Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl

by Daisy Dao

There are many reasons why a person prefers to have a baby that is a boy or girl. Sometimes it’s a split decision between men and women in a relationship, maybe women want a girl to wear cute clothes and do girlie things with them.

Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl
Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl

In the case of men, perhaps they are looking forward to a son with whom to play soccer, go fishing or with whom to plan many moments of boys together.

The reasons can be many, while others will simply be grateful for what comes. But hey, if there is a possibility of tipping the balance to our preference of the sex of the baby, it would be a good idea and nothing is lost by trying.

There are some theories that indicate that the way of feeding can influence the sex of the baby; These statements come from some studies done to people who had children, keeping a record of what type of food they took and what the elements were in common.

The biochemist Adriana Baretta, made a study about it and has published the list of foods to get pregnant, that her study showed which are the most helpful and least help to have a girl (also for children, but in this article will only address this topic, in another article we will show you the recommended food to have a child).

The Baretta method, indicates that these are the most recommended foods to get pregnant so you can conceive a girl.

Foods to Get Pregnant


Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl
Foods to Eat to Conceive a Girl
  • Milk (725 ml per day)
  • Yogurt (1 a day)
  • Cheese (preferably white cheese of soft consistency and without much salt)
  • Fish (1 small portion without salt)
  • Cabbage (Little)
  • Swiss chard (Add to the daily diet)
  • Spinach (In moderation)
  • Lettuce (Enough)
  • Avocado (Forbidden)
  • Potatoes (Maximum 2 per week)
  • Apples (Prohibited)
  • Banana (Prohibited)
  • Gherkins and olives (Forbidden)
  • Sausages (Prohibido)
  • Cocoa (Forbidden)
  • Pastry (Prohibited industrialized)
  • Ice creams (Eat only homemade)
  • Tea and coffee (Prohibido)
  • Honey (Forbidden)
  • Wholemeal bread)
  • Orange and tangerine (Allowed)
  • Mineral water (Take only if you have calcium)
  • Sugar (Authorized)
  • Rice (Authorized)
  • Mustard (Forbidden)
  • Pasta (Authorized)

If you have already decided to have a beautiful girl or is what you most want in the world we have 9 tips to conceive a girl naturally, take note and follow them carefully(Be Careful. We can’t guarantee after following this guideline, will have baby girl. This advice is given by researching various websites. )

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1. Identify Your Ovulation Date

In order to identify the exact date of your ovulation you must start by identifying the date of your menstruation, if you are irregular you can start by taking a more balanced diet to level the hormonal levels or in your case go to the gynecologist.

Foods To Eat To Conceive A Girl
Foods To Eat To Conceive A Girl

– Doctors point out that a woman’s ovulation cycle starts on day 14 of the menstruation cycle. For most women the cycle ranges between 21 and 35 days, which is why the best way to keep track of the days of ovulation.

– Another way to involve the ovulation date to conceive a girl is to check the consistency of the cervical mucus, keeping a record of the body’s daily basal temperature taking note of how the cervix feels.

– Once you have a record of the days that you ovulate you know exactly which days the chance of getting a girl’s pregnancy after sex is greater.

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2. Keep Sexual Relations 2-3 Days Before Ovulation

Keep Sexual Relations 2-3 Days Before Ovulation
Keep Sexual Relations 2-3 Days Before Ovulation

Sperm with female genetic material (X) are much stronger than sperm with male genetic material (Y), and can live much longer in the uterus giving enough time for fertilization.

– That is why it is recommended to have sex 2 or 3 days before ovulation, thus allowing slow sperm to reach the ovum in the fallopian tube and fertilize it.

– Schedule your sexual relations in advance and then stop doing it for 2 or 3 days and even on the day you start your ovulation. By the time you are already ovulating the sperm with female genetic material will have endured in your body and may fertilize the egg.

3. Make It Superficial

The sperm with female genetic material unfolds very well in an acidic environment in the body.

Talk with your partner to agree that the penetration is superficial, thus giving better opportunities for the female sperm to survive and avoid depositing sperm with male genetic material (Y) much deeper.

4. Avoid Orgasm

We do not say it just to say it, when you have an orgasm, the vaginal environment becomes much more alkaline and the sperm with female genetic material does not develop and unfolds as well as in the acid.

5. Changes In the Diet

To make an environment conducive to conceive a girl you can make your body adapt to sour preferences with female genetic content and here are some tips:

– You should moderate the consumption of potassium, sodium and caffeine since these ingredients tend to make the environment more alkaline.

– It is advisable to increase the doses of calcium and magnesium and among the foods that contain it most are chicken, rice, eggs, cheese, beans and berries.

– As a consequence you should add acidic foods to your diet such as chocolate, citrus fruits, vinegar and soda, you will help to make the vaginal environment more acidic, ideal to procreate a girl.

– Avoid eating foods high in salt such as blue cheese, processed foods and sausages.

6. Favorable Sexual Positions

Try the classic ones like the missionary and the girl above. These positions favor superficial penetration so that the sperm with feminine genetic content can obtain advantage.

7. To Take a Hot Bath

It has been proven that female sperm have great tolerance to high temperatures, that is why when your partner takes a warm bath before trying to conceive, it gives great chances of getting pregnant with a girl.

Foods To Eat To Conceive A Girl
Foods To Eat To Conceive A Girl

However it is not advisable to make it a recurrent practice since it has been proven that high temperatures reduce the sperm count in man.

8. The Shettles Method

This is another famous method that helps couples conceive a girl naturally. This is according to the scientific theory that the Y chromosome moves faster than the X chromosome.

The method advises couples to have regular sexual intercourse starting from the end of the menstrual period until 2 or 3 days before ovulation.

9. Use the Shower Method

Scientists have concluded that you can change the vaginal environment to a more acidic one by douching.

It is advisable to practice it right after having sex. Start by mixing a part of vinegar very well with 4 of water, after intercourse shower the vagina with the vinegar mixture.

By the time the acid mixture comes in contact with the vaginal mucus it increases the pH level of the vagina and helps kill the sperm with Y charge, as well as it makes the environment favorable to conceive a girl.

Best of all, you can put these tips into practice with everything you have at your fingertips at home. Fulfill your dream of having a beautiful baby.

Afterall, here is an infographic for you for a list of diet to follow:

Pregnancy Infographic
Pregnancy Infographic


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