Presto 12 Cup Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

Coffee Percolators used to be big in the 1950′s and 1960′s, and Presto has brought back this classic product, complete with retro styling.

presto stainless steel percolator

My parents used to have a percolator when I was growing up, and I still recall it burbling away on Sunday mornings (because back then coffee was a treat to be served at Sunday breakfast), filling the house with a delicious aroma. Percolators produce some of the best coffee scents of all the types of coffee machines.

This percolator has the traditional electric base that you plug in, together with the stainless steel basket that stands on top of the tube (also stainless steel) that allows the water to bubble up into the coffee, and a stainless steel jug to hold the water and then the brewed coffee. The cord is detachable, so that you can unplug and carry the jug to the table when it has finished percolating. If you keep it plugged in on the kitchen counter, it automatically keeps the brew hot.

It produces up to twelve cups, with an indicator light at the bottom to tell you when the coffee is ready – brewing time is about a minute a cup, and you need to instruct it beforehand how many cups you are brewing. If you are using a large mug, then assume about two Presto cups equals one mug. Cleaning is straightforward – as you can’t immerse the entire jug in water because of the electric base, you have to hold it under the tap and rinse the inside with a soft brush and soapy water. The basket and tube are detachable and also benefit from a gentle scrub with a soft brush to prevent clogging.

Percolators make coffee that is smoother and less bitter than drip machines (mainly because the percolation action means the coffee has no chance of getting burnt). You need to be careful and ensure your grinder is set to “percolator” when grinding, or buy ready-ground coarse grounds – if it is too fine, it will fall out of the basket into the jug. You also need smaller scoops of grounds compared to drip machines, because the percolating action intensifies the flavor. For the best results, keep the water level in the percolator below the basket, so that only the water vapour percolates up into the basket – that way you won’t get grounds in your brew. You can also use paper filters in the basket, to prevent grounds from dropping down into the carafe.

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