Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Coffee Maker is the petite version in the Dolce Gusto Single Serve coffee machine range.

nescafe dolce gusto piccolo

This is smaller than the Dolce Gusto Melody II as it has a water tank of 21 ounce capacity (it makes 4 cups rather than 10 cups).

Other than that the piccolo machine is similar – you get the 15 bars of pressure, the ability to make hot and cold drinks (coffees, teas and chocolates), the ability to customize the brew strength using the custom control lever, the adjustable drip tray that allows you to adjust for the size of your cup, the transparent water tank which is removable, the milk frother and the energy saving automatic switch off. And it heats up the water in about a minute. As you can guess, the coffee pods / capsules are by Nescafe, and you can get a wide range of flavors online at Amazon.

Choose this machine if you have a smaller household and just need to brew a few cups at a time, if you are in digs at college or if you just want something small to perch on your desk at work.

This machine is made by Krups in the USA (you can also get a Delonghi version of the Piccolo). It comes with a one year limited warranty.

Amazon are selling this machine in titanium and red, with a sample box of four beverages: a long espresso), a house blend latte, a cappuccino and a hot chocolate.



I recommend you register your piccolo machine at the official site ( as they will send you a complimentary box of capsules plus a leaflet on how to make different coffee recipes. Click here to register.

nescafe dolce gusto piccolo coffee maker

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