Top 9 Best Cast Iron Grill Pan in 2021

best cast iron grill pan

Sear marks are something that we all want when we are grilling food. Whether it is a sandwich, steak, vegetable, or anything that can be seared, the marks make you drool a bit. Speaking from experience, even though cooking wares that are of different materials could offer you the sear marks, they would often fail … Read more

Top 5 Best Grill Pan For Gas Stove in 2021

best grill pan for gas stove

The aroma coming from stovetop grill pans practically makes me intoxicated. It’s safe to say, each one of you will agree with me on this term. How else do you plan on acquiring the smoke-filled flavor of steaks and mouth-watering juiciness with non-existent fat staying at home? This is where our role comes into play. … Read more

Tips on Reheating Fried Fish in Air Fryer 2021

Reheating fried fish in air fryer

I remember my mom’s frustration when she was having trouble with how much water she should be using to cook rice in a newly bought electric rice cooker. The rice cooker is sitting idly in retirement. This is what happens when you buy something new and cannot handle the device. If you are having the … Read more

How to Cook Frozen Burgers on the Stove 2021

How to cook frozen burgers on the stove

We love our burgers – fresh and home-cooked. It is not too difficult to make burgers. You just have to get the readymade frozen patties from the market and you are all set for a cooking session. Today, We will present how to cook frozen burgers on the stove. If you are attempting to cook … Read more

9 Best Bread Machine Cornbread Recipe 2021

Bread machine cornbread recipe

Bread is a widespread breakfast item almost everywhere in this world. Many people bake or make their bread, and many go out and buy readymade ones. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the several best bread machine cornbread recipe. The cornbread I will talk about is delicious, and making this bread is very … Read more

How to Make an Egg Patty 2021

How to make an egg patty

An egg is an awesome food full of so many important elements necessary for the body. So, we eat eggs. Most probably in this world, there are very few foods as versatile as an egg. It has so many uses that we need many days and chefs from all over the world to come together … Read more