How Tankless Water Heater Work

by Christopher Jones

Tankless water heaters are valuable sources of hot water. They indeed add much value to the typical home and reduce utility bills too! It is only fair to get to know more about how does a tankless water heater work hence. We devote these conversations to just that!

How Does A Tankless Water Heater Work?

How Tankless Water Heater Work
How Tankless Water Heater Work

For a start, tankless water heaters are so-called because they do not contain tanks. Instead, they warm the water while it is on the go. As such, it takes up limited space and also saves greatly on the energy needed to bring about the needed ends.

Different Components

  • Burner – This is the one that generates the heat needed to warm the water. Burners are available in the gas and electric options respectively. Also forming part of the burner is some thermostat to regulate the temperature levels.
  • Combustion chamber – It is at this chamber that the actual warming of water happens. Here, water passes through and in return absorbs the heat which is generated by the burner. The typical chamber comprises a series of coils which pass over the burner.
  • Combustion fan – To ward off the buildup of heat during the burning process, the water heater contains a combustion fan. This one rotates to scatter the hot air and diffuse their impacts. As a result, it leaves behind some cool operational environment.
  • Electronic system – For those tankless systems which draw their power from mains electricity, an electronic system also exists. This forms the core of such systems. Its role is to regulate the flow of electricity in the entire system to guarantee a good job outcome.
  • Gas valve – Those heaters which draw their power from gas have the gas valves. You may have already guessed the role of this valve. It is to regulate the flow and volume of the gas. This in turn wards off the buildup of gas and any possible explosions.
  • Heat exchanger – To guarantee uniform heating outcomes, the typical water heater comprises a heat exchanger. This one distributes the heat output uniformly. It is hence unlikely that one portion of your water will be too hot while the other too cold.
  • Ignition system – Definitely, a tankless water heater has to be a trigger to begin operating. This happens by means of an ignition system. The exact shape, form, and nature of this system vary mostly depending on the kind of heater system in focus.
  • Remote controller – Some ingenious water heaters may be controlled remotely. For this, you have to make do with a remote controller. This is basically a gadget which lets you determine the parameters of heating without direct contacts.
  • Safety elements – It is never uncommon for accidents to arise in the course of heating water. These accidents mainly take the forms of explosions of the gas chambers or overheating. The safety elements keep them off by maintaining all working parameters within safe limits.
  • Temperature sensors – Yet again, some latest water heaters are appropriately equipped for better outcomes. In particular, they have temperature sensors. These ones detect the ambient temperature to deliver the best operational environment.
  • Venting Mechanism – Further complementing the safety of the entire system is the venting mechanism. This feature simply releases excess fumes or steams as they build up. In this way, it prevents any explosions from arising as your water heats up.
  • Water valve – Lastly comes the water valve. With this, you maintain the flow of water in the right state or pace at any given time. It eliminates any likelihood of clogging and the undesirable potential side effects.

Work Methodology

The exact working of a tankless water heater largely depends on the type in question. Generally, though, these heaters accept cold water via pipes at the turning of a tap. It passes this water on to an electric element or gas burner.

Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater

While at these places, the water receives heat. At the same time, it is turned upside down to ensure uniform and consistent outcomes. Then the resultant hot water is passed onto the outflow pipe. Thereafter, some fresh cold water is accepted into the system. And the cycle repeats itself severally.


You will generally find the tankless water heaters relevant in the following conditions or circumstances of use:

Limited Space Availability

If you have limited space at your disposal, you desperately want to install it. That is because it does not require tanks as is the case with the other counterparts. This notwithstanding, you will still enjoy the selfsame awesome benefits.

Instant Results

Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater

Generally speaking, this kind of water heater takes less to deliver the required ends. This is because it is faster on the whole. You yet again have it for your taking if you operate a squeezed schedule or do not have that much time in your disposal.

Shallow Technical Expertise

By all accounts, these water heaters are simpler to operate. They lack too many complicated features which their other counterparts have. If you do not have that much expertise, spare yourself the headache by choosing to make do with this kind of tank.

Need to Save Money

Tankless Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater

We have already stated that these tanks save on fuel. This by extension cuts down the cost of operating them considerably. If you want to save money, again, you will have a companion in these tanks. Some estimates even postulate that you cut your utility bills by a whopping 80% by choosing these tanks!

Temporary Use

Are you constantly on the go? Yet again, these tanks are here for you! They are small and compact enough to move around easily. For this reason, you will easily detach and install them whenever the need may so arise. Get hold of the system for your migratory applications.


We have done our part in letting you know all you may need to know about these tankless water heaters. We now leave it to you to find one which is suitable for your own use. While at it, take care that you purchase only genuine and certified products.

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