Usage & Substitutes For File Powders

how to make file powder

File powder, which is also known as gumbo file is an herbal powder that is made from the ground and dried leaves of the sassafras tree. The original base for root beer was the bark and roots of this plant. Once it used to be frowned upon for human intake as it contains a carcinogen … Read more

Crushed Tomatoes vs. Tomato Sauce

how to make tomato sauce

If you visit a grocery store, you will be surprised by seeing lots of canned tomatoes. The variety of cans will surely confuse you about choosing the perfect one that will help in making your delicious recipe. Some recipes require more than one approach of using tomatoes, whereas some dishes only need a single method … Read more

How to Freeze Hamburger Buns

can you refreeze hamburger buns

Suppose you just threw a big barbecue party with your friends and family members and had an awesome time with them. Everyone was satisfied with you. They left your home with a jolly mind, and that thing surely gave you a sense of achievement. On the other hand, with a good mood, you just found … Read more

How to Store Lemon Bars

One of the best desserts that you can have during summertime is the lemon bars. The refreshing taste will lighten up your mood within an instant, and you will be craving for even more. You can make this bar at your home, or you can also find it at a restaurant or a bakery shop. … Read more

Wooden vs. Plastic Toilet Seats

The most important part of a washroom is the toilet seats. To have a proper toilet seat, you must choose the one that is durable and can adjust easily with any environment. Toilets seats are of two types, wooden and plastic. The standard toilet seats that come from the manufacturer are made of plastic, but … Read more

How to Dispose of Lamp Oil

If you are planning to clean your home or move into a new city or country and you just found yourself with excess lamp oil that needs to be disposed of properly, you must take some measurable steps. These are not regular oils that you can dispose of easily without any hesitation. Lamp oil is … Read more

5 Ways to Remove Chlorine from Water You Drink

Remove Chlorine from Water You Drink

Chlorine is the preferred water disinfectant method by most water providers due to its affordability and effectiveness in removing pathogens that can develop in the water supply such as infections, microorganisms, and protozoan. However, although chlorine has been a popular water disinfectant over the years, studies have shown that it may not be safe to … Read more

5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack

Here 5 Coolest Uses of Kitchen Backpack As an adventurous, hardcore traveler, I always find kitchen backpack more useful than a regular rucksack. I have met some people who do not think about using a KB everywhere. They just buy one and put them in their storerooms. The poor bags of them only can come out … Read more