Top 10 Grill Pan Chicken Recipes 2023

by Rick Goldman

A good piece of steaming, juicy, and grilled chicken including its lascivious smell and its rich mouth-watering taste is difficult to avoid. Everyone can agree that grilling is one of the healthier manners of cooking meat, especially chicken.

We all love smoky chicken.  And it might amaze you that you can cook chicken in various ways you want.

Preparing your grill pan chicken recipes will be perfect for your family in summer or wintertime. The smoky flavor of it can make anyone starve. It is very easy to cook on any grill pans. Down below, we will discuss the Top 10 grill pan chicken recipes. 

Top 10 Grill Pan Chicken Recipes 2023
Top 10 Grill Pan Chicken Recipes 2023

Top 10 Grill Pan Chicken Recipes

We all know that grilling is the best way to cook and the best way to stay healthy as it requires less fat and oil. When it comes to the chicken we all try to find various ways to cook so here are some grill pan chicken recipes that I’m going to share-  

1. Chicken Fajitas 

Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas

Such chicken fajitas are flavored by a home-made marinade of Mexican wheat beer, sauce Worcestershire, and more.

All you need is a boneless chicken breast piece and marinate it with your daily used ingredients such as – lime juice, sauce of Worcestershire, soy sauce, cloves, and butter. 

If you want the authentic Mexican flavor, add wheat beer to it and let it soak for fifteen min and you are ready to make your chicken recipe on the grill pan. 

2. Grilled Chicken with Mustard-tarragon Sauce 

This amazing mouth-watering grilled chicken with mustard-tarragon sauce will be a perfectly splendid meal if you are a chicken lover.

All you need is fresh boneless/skinless breast halves add salt, four spoons of mustard, black paper, red wine, ½ fresh chopped tarragon, one tsp sugar, and two tsp virgin olive oil marinate all these ingredients together and let it set for ten-fifteen min.

And now you are ready to grill it on the grill pan. Add some greens on the side to make it healthier. 

3. Grilled Chicken Legs with Yogurt

Grilled Chicken Legs With Yogurt
Grilled Chicken Legs With Yogurt

Grilled chicken legs with yogurt are best for a summer evening. It is a very easy grill pan chicken recipe.  To make this you need boneless chicken legs and marinate with three cloves and ginger, two tsp olive oil, yogurt (you can use dairy-free yogurt too), half tsp chili pepper, and salt for only five-ten min.

And you are ready to cook it on the grill pan. It is a fantastic summer or winter recipe and you can easily combine it with your favorite vegetable. 

4. Grilled Chicken with Plum Salsa 

Grilled Chicken With Plum Salsa
Grilled Chicken With Plum Salsa

Homemade fruit salsa goes with this grilled chicken. If you can’t find plum you can add pineapples or peaches. This grill pan recipe needs a fresh piece of chicken breast and starts to add one tsp brown sugar, two tsp ground cumin, garlic, and ginger powder, two cups chopped plum (you can add anything you wish for), vinegar, hot sauce, and salt. Leave it for fourteen in the freezer. Take it out and again marinate evenly and grill it on the grill pan.

5. Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce 

To prepare this Greek chicken recipe take a fresh chicken breast and cut it into small pieces then add 4 tsp lemon juice, black pepper, 5-6 cloves, salt, one cup chopped cucumber, two cups of fat-free yogurt, and put it all in a zip-lock plastic bag and shake to coat.

Leave it in the freezer for 40 min. optionally string the chicken and zucchini on each of three skewers (9inch) and grill on the grill pan. To make the sauce one tsp lemon juice, garlic powder, salt and stir well.

6. Pineapple Chicken Satay

These grill pan chicken recipes need one pound chicken breast and make it into small pieces add two cup soy sauce, salt, two tsp peanut oil, two cup peanut butter, two tsp curry powder, one cup diced pineapple, lemon juice, sliced red onion, red pepper mix it well in a bowl. Strand chicken onto 9 (5-inch) skewers. And grill it on the grill pan. Serve it with some extra pineapple for more sweetness. 

7. Asian Chicken Kebab 

Asian Chicken Kebab
Asian Chicken Kebab

For this Asian grill pan recipe, all you need is chicken breast, cut it into small pieces and add a lot of spices as it is an Asian food it contains a lot of spice. Add salt, two tsp chili paste, black pepper, ginger, and garlic powder (each one tsp), bbq sauce mix it well, and grill it on the grill pan. Serve it with green chili chutney for more flavors. 

8. Grilled Vinaigrette Chicken Salad

This salad is perfect for the ones who are health conscious. Add a lot of green and baby spinach take 7-8 chicken breasts (7 ounces each), half tsp thyme, lemon zest, 8 spring chives (chopped), and grill on the grill pan.  For the vinaigrette add chopped cherries, one tsp honey, olive oil, salt/black pepper, chopped basils, lemon juice, and half tsp oregano and place it with the chicken. 

9. Jamaican Spicy Chicken Thighs  

To make this grill chicken recipe take 8-9 chicken thighs then add two cups red onion, half tsp sugar, half tsp seeded jalapeño pepper, ¼ tsp vinegar, soy sauce, salt, one cup thyme, red and black pepper combine all this in a large bowl and grill on the grill pan.  Serve it with mashed potato and salad. 

10. Grilled Tequila lime Chicken 

Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken
Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken

For these grill pan chicken recipes, you’ll need 4-5 fresh chicken breasts cut it into small pieces then add olive oil, salt, black pepper, 4 tsp tequila, two tsp lime zest, two tsp dry oregano, one and a half tsp honey, 5 cloves, two tsp coriander, and chili pepper fix all these ingredients together and shake to coat evenly. Put it in the freezer for fifteen-twenty min. after that you are ready to grill it on the grill pan. Serve it with a fresh glass of apple juice. 

Final words 

Who doesn’t like a smoky grilled chicken for dinner? We all do. Besides the deliciousness and fresh juicy chicken meat; it contains a whole lot of protein that will benefit your health without any unhealthy fat. 

Without making a hole in your pocket now you can cook your desired grill pan chicken recipes indoors. Enjoy the best grill pan chicken recipes with your whole family.

Making these chicken recipes on the grill pan does not require a lot of time, so it is a time saver. I have already discussed the top ten grill pan chicken recipes before. Hope it was helpful. Eat chicken be healthy. 

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