Wooden vs. Plastic Toilet Seats


The most important part of a washroom is the toilet seats. To have a proper toilet seat, you must choose the one that is durable and can adjust easily with any environment.

Toilets seats are of two types, wooden and plastic. The standard toilet seats that come from the manufacturer are made of plastic, but you can modify it to wood if it suits your preference. They make the wooden toilet seats with fiberboard and the plastic ones with thermo-set plastic or thermoplastic.

Both types have multiple benefits and drawbacks. It all depends on the way your comfort adjusts with the toilet seats and the kind of style it gives to your overall washroom.

Following this article, you will get to know about wooden and plastic toilet seats and how they perform in different situations.

Let’s get started.

Major point to consider about wooden and plastic toilet seats :


Plastic toilet seats are very light, and you can quickly move the lid without putting much physical effort. On the other hand, wooden toilet seats are quite heavier as it is made of wood. The dense wood gives the seat more weight than the plastic ones, so you need to put extra effort while opening or closing the lid.


Both seats are similar in terms of installation. The way you will use it is also the same, so you won’t have to face any hassle regarding the installation and usage. When it comes to durability, both seats are different in this case. One sustains for a more extended period while the other degrades with time due to the moisture in the washroom.

However, plastic seats have a longer lifespan as it is not affected by any moisture and the wooden one gets discolored with time due to the reaction with humidity and the wood. If you are planning to use the wooden seats, you should mentally prepare yourself for this kind of situation that might arise in the future.


Wooden toilet seats are perfect in any weather as it can adapt itself with various seasons straightforwardly. This is good news for you as the temperature of the seat will remain neutral every time throughout the year.

Unfortunately, plastic seats fluctuate with temperature. During summertime, you will feel the seats getting quite warmer, and in winter it will get cold. This will be quite uncomfortable for you during the time you will sit.

Closing the Lid

Both seats come with a smooth closing system. You can easily open and close the lid, and during the time you close it, you won’t hear any loud noise. This will secure the lid and the seat overall.


Like your home, it is also a prime responsibility for you to clean your washroom. No one will like a clean house with a dirty toilet, right! In that sense, plastic seats are easier to clean, and they look new for an extended period with regular wiping. Simply use a cleaner and a fresh towel to clean it off smoothly.

For wooden seats, it is quite a challenge for you to clean it successfully as the dirt in the seat is tough to remove. To do that, you have to use a soft soap, water solution, and a clean towel to rub the dirt off gently.

Consequently, if you prefer your seat to look fresh and cleaned daily, go for the plastic one without a doubt. Your effort will be less while cleaning, and the seat will look brand new along with that.


With time, the toilet seats might have scratches, and the chances of having it are huge if you have kids. Therefore, to avoid this, we highly recommend you to use the plastic seats as it is good at resisting scratches.

Similarly, go for the thermo-set plastic toilet seats as it’s perfect in any of these cases. Although it is quite expensive, it will surely get your job done.

On the other hand, don’t use the wooden seats as the scratches might leave permanent marks in the seat. If this happens, the style of your bathroom will degrade to a huge extent. Then you have to replace the whole seat, and due to this, you have to spend extra money from your pocket.


That fact is, both seats are comfortable to sit. You can choose any of them that fit with your comfort zone. If you have been using plastic seats throughout your lifetime, go for the plastic one. Otherwise, wooden seats can be a preferable choice if you are looking for an upgrade or bring style to your washroom.


Along with comfort, the design and the beauty of the seats are also mandatory for many people. In that regard, plastic seats look moderate and straightforward, whereas wooden seats look stylish and bring class to the overall washroom.

Hence, if you are looking to give your restroom a traditional look, the wooden seats can fill the gap. However, if you prefer to make your washroom look like a regular one, the plastic seats will do the work. So, choose the one that fits your requirement.


You can find various colors in plastic seats, but they are not that diverse like the wooden one. If you visit the toilet store, you will find 2 to 3 different colored plastic seats (maximum). This might turn out to be a drawback for you if you prefer to match the color of the seat with the washroom decoration.

On the other hand, this is not a problem at all for the wooden seats. It usually comes with different styles, and you can even paint the seat according to your desired colors.


As you have seen, both seats have multiple advantages and disadvantages, and they are useful in different situations. Accordingly, go through the article more than once so that you can fully understand the kind of toilet seats that you are looking for.

Buy the perfect one. All the best!

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