Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

This 93 ounce fruit infusion pitcher by Prodyne is designed to make cool fruity summer drinks from fresh or frozen fruit.

prodyne fruit infusion pititcher The pitcher has a wide tube or rod in the middle where you can place fruit such as fresh or frozen raspberries or citrus slices.

As you can see from the picture, the tube has slots in it which allow the fruit and the water to mingle. The lid screws onto the tube, so that when closed, the tube stays still while you pour.

When making your fruit drink, you need to allow it to steep with the fruit in the fridge overnight to really extract the flavor, and soft frozen fruit seems to work best for this. And of course you can make your drink with herbs like lemon grass or mint instead of fruit (or in addition to the fruit – experiment with different combinations and flavors).

The Prodyne pitcher also allows you to refill the water without replacing the fruit – just add more water as the level of the pitcher gets low.

It is made with BPA free acrylic and they recommend hand-washing to ensure it stays pristine (the tube in the middle is removable to make it easy to clean).

It’s available with free shipping, see below:

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