Best Way to Reheat Grilled Chicken

by Christopher Jones

Reheating grilled chicken has become an essential part to avoid spoiling chicken and money as well. I have mentioned the best way to reheat grilled chicken in this article.

Reheating chicken temperature is a big fish in this matter. When you are reheating chicken twice, you must consider the actual temperature.

Read this three amazing techniques of reheating chicken in microwave, stove, and oven.

Let's go for the best one.

Way to Reheat Grilled Chicken

Best Way to Reheat Grilled Chicken
Best Way to Reheat Grilled Chicken

Reheating chicken in a microwave


Microwave can be the fastest and best way to reheat grilled chicken without dry. To do so, you must know the right way otherwise, you may burn or spoil the chicken. Here, you need a microwave, a knife to cut the chicken, two microwave-safe plates, paper towels, and chicken broth or water.

Make sure that the chicken is not rotten yet. You can have the grilled chicken of yesterday night but not the rotten one.

Cut the chicken into reasonable pieces

If the chicken is fine to reheat, then get the knife and start cutting the chicken into small pieces. Keep in mind that all the pieces should get enough heat while reheating in the microwave. It will fasten the process.

Place the chicken in a plate

Place the pieces of grilled chicken in the plate in a single layer. Don't overlap the pieces. Arrange them in a fine line.

The plate should be microwave-safe. Avoid using any plastic plates to ensure your health security. These plates may meltdown or spread cancerous poisons in your dish. You can use regular plats, glass containers, and paper plates instead of anything else.

Cover the chicken with a paper towel

Cover the chicken with a damp paper towel. It will prevent the chicken from drying out.

Avoid using plastic covers to ensure quality. You can get a microwave cover from the local market. This type of plastic is safe for microwaves and the dish as well. To be surer about the issue of drying out, put 1-tablespoon chicken broth or water in the pieces. Chicken broth can be the proper choice in this case.

Reheat the chicken for 1.5 to 5 minutes

The duration of the reheating process depends on the volume of your chicken pieces. If you are reheating for a single meal, then you should start from 1.5 minutes.

In the case of large meals, you should start from 2.5 minutes to 5 minutes. In the meanwhile, open the microwave and flip the pieces so that it can reheat both sides. Now, continue heating the chicken increasing 30 seconds in each break. Don't run the microwave just the following time.

Check out the condition of the chicken with your finger. Be sure that you are not burning the grilled chicken at all.

Remove the plate and let it rest

After getting your desired heated chicken, remove the plate from the chicken. Let it rest for a while. At this time, the chicken should fix the moisture and taste. Don't touch the cover now. It may burn your finger.

Remove the cover

After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the cover of the paper towel from the chicken. You should smell the tasty and yummy fragrant coming from the chicken. You can start serving it now adding some sauce. Before eating, check out the taste whether it is eatable or not.

Reheating chicken in a stove


This is the ideal way if your grilled chicken if frozen. Amazingly, it takes the shortest time to reheat the chicken.

Just like before, cut the chicken into small pieces before going to heat. Arrange the things at first a stove, a non-stick pan, oil or butter, and a spoon.

Get a non-stick pan

Get the pan on the stove. Remember, the pan must tolerate low to medium heat while reheating. The pan must be non-stick so that the skin of the chicken may not attach to the surface. You should not heat the pan as you cook chicken in the stove.

Put 1-tablespoon oil or butter

While the pan is heating up, put 1-tablespoon oil or butter in the pan. This oil or butter will protect the pieces of chicken from drying out. Put the chicken pieces one by one in the pan in a single layer. Make sure, every piece of the chicken must get the oil or butter properly.

Run the stove

Run the stove at medium heat. You may think higher heat may provide your faster result. Don't ever think about it. Use the spoon to flip the chicken so that you can reheat both sides. Don't attach the pieces together.

Let it rest for a while before eating

You should get the desired color after 10 minutes. If possible, put your finger on the chicken to check out if it is reheated or not.

Let it rest for a while.

Reheating chicken in an oven


Oven can be the best choice for reheating chicken if your chicken pieces are frozen in the refrigerator. At first, you have to defrost the chicken with cold water or using the refrigerator.

Using microwaves can be the fastest way to defrost the chicken. Before going to the operation, the chicken should be ready.

Cut the chicken

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Cut the entire chicken in a reasonable size that is suitable for you.

Arrange the chicken pieces in the oven-safe plate

Arrange the chicken pieces in the oven-safe plate. If possible, put some chicken broth in the pan. Put the plate in the oven for the final stage. Make sure, you have covered the plate with another plate.

Reheat the oven

Reheat the oven at a 74-degree Celsius. Don't let it burn for longer than 2 minutes. Flip the pieces in every two minutes.

Serve the chicken

Check out the chicken after 6 minutes. It should be ready for serving.

Bottom line

I hope you have the best way to reheat grilled chicken after reading the article. You cannot follow the three ways at the same time.

Read the instruction and think about the stuff that is familiar to you. Select the best way to reheat grilled chicken regarding your capability.

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