4098 to have one mailed to you.

Reloading Your Walmart Moneycard Online

If you want to start your reload online, go to - Log in using your email address and password (the one you used to make the original deposit) - You will now be on your Account Summary page, where you can click on any of your Walmart Moneycards (except the one with "unverified" beside it). The card that says "verified" next to it is the one that currently has no money loaded. I read somewhere that if you do not have any Walmart Moneycards verified, you may not be able to verify the new one. This is NOT true. I just logged in and there were three unverified cards (including the card with $0 on it). - Once you click on the card that currently has no money loaded, or if it already has money loaded, click on "Add Money" in the top right corner.

Enter the amount you want to add. I always put $20 because that's all I can load ($200 per day) and it's just easier to type 20 four times than 200 once. - Once you have finished adding your desired amount, click on "Proceed to Checkout". - Once you have clicked on "Proceed to Checkpoint", the next page is the payment confirmation screen. Here, you can choose how your purchase will be paid for - this card will not accept credit cards or PayPal. It only accepts debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You can also choose to pay with an eCheck online (but you must have a bank account). - Once you've chosen how you would like your purchase paid, confirm that all of the details are correct and then click "Add Money".

Reloading Your Walmart Moneycard by Phone

If you want to start your reload by phone, call 1-800-531-8722 - Enter the last five digits of your Moneycard number - Press "0" when prompted for a PIN - The automated voice will ask you if you want to reload your card. Just say yes and follow the prompts to add money.

Reloading Your Walmart Moneycard In-Store

If you want to start your reload in person, go to any Walmart store. Reloading locations are listed here.

Reload Limit

There is a $200 daily limit for loading money onto the card online. There is also a $200 daily limit when you add money with the automated phone system. However, you can reload your card in person over $200, but you must do it at the MoneyCenter Express. The one near me has no signs posted about any limits when loading with cash, but I would guess that limit is probably $1000.

Reload Fee

There is a $3 fee to add money by phone (unless you are reloading your prepaid card with an eCheck that you electronically withdrew from your bank account). There is no fee if you add money with the automated phone system or at a Walmart MoneyCenter.

Reloading Walmart MoneyCard by Cash Deposit

Reloading Walmart MoneyCard by Cash Deposit
Reloading Walmart MoneyCard by Cash Deposit

Four major ways are used in depositing money in your Walmart MoneyCard.

1. Rapid Reload (Walmart)

Deposits can be made into your Moneycard at a cash register of Walmart. All you need to do is inform the cashier that you want to reload your Walmart MoneyCard, and swipe the card at the cashier of the Walmart store. Any time you want to reload your card at the register, there is a service fee of $3. Nevertheless, this service fee can be waived for a preferred cardholder. withing few minutes of reload, the money become available on the account and can be used immediately.

2. MoneyPak

This is a more simple and convenient way to reload funds on your MoneyCard. All that is required of you is to buy a moneypak from a store close to you, and visit their website to fund your card. You will also need to create a moneypak account on their website if you are using moneypak for the first time. Your family and friends can even buy a moneypak and deposit funds to your MoneyCard. To get a moneypak, visit a participating retailer near you, and add $20- $500. A service fee of $5.95 is required. It is important to note that moneypak works only with Walmart card if only they have been personalized, and activated with the name of the recipient. You can also purchase moneypak at these retail locations; Dollar general, Safe way, Family Dollar, CVS, Dollar Tree, Kroger, Walmart and Walgreen's.

3. Walmart MoneyCard application

With this application, you can deposit money into your MoneyCard at participating stores. This feature is available only on MoneyCards that have a cash back reward program. Reloading your Walmart moneyCard using the application is an easy and convenient way to add money to your account. Just set up a safe deposit code which will be shown with your phone to the cashier in a participating retailer store. No needed phone calls, no required number to complete your deposit and no forms to fill out. When you deposit cash using the Walmart moneyCard application that has a cash back reward program, there is no fee charged. You can reload any amount at a Walmart participating location ranging from $20- $1,500. You can even use up to 3 deposit codes a day so far you do not exceed the limit of account deposit. Within few minutes of reload, your money become available on the account and can be used immediately.

Helpful Tips: make sure you check the expiry date below the deposit code before using it. However, you can set up a new deposit code, if the code expires. In addition, only one deposit code can be generated and used at a time. Hence, try to make use of the deposit code before generating another one. As previously stated, only three deposit codes can be used for this service in a day.

Learn more in the video below

4. Checks

You can cash checks at any Walmart participating store. Although there is a limit and fees associated with it. It is free to fund your Walmart moneyCard once you have cashed your check.

Bank Accounts to Reload Walmart MoneyCard

Bank Accounts to Reload Walmart MoneyCard
Bank Accounts to Reload Walmart MoneyCard

An amazing feature of a Walmart MoneyCard is that it allows for money transfer from a bank account into a Walmart moneyCard account. All that is required is to locate the routing numbers and the MoneyCard account, then initiate the money transfer on the website of your bank. No fee is associated with reload. However, some banks may charge you for this service. It is also very important to note that funds cannot be transferred from your moneyCard account to an external bank account. Funds can only be received from an outside or external bank into your Walmart MoneyCard. In addition, you cannot transfer money from a bank that is not based in the United States into your Walmart moneyCard. Funds can only be transferred using a bank in the United States.

Check Cashing to Reload MoneyCard Walmart

Check cashing is another great service to that can easily be used. If you want to cash your government benefit or your paycheck, Walmart is a good place to do that. The money will be loaded on your moneyCard within few minutes. Unluckily, this service is not available to those who live in New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey. This is because the service is not available in those regions. You can also use this service easily with a mobile application by simply making use of the phone camera.

Tax Refunds to Reload MoneyCard Walmart

Tax Refunds to Reload MoneyCard Walmart
Tax Refunds to Reload MoneyCard Walmart

Through tax refunds, you can easily reload your Walmart moneyCard. If filling your income taxes electronically online is what you do, then you can directly load your tax refunds into your moneyCard without even undergoing unnecessary formality. It is absolutely easy and free to use this service and there are no hidden charges, unlike other companies. All that is needed to make use of this service is send your mobile contact and card details to Walmart, and they will handle the rest by sending to you a number ( direct deposit number) which will be used to fill your tax forms later. This process requires less time when compared to filling refunds through mails.

Benefits of Walmart MoneyCard

Cashback Rate for purchases made online

A great advantage of Walmart moneyCard is that, for every online purchase you make on their website, you will get a cash back rate of about 5%. The rate is not only for online shopping, it also allow you get 2% cash back rate on all in store purchases when you use the Walmart MoneyCard. In addition, you can get a cashback rate of 25% on every Murphy USA and Walmart branded gas stations. No debit card without a yearly fee offer this kind of service to customers.

Instant use and easy application

Walmart allows you to apply for their MoneyCard by simply sending an email, this is unlike other card issuer. In fact, you can apply for MoneyCard issuance by simply sending a text message from your mobile phone! This is an interesting feature. The authorities will review your request immediately it is received, and when the request is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to you by the company. Once your card has been issued, it can immediately be used for transactions. Amazing right?

Grocery Pickup

By ordering groceries online, you can benefit from from the cashback rate that is offered by Walmart. Even if you don't shop online, it doesn't matter. By ordering online, you can get up to 5% cash back rate.


In this masterpiece, you have been informed about how to reload your Walmart moneyCard and how it works. The benefits of MoneyCard has also been stated, which are accessible only if you have a Walmart moneyCard.

Don't hesitate to share this piece with your family and friends if you find it helpful.

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