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Which is the Best Turbo Oven? Before we answer that, here is some information on what a turbo oven is and how they work.

morningware halogen cooker They are sometimes known as Halogen Cookers, Convection Ovens or Infrared Ovens.

Convection ovens work by fanning hot air (hence the word “turbo”) so that the heat is distributed uniformly (unlike an ordinary oven where it is hottest near the heat source). Because of this, the food cooks evenly all over and cooks much more efficiently and therefore faster than normal.

They are usually combined with a halogen or infrared heating element, so the halogen lamp heats the air first and the fan then circulates the pre heated air. Halogen is intense so it heats the air faster than the usual heating elements in ordinary ovens, so this speeds cooking even further. The halogen lamps are usually fitted in the lid, and the cooking pot is usually made of clear tempered glass so you can watch what is being cooked.

The turbo oven is electric, which means you can actually cook on the dining table if you have somewhere to plug it in. Because turbo ovens are compact and electric, they are also portable – an ideal present for a young student who is living in a small room with nowhere to cook or for someone who has a small kitchen.

How fast do turbo ovens cook?

Usually about 50% faster, and they use about 30% of the energy of a normal cooker so you make considerable energy savings. Because they heat up instantly, you can cook food from frozen. However, unlike a microwave oven, turbo ovens will brown your potatoes and turn the skin of a roasted chicken satisfyingly roast-colored! Some turbo ovens come with stacking shelves so you can cook two things at once – and because the heat in the oven is uniform there is no need to swap them round to ensure they both cook properly.

You can cook anything in a turbo oven that you can cook in a normal oven – cakes, bread, roasts, vegetables and so on. One advantage is that it doesn’t heat the room when operated, so you can cook in it during summer without the kitchen heating up and you getting hot and bothered. It’s an advantage at Christmas time too, as the turkey will get done quickly, leaving you less time in the kitchen. The other advantage is that it is easy to cook without fat, as you can get a wire grill to place within the glass bowl, and place your food on top of this, allowing the fats to drip down and away.

Which Turbo Oven is the Best

Deluxe Secura Halogen Infrared Turbo Convection Countertop Oven

secura halogen ovenThis infrared oven comes with a 1300 watt halogen lamp, and also has a glass bowl in which food rests. It comes with two stainless steel racks and an expander ring, so you can increase the height of the oven to cook more food. All the parts are removable making them easy to clean in hot soapy water. This has manual controls, so you can decide yourself what temperature to set it to and for how long. It comes with a stainless steel tong, cooking chart, small recipe book and an owners manual.

Morningware Infrared Halogen Oven

morningware infrared ovenThis is my personal favorite and top recommendation – in my opinion it’s the best turbo oven. The tray that holds the food is made of tough non-stick tempered glass (better for you than the plastic equivalents). It comes with a reversible stainless steel grill, on which you can perch items you are roasting (and which lets the fats drain away into the bowl). The dome is FDA-approved polycarbonate.

You can either set the time and temperature manually or choose from four preset options. It beeps when the food is done. The bowl is detachable and thus very easy to clean. It is powered by 1200-watt halogen lamps and you get a recipe booklet, cooking chart and owners manual included. This cooker does everything – you can even heat frozen meals in it. This turbo oven comes with a one year limited warranty.

You are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the NuWave Oven, which is currently being advertised heavily. Well, it’s not as reliable as the two turbo ovens described above, despite being more expensive! Plus in the NuWave, the food rests on a plastic tray, not glass, which is a no-no for me (glass is safer when cooking as it is inert and non-toxic at high temperatures, and it is also tougher and more durable).

Turbo Oven Cookbooks and Recipes

To get the best out of your turbo convection oven, I recommend you get a cookbook with recipes designed especially for convection oven cooking, rather than trying to mess around and adjust the cooking times in your normal cookbook (turbo cooking times are much shorter and you generally need to set the temperatures lower).


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