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Braun Multiquick 3 Food Processor

Braun’s food processor is called the Multiquick 3 Kitchen Machine (model number K650) and it’s a splendid piece of German engineering. It is powered by a 600 watt DC motor, turns over as quietly as a luxury car, and has 14 speeds, so you can exert complete control over how you process the food. The […]

Best Grain Mills

Why mill your own flour? Because commercially milled flour removes the most nutritious part of the wheat kernel to extend it’s shelf-life. And the preservatives added to commercial flour arn’t good for your health either. The solution is to grind your own flour using an electric grain mill – the revelation is how delicious bread […]

Food Mills

If you are making apple sauce or tomato sauce, a food mill is a must as it neatly removes the peel and seeds, leaving only the flesh of the fruit or vegetable which is strained for you. Most electric processors don’t do this (instead they mash everything, seeds and all), so sometimes you just have […]

Nutri Bullet Fruit Juicer

If you are into fruit juicing and smoothies and want a properly high powered juicer, then the Nutri Bullet fits the bill. This is a high speed blender powered by a 600 watt motor. It’s capable of blending frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts and coffee beans, and “pulverises” the skins and fiber content of the […]