How to Remove Stains from Quartz Countertops (Some Quick Tips)

by Daisy Dao

If you bring quartz countertop in your home for the very first time, you must know how to maintain it. It lasts long if you can take care of it properly. Quartz counters are popular for kitchen and bathroom. Quartz materials will satisfy you in both cases.

There are some reasons why homeowners select quartz countertops. They are spot-resistant, non-permeable, and anti-bacterial. Therefore, you don’t need to redo your kitchen cabinets and bathrooms repeatedly.

You can easily take care of your quartz countertops as they have low maintenance. But, true care and maintenance are mandatory to keep your countertops shiny. As we use it daily, strain or spill is pretty normal. Therefore, you need to be very careful and fast cleaning it.

Here, I have prepared a step by step guideline for you on how to remove stains from quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertops Cleaning Process

How to Remove Stains from Quartz Countertops (Some Quick Tips)
How to Remove Stains from Quartz Countertops (Some Quick Tips) (source)

Step 1: Wipe with Dish Soap

Step 1: Wipe with Dish Soap
Step 1: Wipe with Dish Soap

Take warm water and mix it with a bar of mild dish soap. Wait, it is a mild soap, not any acidic cleaner. Now, Dip a soft sponge or rag in the mix and wipe down the tops slowly. Wipe them down again for more stains removal.

Step 2: Sweep the Dried Gunk

A putty knife can help you to remove any dust or food from the countertop. Scrape softly to keep your countertops safe. I suggest you keeping a putty knife in a nearby drawer so that you can get it whenever you need to clean this type of mess. It is very simple to clean quartz countertops. Through a little research and the right information, you can easily handle this.

Step 3: Clean off Grease

Spray a degreasing agent on your countertops. And, always make sure that this cleaning agent is not harmful to your countertops. If the cleaner carries any bleach, it will harm your quartz countertops. You should also ensure bleach-free disinfectant wipes. Or, you can rinse off the surface with a wet towel or sponge.

Removing Strong Stain from Your Countertops

Method 1

You can use gluey remover to pull out strong stains. You can use Goo Gone or caramel for this method. Pour it right in the stain and take a wet cloth. After 5 to 10 minutes, wipe it off with warm water.

Method 2

Take some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and mix it with a wet rag. Now rub the stain with the towel. Then again, wipe it with only warm water. It will help you to remove strong stains that cannot be removed using soap and water mix.

Method 3

Spray a safe glass cleaner on your quartz countertops. Wait for a few minutes and wipe down with a wet rag. Take safety issues very strongly. Some quartz manufacturers permit glass cleaners while others don’t. You can consider calling the service team to discuss its compatibility.

How to You Can Prevent Severe Damage

Wash Spills At Once

Quartz can resist stains for a short time. So, you should clean the spills as soon as possible. Spills from tea, coffee, or wine can make permanent stains if you are not careful about these issues.

Ensure Shelter from Excessive Temperature

Put your crock pots, pans, electric skillets on rugs or carpets. It will give protection to your quartz counters from temperatures above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You should not keep a very hot item directly on your countertops. It can damage your quartz.

Protect From Thermal Shock

Quartz countertops can take up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. But, an instant swap of temperature can cause damage in quartz. It is called “thermal shock”.

Use A Cutting Board

Generally, people used to cut and chop food directly on their quartz as it is mostly hard and durable. But sometimes you may use very roughly. They can be slightly damaged with the forceful hit of sharp materials. I strongly suggest a cutting board.

Avoid Harmful Cleaners

Don’t use highly alkaline or acidic cleaners. It will hurt your countertops. If this type of material falls on your quartz, clean immediately with a wet cloth mixing with mild detergent.

Avoid Pressure

Stay away from making any pressure or force on your quartz countertops. And be careful about heavy things. Dropping a heavy thing can break or fracture the stone.

Some Cleaning Tips

  1. You should regularly clean with a soft rag and a mild soap or detergent. Always use bleach-free and non-polishing soap.
  2. Wipe down liquids instantly, mostly the colored liquids.
  3. You can use Windex glass cleaner for strong stains. It will fully remove stains from countertops.
  4. Try to avoid using vinegar to clean your quartz. If you want to, then you must dilute it with water.
  5. Oil-based cleaners are used to remove permanent stains caused by ink such as permanent markers.
  6. Some strains like nail polish are very hard to remove from quartz. In this case, you can mix acetone, Ajax, and water altogether. Dilute them and wipe away instantly.

Final Words

I hope your quartz countertops will shine and glow if you follow the above steps and beware about your quartz countertops’ care. And they will appear as pretty as brand new even after using it for many years. You won’t need to think about a replacement for a long time if you can take care of them properly. You won’t regret investing in quartz countertops, I guarantee.

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