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Best Olive Oil Dispensers

If you cook with olive oil, you will require an oil dispenser that releases just the right amount of oil and doesn’t completely drench everything in it. Here are the best olive oil dispensers available: The Rachael Ray Stoneware Oil Dispenser This oil dispenser is made from opaque stoneware which helps keep light away from […]

Best Cruet Set

All well-laid tables need a cruet set, with salt and pepper shakers and oil and vinegar dispensers. If you eat a lot of salads, cruet sets also come in handy as you can store mayonaise and vinaigrette in the creuts instead, allowing you to dress your salad quickly at the table. Here are the best […]

Best Olive Oil Sprayers

If you are grilling or roasting vegetables, an olive oil sprayer works better than an olive oil dispenser as you can lightly and uniformly coat the veggies with olive oil without getting too much on. You can also use a mister for coating baking sheets and roasting pans. Misters spray out less oil than dispensers, […]