Best Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Care Equipment

If you are thinking of purchasing a vacuum cleaner that is well designed to handle your cleaning tasks, then there are high chances you are wondering where to begin your search for one as well as how to pick the right vacuum cleaner. Here is a detailed review of best vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment based on recommendations from Amazon Top Sellers.

1. Black &Decker CHV1410L

BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

Price: $48.00

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49 used & new available from $38.40

The 16V cordless lithium hand vacuum cleaner is suitable for easy-to- tackle household messes. This lightweight, awesomely powerful vacuum cleaner boasts strong suction, lithium technology, and fade-free power. It has a translucent bagless dirt-bowl, hence making it easy to see dirty and empty it as well. It can keep a charge for over 18 months when it is off the charger. Its lightweight nature makes it the ideal cleaner to carry around your home while tackling quick pickups. Here is why this vacuum cleaner is top notch cleaning equipment worth spending your money on.
1. Features Smart Charge Technology- its incredibly efficient Lithium ion chargers are designed to protect this vacuum cleaner by automatically switching it off once the battery is fully charged. This allows you to conveniently use the vacuum cleaner throughout and also provide long run times every year.
2. Great power and suction- This is arguably the most powerful hand vacuum cleaner presently on the market. The 16V Lithium hand vacuum cleaner features an awesomely innovative, lightweight shape that boasts great power and suction. It is thus ideal for tackling any household cleaning tasks, ranging from carpet, furniture to ceramic tile cleaning.
3. Features Cyclonic Action-this cleaning mode is designed to spin debris and dust away from the cleaner’s filters, thus keeping suction strong throughout and when it is needed most.
This hand vacuum cleaner is a nice pick for those searching for a powerful cleaner that will enable them to tackle household messes easily and quickly. Its lightweight and cordless nature will enable you to clean places where others vacuum cleaners cannot clean due to mobility limitations.

2. Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum, SD20000RED

Price: $19.96

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12 used & new available from $19.96

The innovative stick vacuum cleaner takes cleaning to a completely new level. It is ideal for hard floors and rugs. It comes with a hand vacuum that is easy to lift off. You only need to detach the hand vacuum, and then you can start doing all of your cleaning tasks, from dusting your furniture to dusting your upholstery and drapes. Here is why this innovative cleaner is a cherished cleaning product in most households today.
1. Boasts a wide array of innovative cleaning features- for instance, it can easily convert to a hand vacuum cleaner to give an awesome hands-on clean in just a matter of seconds. Its onboard crevice tool is designed to easily fit into tight spaces.
2. It is designed for multi surface cleaning, meaning it is the perfect choice for cleaning any surface ranging from rugs to hard floors.
3. It is efficient when it comes to cleaning tasks that need constant suction power. Its 1.25 amp motor can offer constant suction power needed for difficult cleaning tasks.
4. The cleaner features a lightweight construction for purposes of comfortable carrying.
This innovative stick vacuum cleaner is absolutely a wonderful pick for convenient and quick cleanups. It works as a hand vacuum, stick vacuum and as a utility vacuum all in one unit. More importantly, it is crafted to help you handle even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

3. BISSELL 9595A CleanView

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

Price: $79.99

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3 used & new available from $67.99

This lightweight vacuum cleaner is built for faster and effective cleaning. Unlike other vacuum cleaners that need you to continue going over the same cleaning area multiple times, this vacuum is designed to effectively clean up all debris in just a single pass over your floor area. Here is why this cleaner is built for faster and convenient cleaning in mind.
1. It boasts OnePass Technology that comes with an innovative cleaning brush and an incredibly powerful suction. As such, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean thoroughly and conveniently.
2. It has a multi-cyclonic system designed to provide consistent powerful suction that further separates debris and dirt, ensuring your filters remain cleaner for a longer duration.
3. Requires less time emptying- it is equipped with a larger dirt bin that is easy to empty hence helping you spend less time emptying it while doing your cleaning.
4. Its TurboBrush Tool makes it perfect for vacuum-carpeted surfaces such as upholstery, stairs and auto interiors among other carpeted surfaces. This brush is designed to agitate debris, dirt, and hair in your carpet, as the powerful suction is lifting it effectively.
This vacuum cleaner is a wonderful option for anyone searching for a lightweight vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and innovative cleaning features. It is overly excellent for faster and effective cleaning.

4. Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics

HOOVER Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

Price: $129.99

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9 used & new available from $108.83

The vacuum cleaner is crafted to help you extend the lifespan of your carpets. It is well designed for cleaning carpeted and fabric surfaces in your home. It boasts multiple features that make carpet cleaning a breeze. Below are reasons as to why this vacuum cleaner here is absolutely a nice pick that will enable you to handle all your carpet-cleaning tasks.
1. It comes with DualV Nozzle that is designed to provide strong suction required to clean carpeted surfaces quickly and evenly.
2. Provides heated cleaning, which entails applying forced heated air directly to your carpets thus lifting and removing stubborn stains from the carpeted fibers.
3. It boasts dual tank technology for separating dirty and clean water and further enabling you to easily rinse and empty each tank.
4. Comes with a PinsScrub Brush System for gently scrubbing carpet fibers from various angles. This enables it to tackle even the toughest dirt on your carpeted surfaces.
This vacuum cleaner is an amazingly versatile option for carpet cleaning. You can always rely on it to extend the lifespan of your carpets and accomplish those time-consuming carpet-cleaning tasks.

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