Granite Rock Cookware Reviews

by Daisy Dao

Making breakfast is an easy enough process.

Whisk some eggs together in a bowl, season it to your liking, add some bacon, for good measure, et voila! – you’ve got yourself a mighty meal to kick-start your day the proper way.

But, here’s the catch – even the easiest, most menial tasks can be difficult to accomplish and downright irritating to do if you don’t have the proper tools for the job at hand.

For example, loosening up a screw is a simple enough thing to do, but if you don’t have a spanner, you can spend hours trying to do the thing with only your fingers – and all to no avail. Or imagine trying to drive a nail into a plank without a hammer or a hammer-like tool? It’s a nightmare!

Well, the same principle applies to cooking, or in this case – preparing some eggs. Without a good pan, instead of a protein-rich, fragrant omelet, you’ll end up with a burnt charcoal-like substance which can be used to kill rats with its foul odor.

In this article, we’ll present to you a state-of-the-art pan that will help you cook a wide variety of meals (not just eggs), and do so in a professional’s fashion with little to no effort!

Right then, here’s what this Granitestone Non-Stick Frying Pan is all about.

Diamond Non Stick Pan
Diamond Non Stick Pan

1. Food-Grade Granite

As its name suggests, this pan from the appropriately-named Granitestone company is made out of granite. But the thing is – this is not just any granite. It’s a specifically-designed sort of granite suitable for preparation of food.

This delicate yet durable material is organized into three layers. When these layers are combined together, they make the whole structure of the pan more stable, durable, and resistant to warping, which is a problem virtually all food preparation vessels can succumb to over time.

2. Mineral Coating

Mineral Coating
Mineral Coating

Now we get to the issue both professional and rookie cooks alike surely find the most irritating of them all – food sticking to the surface of the pan. To avoid this occurrence, the folks at Granitestone equipped their pan with a special protective layer made out of special minerals that help otherwise sticky food to slide and glide all about the pan.

Thanks to this little tweak, you would no longer have to worry about your food sticking to the surface of the pan, even if you’re using little to no oil or lard as a base for cooking.

3. Aluminum Inner Layer

Other than the aforementioned food-grade granite that facilitates the cooking process itself, as well as ensures that the pan won’t warp over time, the designers of this pan have also made sure to include an additional layer of pressed aluminum, which helps with heat conductivity.

Since one of the problems with pans and pots used on the stovetop is the even distribution of heat over the entire surface, this aluminum addition helps make sure that the entire pan is heated evenly when on top of a heating source. Pretty clever, huh?

4. Dishwasher-Safe

If you’re one of those people who are perpetually lazy to clean their greasy and at times, foul-smelling dishes, this Granitestone pan is just the kitchen utensil for you. Thanks to its design and the materials it’s made out of, this cooking contraption is a must-have for a dishwasher-savvy cook, so to speak.

Granite Rock Cookware
Granite Rock Cookware

All you need to do after you’ve finished making a delicious meal is chuck it in your dishwasher, do some button-pushing and there you have it – your Granitestone pan will be as clean as a whistle!

5. Oven-Safe up to 500° F

You can use this pan to cook meals in sauces in your oven, for example, or slowly roast your vegetables, also inside the oven, of course. As long as you don’t set the temperature above the 500-degree mark (That’s Fahrenheit, in case you’re not sure.), you can cook whatever you want inside the oven to your heart’s content!

Also, a minor detail but it can be useful – the handle itself is made to be heat-resistant, so if you’re using it on your stove, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself. (If you’re using it in your oven, then a cooking mitt is recommended.)


  • Made out of triple-layered food-grade Granite
  • Comes with a protective mineral coating
  • Pressed aluminum inner layer for easier heat retention and conductivity
  • Oven-safe for up to 500° F
  • Handles stay cool even after prolonged cooking


  • Some rough edges textures
  • Some users have reported that their eggs stick to the surface

All in all, a well-made pan can save you a lot of annoyance and hair-pulling in the kitchen. A cooking utensil that doesn’t allow your food to stick, doesn’t bend over time, or otherwise gets itself destroyed by heat, is indeed a proper asset. We hope you found this review helpful and wish you plenty of successful kitchen ventures!

About Daisy Dao

Daisy grew up on the beautiful Honolulu island where she often found herself spending most of her day enjoying the ocean scent in sea waves. As such, Daisy came to appreciate the art of cooking seafood. She has experimented with baking, roasting, broiling, poaching, grilling (and every other cooking technique you can think of); and with all kinds of spices too. Now she is ready to present her experience: the art of cooking healthy food without any pre-packaged ingredients; food product recommendations for people who need a bit more guidance on what goes into their bodies; how to maintain an active lifestyle without having to give up your favorite foods!

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