Calphalon Electric Digital Convection Oven

This Calphalon Convection oven is the high-performance extra large oven, (it can hold a 13 inch by 9 inch pan).

calphalon convection oven It has two elements at the top and bottom and uses a convection fan to distribute heat evenly in the oven. There is also an “opti-heat” system of internal sensors that are designed to deliver precise temperatures.

It also has a digital LCD controller that has modes set to “bake”, “broil”, toast” and “convection bake”, as well as well as a timer and temperature controls. The timer starts counting after the pre-heat stage, so you need to adjust cooking times to get it right (take a few minutes off).

There are also pre-set functions for cookies, bagels, pizza and defrost, which means you can cook pretty much anything in this to perfection.

The inside of the oven is nonstick to make it easy to keep clean, and it is front opening (see the picture). The crumb tray at the bottom can be pulled out from the front. They include a 9 inch by 10 inch pan with the oven.

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