Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe With Stevia

by Daisy Dao

Nowadays, we hear a lot about a new kind of product. Producing companies are putting a lot of effort into promoting this product as an alternative to our regular sugar. They are calling it a natural sweetener. The name of the product is Stevia. That is why we will talk about a recipe of sugar free hot cocoa mix recipe with stevia. First, we will look at this recipe, and then we will have a frequently answered questions session.


How to Make


In this sugar-free hot cocoa mix recipe with stevia, we will use sugar-free cocoa and stevia. This drink is excellent for re-energizing yourself be it in the cold morning or after an exhausting shift at your workplace. You can take it with a snack or just have it whenever you want it. Adults may find it energizing but for kids who love to play outside, it is more than that. This drink is like the moments of reminiscing of the fun time enjoyed with friends. In winter it becomes a thing to hold onto and warm the hands.

Usually, hot cocoa recipes include a lot of sugar but here we will replace it with stevia.


  • Sugar-free unsweetened cocoa powder.
  • Stevia. You can find it in powdered, liquid, and also in packets.
  • Milk, whichever you usually drink.
  • Vanilla extract.
  • Whipped Cream.


  • First, take your mug and put cocoa powder and stevia sweetener, and mix well. I am not giving you the amount because it depends on your own taste. You may increase or reduce according to your choice. If you have liquid stevia, you can add it later.
  • Warm the milk on a stove.
  • When the milk is hot enough, pour it into the mug and stir well.
  • Add vanilla extract and stir well. You can add whipped cream on the top.


What is stevia?

It is a plant belonging to the ragweed family. The stevia you see in the market and the stevia we grow are completely two different things. Although the name of the product at our stores is stevia, it does not have the whole leaf. They come from super-refined Reb-A. It is more than two hundred times more powerful than a tablespoon full of regular sugar. It is a matter of great argument if stevia products have any natural elements in them at all.

What are the benefits of stevia?

Stevia has zero calories and if you are trying to lose weight, this point can appeal to you very much. But research is still on-going. There is hardly any conclusive evidence of an added advantage. It is mere speculation that this product may keep your diabetes in check. Data gathered from some experimentation shows that stevia can help keep cholesterol, glucose, insulin, etc. levels very low.

What are the side effects of stevia?

Unrefined stevia is not good for health. There are health risks. If you consume raw leaf of stevia, it may cause damage to your heart, reproductive system, and kidney. It can also cause your BP to drop too low or conflict with your regular blood pressure medicine. Avoid taking products that contain maltodextrin or dextrose. Among other health problems, there are diarrhea and bloating.


Now you know how to make sugar-free hot cocoa with stevia. It is a refreshing drink and you can make it any time of the day. One thing you need to remember, if you have diabetes, you should consult with your physician if stevia is ok to consume. It is tasty as long as you are not too sick to take it.

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