Best Tray Table 2020


Best Tray Table

Tray tables are usually used to accompany you while watching TV, having breakfast or other occasions like parties. These tables are best served to older people as it is more comfortable to use compared to traditional tables.

You do not always want to sit on your table to watch videos or get some work done. These tables come in handy when you just want to sit on your couch, relax and go on working.

If working from your bed is a daily routine for you, look no more because we have brought to you the top 9 best tray tables available in the market now. We have handpicked these items and reviewed them to help best serve your interests.

The 9 Best Tray Table Products 

Down below is a list of the top product available in the market right now. Give it a read and I am sure you will like them.

  1. Table Mate II Folding TV Tray Table and Cup Holder

A lightweight design in a compact frame is what you will get if you’re interested in this table. It is made up of a faux wood finish, giving it a more high-end look, perfect for your classy living room.

Accordingly, watching TV will change for the better with this product as it now comes with an angled frame. Whether you want to place your laptop or a tablet, this table will easily serve its purpose.

The second generation of this product now has sturdier materials. It is highly versatile and can be easily moved around the house. Another neat new feature is that you can easily fold it flat once you’re done using it to save some space.

Highlighted Features

  • The ergonomic design makes for great portability
  • Adjustable frame with flexible parts
  • Built-in cup holder for added usability
  • Can be tucked away under your sofa
  • Foldable design and easy to store
  1. Table Mate XL TV Tray Extra Large Folding Table

When you are looking for a new table for your TV room, you cannot go wrong buying this product. This has a large surface area that can hold quite a lot of items with ease. Be it reading, writing, painting or even eating, this product will serve you well.

Besides, it consists of long and stable legs adding to its efficiency. The materials used are sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. Simply pull the table close to you and its legs will easily slide under the couch for the closest resting position.

Another neat feature added to this table is the ability to adjust its height. It has six different height settings, providing the consumer with the most comfort. Also, assembly out of the box is one of the most straightforward jobs for anyone.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable frame with 6 height and 3 angle settings
  • Large surface area
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy placement for added comfort
  • Compact design for easy storage
  1. Folding Lap Desk, laptop desk, Breakfast Table, Bed Table, Serving Tray







This all in one lap desk is what you need if productivity you’re aiming for. Use it as a laptop stand, a travel desk or even a tray for lunch or dinner. This is highly recommended for those who are just starting out college.

It is made up of durable plastic and is surprisingly lightweight. Its utility surpasses its price as it is capable of a lot of things. The top can be lifted up to reveal a decent storage area for your daily necessities.

Likewise, this product has a compact design and will be a great companion if you travel a lot. Its space-saving design makes it an easily folded one in tight spaces. The surface area is wide enough to hold your laptop, mouse and a notebook if needed.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-purpose usability
  • Included extra storage under the top
  • Ergonomic flat-folding design
  • Built of high-quality durable materials
  1. Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set, Faux Marble, Brown






This product is one of the top picks if you are looking for a Victorian table. It is constructed of durable MDF wood with a fine varnish. The tabletop is faux marble which gives a classy vintage look and feel to it.

Although the table is made up of premium materials, it does not weigh much. It is easily maneuverable when folded shut. The highest weight it can hold is 20 pounds. So use it wisely if you want it to last.

Apart from that, it has a lightweight design and can be easily folded to save space. The marble top is a nice addition as it adds a chic look to it. If you are looking for something fancy without breaking your bank, this is what you should consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a brown faux marble top
  • Includes a tray table and a storage stand
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Max weight capacity is 20 pounds
  1. Winsome Wood TV Tray Set








This folding TV tray screams class and quality. It is built of durable composite wood which ensures its longevity and lifetime performance. The working surface area is one of the largest in the market today.

Additionally, versatility is key when you are using this table. It can be used for reading, eating and even for art. Its assembly is very straightforward and can be finished in about 15 minutes. Just make sure you tighten the screws well before use.

The table is very flexible and can be folded shut during storage. This makes it a steal as it’s the most storable one. The product is waterproof as well and is finished with a walnut varnish, giving it a very sleek chic modern look.

Highlighted Features

  • Large tabletop surface area
  • Highly convenient and easily storable
  • Classy walnut finish
  • Water-resistant material
  • Wooden legs with MDF top
  1. Winsome Wood Ventura Bed Tray

This multipurpose bed tray is a must-have around your home. It is the perfect companion for a Sunday morning breakfast-in-bed and also useful if you prefer working on your bed rather than a table.

Furthermore, the product comes with a durable wooden frame with a natural finish and its top is completed with a melamine surface. So, do not worry about the occasional spills. The design is very flexible with an adjustable top and a solid metal support mechanism.

Moreover, the wood used is MDF which helps keep the cost low, but don’t get me wrong, the quality is one of the best in the market. Its adjustable frame makes it a perfect companion for people with neck problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Multipurpose product
  • Natural wood finish with a melamine top
  • Highly adjustable top
  • Foldable legs
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  1. SONGMICS Multi-Function Lapdesk Table

This table is built to last for a long time. Its design can suit several needs like reading, writing, painting and even the occasional breakfast in bed. Also, it can be used anywhere with a solid surface.

The build material used in this table is 100% bamboo. As a result, it is known for its extreme durability and can withstand a mountain of abuse. If you are looking for something that everyone can use, look no more, this is for you.

On the other hand, the table also has a number of tricks up its sleeve. It has a good storage area for your USB and other essentials. There is also a built-in magnet that prevents the drawer to release when it is upon its stand.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting durable build with bamboo wood
  • Multipurpose use
  • Conveniently adjustable design for people of different heights
  • Additional storage space for essentials
  • Pre-assembled out of the box
  1. Winsome Alden Bed Tray

This tray table is usually a top pick for most consumers for its lightweight design and affordable price tag. It comes with a neat vintage walnut finish adding points for its looks.

Similarly, this product has an adjustable top, giving you a pleasant experience when in use. Another added feature is its foldable legs improving its versatility and that boosts its level of comfort and easily makes it a must-have for your home.

The build material is a durable sturdy wood. It is a fine grade of MDF with a smooth varnish. This makes for a clean and posh looking table capable of lasting for years on end.

Highlighted Features

  • Lap desk
  • Adjustable angular top
  • Extra storage drawer
  • Wooden vintage walnut finish
  • Easy storable foldable legs
  1. VASAGLE Industrial Side Table

If you are in the market for a piece of furniture with good looks and high utility, this product will best serve your desire. It is made of the finest grade wood giving it a nice chic finish.

This tabletop is made of MDF with dark wood varnish as well. At first glance, it is impossible to tell the difference because it looks like real wood. If you have hardwood floors, this will best complement it.

The design is pretty basic and is useful for what it is marketed as; a side table. It is fairly waterproof but makes sure to wipe off any liquid right away just in case. However, you have to assemble the product out of the box with easy-to-follow instructions.

Highlighted Features

Warm rustic brown finish

Added wheels for maneuverability

Sturdy iron frame with wooden tabletop

Extremely versatile

Easy to assemble


These are the top 9 tray tables we carefully researched and brought to you to give you a more comprehensive look at what to choose from. It is crucial that you look at a table that is both durable and flexible.

Heavier loads will need a sting and sturdy frame that only stainless steel can provide. You can only go for plastic trays if you move around frequently and need the most portability.

If working on your bed gives you the most comfort, opt for overbed trays. If you are a college student lacking room space, opt for foldable trays. At the end of the day, what type of work you want depends on the table you need.

Now we hope that this list may not be that exhaustive but you must give it a good read because it has a number of items of various quality. Take the time to compare and contrast between them before making a final decision.