How to Always Keep Your Kitchen Clean – 6 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

by Rick Goldman

Whether you cook often or not, your kitchen needs attention. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it is undeniable that you use it every day. If you ignore it for a single day, it will not be a pretty sight. You may end up with a heap of unwashed dishes in the sink, an overflowing trash can, dirty floors, or a generally messy sight.

I do not think you want to prepare food in that mess. Neither do you want to have a kitchen, you will not be proud of. “Cleaning a kitchen is difficult and unfortunately, it does not even stay clean for long.” You are not alone if you think this way but you should not think that way for long. Here are simple ways to keep your kitchen clean almost all the time.

How to Always Keep Your Kitchen Clean – 6 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips
How to Always Keep Your Kitchen Clean – 6 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

6 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

1. Keep your counters clear

You may be tempted to line up some stuff on your counter so that you can easily reach out for them. That may seem like a good idea but it is not ideal if you want a clean kitchen. The stuff will make your counter look clumsy if you do not organize them well. Sometimes, you end up disorganizing the things on your counter because you are in a haste to get something. If you keep them away in drawers, you will not encounter this problem. No one even sees your messy drawer. Besides, you will be motivated to wipe your counter regularly if it is clear. You can leave one or two things you use regularly on the counter though.

2. Clean spills immediately

Spills are regular occurrences in the kitchen. Just make sure you clean it when it occurs.

3. Clean as You Go

Put back everything you use immediately after using it. When you are cooking, you may end up with a crowded counter before you finish cooking. That happens a lot if you keep leaving everything you use on the counter. You should also wash the dishes you used in cooking before you leave the kitchen. Clean your microwave after using.

4. Organize Your Things

Put similar things in the same spot. When you need a knife, you know you are going to this drawer. When you need to put back a napkin, you know you should open this drawer. This makes it easy to put them back. It is also easier to locate your things and you do not need to look through a lot of things to find it.

5. Vacuum Your Kitchen Floor Daily

Even if it does not look dirty, clean it. It prevents dirt from accumulating in your kitchen. It also gives you the chance to arrange a couple of things.

6. Do a Deep Clean Once a Month

The deep clean allows you to dust every electrical appliance, reorganize your cooking wares, scrub the floor, clean the windows, scrub the sink, and clean your stove. You should use the opportunity to clean everything and every part of your kitchen you do not get clean regularly.

Final Words

You need to stay in your kitchen every day and you make this messy. Cooking and cleaning is a continuous process.

It’s true cleaning your kitchen is not an easy task. But you feel great once it has done. Satisfaction comes when you look at a mess-free cleaned cookhouse. Try to make your cleaning session enjoyable by listening song or an audio-book.

Cleaning up the kitchen is not the only work for housewives, it’s a family matter. So it’s better to divide the task to your family member and this helps to do the rest of the work in a short period of time.

Each family member can clean their own plate. If necessary you can train up them. This practice will save time for the key person later.

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