16 Mini Waffle Maker Recipe 2023

by Daisy Dao

Do you love waffles? Perhaps your kids love them? Can you make them in your kitchen? Today we will talk about a number of the best mini waffle maker recipes. I love waffles. I have not seen a kid who does not love them. Some adults are very fond of them too! So, get your waffle maker and try out these best mini waffle maker recipes.


Best Mini Waffle Maker Recipe

Waffles are ideal for not just breakfast, but you can have them at any time of the day. You can make them with very easy-to-find ingredients. The best thing is that you may already have the ingredients right inside your house kitchen. You can top them with honey, cream, small fruit pieces, etc. There is nothing that does not go with waffles. Breakfast is very important for us, and we can not be serious about this. That is why we will be very seriously preparing several recipes.

Looking for a delicious and easy-to-make mini waffle recipe? Look no further than this one! Made with just a few simple ingredients, it is sure to become a family favorite.

What You'll Need:

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup milk

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 egg


1. Preheat your mini waffle maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the milk, oil and egg, and mix until well combined.

3. Pour the batter into the prepared waffle maker, and cook for about 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve warm, with your favorite toppings. Enjoy!

Tips for Waffle Making

  1. Never over-mix the batter. Keep them a bit lumpy.
  2. Flour measurement has to be perfect.
  3. Waffle IRON has to be VERY HOT!

Best Homemade Waffles

Best Homemade Waffles
Best Homemade Waffles

With a piping hot waffle iron and with waffle mix at the ready, you can never have enough of this recipe. So, get your vinegar, oil, eggs, and milk and mix well until smooth in a bowl. Then get your flour, baking powder, salt, and baking soda in a bowl and mix well. Then pour the liquid mixture into the flour bowl. Stir and mix to combine. Spray on the preheated waffle iron. A good amount of mixture goes in the middle of the iron and cooks it covered for 5 minutes, and served when golden.

Pumpkin Waffles

Super delicious waffles. Nothing can go wrong with this waffle recipe. Spicy delicacy. Ground cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg with the puree of pumpkin - star combination full of the flavor of the Fall. Crispy hot outside with tender soft inside - you cannot get enough. Use your syrup or honey on the top!!!

Cornbread Waffles

What is so important to note about this? You do not need any baking, that is!!! This is a delicious mini waffle maker recipe that will keep you satisfied for a long time!!

Waffle Pops

Waffle Pops
Waffle Pops

You have got your waffle pops, and they just have become even sweeter! Get this delicious mini waffle maker recipe and cook a delicious, fulfilling waffle.

Magic Low-Carb Waffles

Are you in love with waffles? Do you like them so much that you are afraid that you will start gaining pounds in your body? Then worry no more. Try this mini waffle maker recipe for a low-carb diet. You will have no problem eating them now!!

Red Velvet Waffles

You love waffles, and you also love RED. Why not just combine them both to see how your favorite waffle tastes and looks? Try this dash mini waffle maker recipe to find out the answer. Let us do this!!

Banana Bread Waffles

Banana Bread Waffles
Banana Bread Waffles

Loving and eating bananas does not make your meals a monkey business!!! Why bother what others say about your love for bananas? Be fearless and try this dash banana bread waffle recipe to take the monkey breakfast business to the next stage!!


Did curiosity kill the Cat? Funny!! I have heard a different story - Curiosity fed the Human delicious waffles! Kick-start the waffle-making frenzy and get creative with this mini waffle maker dash recipe. Wear your lab coat and start the experiment of combining waffles with dessert!!

Rainbow Waffles

Bring the rainbow on your waffle! The beautiful rainbow with seven colors - why do we keep it in the sky forever? Why not mix it with your favorite mini waffle maker recipe and see how it tastes? What possibly can go wrong?

Waffle S'mores

You have not tried these waffles, and then you are doing it all wrong during breakfast! What you have been doing all your life depends on these!!! Cannot believe me!! Huh!! Why don't you try and find it yourself!!! Delicious and awesome waffles are going to astonish you in no time!!

Chicken 'n Waffles Casserole

What is the point of breakfast if you do not have these waffles? Don't you think the protein inside the waffles is a match made in the KITCHEN (Were you perhaps expecting 'a match made in heaven?). Try this mini waffle maker recipe and treat yourself with a nice mix of protein and bakery.

Mac 'N Cheese Waffles

Now, if this name does not intrigue you, what does? If you are human, you have to be moved by the name. Even the pets of your house know the word 'Mac'!! So let us see how this burger turned into a waffle taste!!

Omelet Waffles

Omelet Waffles
Omelet Waffles

If you have ever wanted to be an artist in the kitchen, you should focus on waffle making. Why? You will be able to enter the vast world of waffles. There are limitless possibilities, and nothing can go wrong with careful experimentation!! So, get your eggs and start making Omelet waffles.

Moarella Stick Waffles

Moarella Stick Waffles
Moarella Stick Waffles

You are in a mood to create another masterpiece out of your basic waffle recipe. GetchyourCheese and get creative with your waffles. Try this out!!

Pia Waffles

Pizza Waffles
Pizza Waffles

You love waffles. You love pizza. So, what about some of each and combine to make pizza waffles? How do you find the name? Interesting, right? Let us bring it on!!

Eggo S'mores

Your kids are super energetic and feeling hungry. What do you do? One thing we can say kids love chocolate! So, let us get some baking done with waffles and chocolate and marshmallows. The result is nothing you have ever seen unless you have already tried this super delicious waffle recipe!

S'mores Stuffed Waffles

Here is another super awesome Stuffed waffle for you. Do you have chocolate, mini marshmallows, and other waffle-making ingredients at home and feeling a bit creative? Then get busy with this recipe. You will be happy to make your people happy with this recipe.


Waffles are a fluffy, squishy sum of all the happiness in the world. If you are feeling down or have someone to cheer up, try making waffles together. It will put a nice smile on everyone's face.

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