Nutri Bullet Fruit Juicer

If you are into fruit juicing and smoothies and want a properly high powered juicer, then the Nutri Bullet fits the bill.

nutri bullet blender
This is a high speed blender powered by a 600 watt motor.

It’s capable of blending frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts and coffee beans, and “pulverises” the skins and fiber content of the fruit, so that instead of having to throw the pulp out, it stays in your smoothie (adding bulk and nutritional value) – in other words you are getting a blended drink not just juice.

Here’s what you get in the box:

* the power base
* 1 tall cup (24 ounce capacity)
* 2 short cups (18 ounce capacity each)
* 2 resealable lids
* 1 flat blade
* 1 emulsifying blade
* a manual with recipes
* a pocket nutritionist

The cups are made of tough plastic that is free of BPA or phthalates. To get the best out of this juicer, do not overfill it, and clean it immediately after use. This blender is really designed for one person to make themselves a smoothie when they need.

It’s available from Amazon with free shipping:

It is also available on eBay:

There are a lot of Youtube videos with recipes for smoothies – here’s one where the Nutri Bullet is used to make a berry blast:

nutri bullet blender

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