Easy Crockpot Potato Soup with Frozen Hash Browns

by Daisy Dao


Have you ever used or owned a crockpot? The main feature that sets it apart from other cookers or boilers is its ability to cook an ingredient at a lower temperature for many hours. It is also known as a ‘slow cooker’. But the question is why would anyone want to use a crockpot? We will try to convince you with reasons before we talk about easy crockpot potato soup with frozen hash browns recipes.



This cooker is an amazing performer in terms of cost-cutting. Starting right from the time of purchase. You can buy a slow cooker for under $50. Of course, there are expensive items if you are looking for one. But the bottom line is it saves a lot of money during shopping.

Second thing is that for a slow cooker you can buy the cheapest cuts of meats or bones and save money. As a result, you can buy more food with the money you have. The rough cut foods can be cooked for a very long time in a slow cooker making a tastier broth and tender meat.

The next thing is that it can save you a lot of money on electricity bills. While a quick cooker can use up about 4k watts during cooking, a slow cooker can cook with just 250 watts.

Ease of Cooking

The main charm of the crockpot is that you can cook even if you have embarrassing cooking skills. It is a lifesaver. As it cooks slowly over a long period of time, it does not require attention from you. You just put everything together, set the timer, and start. It will keep cooking till you come back after a few hours.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy is the cleaning? Just put into the sink and soak it in soap water and later wipe it clean. It is just so simple.

Healthy Meals

Crockpots are known as slow cookers. Usually, we cook soups, stews, etc. in this way. This type of cooking does not use much oil. It uses water and the fat within the ingredient. It slowly brings out meat juice and fat and mixes with the water and the cooking herbs while the meat becomes tender. Therefore, less fat and more healthy food.

Tasty Meals

Easy Crockpot Potato Soup with Frozen Hash Browns
Easy Crockpot Potato Soup with Frozen Hash Browns

Why does soup taste so good? Because, when you cook slowly over time, simmering heat brings out the juices from ingredients and mixes well with the water, and creates a nice and tasty broth. The extract from the ingredients makes a very tasty soup.

Time Saver

It cuts down man-hours needed in cooking. Maybe if you think about it one day, it will seem not worth mentioning. But when you add up the total amount of time it saves over a year, you sure will be astonished. It saves time because you do not have to stay by the pot while it cooks.

Easy Crockpot Potato Soup with Frozen Hash Browns

First, we will see a very easy crockpot potato soup recipe. Potato is the most common ingredient all over the world. You do not need to think twice before you buy a bag of potatoes. If it is not at your home, you will perhaps buy it first as soon as you enter a grocery shop. We will teach you how to use a crockpot to cook the best crockpot potato soup recipe.

Easy Crockpot Potato Soup Recipe

Get some hashed brown potatoes. Any brand would do. So, if you have some particular brand name in mind, feel free to use them for this dish. There is no restriction on the type of hashed brown potato you can use.

This is one of the easiest soups ever. If you have leftover chicken bones or non-meaty parts of your favorite animal, use them.

Peel and wash some carrots for flavor. Slice them. Peel some onions and roughly slice them up. Now, put water, bones or non-meaty parts, onions, potatoes, carrots, and some black pepper in the crockpot. Crush some garlic cloves and ginger and throw them in the pot. Put in some cloves and cinnamon for flavor. You can use herbs of your choice too. This will increase the flavor of the soup and make it tastier. Cook for about 6-7 hours.

Now add butter, cheese, and cream to the mixture. Check the salt and season appropriately. Occasionally stir the mixture and cook until cheese, butter, and cream are nicely mixed in the content. Before serving you can use your favorite garnish- freshly chopped onion leaves, cream cheese or shredded cheese, croutons, or diced small fried or seasoned boiled chicken pieces. This soup is a very thick one. You can use boiled water, broth, etc. to get the desired consistency. Serve while hot.


Crockpot potato soup with hash browns is the easiest way to satisfy the hunger of your family members. There is no second to this hash brown potato soup in slumpy winter weather when our body does not want to move. Hence, get some frozen leftover bones or meat or chicken and roughly slice and dice everything else, get some hash browns and put them in your crockpot and let it cook while you go into your slumber. When you wake up, a nice and steamy potato soup with hash brown will be waiting for you.

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Daisy grew up on the beautiful Honolulu island where she often found herself spending most of her day enjoying the ocean scent in sea waves. As such, Daisy came to appreciate the art of cooking seafood. She has experimented with baking, roasting, broiling, poaching, grilling (and every other cooking technique you can think of); and with all kinds of spices too. Now she is ready to present her experience: the art of cooking healthy food without any pre-packaged ingredients; food product recommendations for people who need a bit more guidance on what goes into their bodies; how to maintain an active lifestyle without having to give up your favorite foods!

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