Best Trash Compactors- 5 Recommendations

Best Trash Compactors- 5 Recommendations
Searching for the best trash compactor to help you get rid of trash within your kitchen can be somewhat complicated. This is because there are countless brands and models of trash compactors to choose from. This detailed list of the best trash compactors highlights some of the quality trash compactors out there. The list will help you identify key features to look out for when selecting a trash compactor.

1. Broan 15WH Elite

This versatile trash compactor is manufactured by Broan Nu Tone, North America’s leading producer of various residential products that include range hoods, ventilation systems, indoor air quality products and intercom systems. It comes with awesomely beautiful lines together with an outstanding finish thus making it a great addition to any modern kitchen. The following are some of the reasons for having this compactor on the list:

Incredibly powerful- It offers an amazing 3,000 pounds of consistent compaction force and more than double the horsepower of other trash compactors on the market. It is built with the need to minimize your garbage volume and handling in mind.

Comes with a huge trash bucket- its 1.55 cubic foot trash bucket can hold up to 30 pounds of compacted garbage. As such, having this versatile trash compactor in your kitchen will dramatically reduce those exhausting trips to the curb.

Easy to unload-it comes with ball-bearing drawer slides that make it seamlessly easy for you to pull out the trash bucket all the way out. This offers complete access for unloading trash.

It takes hygiene to a whole new level- it comes with a 6-month odor control system that only requires a simple dial once a month, thus making it possible to enhance hygiene while maintaining your trash compacting schedule at the same time.

Broan 15WH Elite is an excellent choice just in case you are looking for something stylish, convenient and easy to use while helping you get rid of all the trash in your kitchen.

2. Krushr K024

Krushr K024 Panel Required Compactor, 24-Inch

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Manufactured by one of England’s reputable kitchen appliance manufacturers, Krushr plc, this trash compactor is the ultimate kitchen appliance designed to enable you to sort out and crush your trash 4 times more than you would while using an ordinary trash compactor. Apart from high quality, there are other things that make this model worth checking out. They include-
 It comes with custom fit bags to keep its interior clean and also to make it easy to empty trash.
 It has a compact design that allows it to be used as both parts of the furniture or as stand-alone floor-mounted unit.
 It comes with a powerful, energy efficient motor thus making it energy efficient and powerful at the same time.
There is just one downside of this model. It can be a bit costly for some homeowners, though it is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a high-quality, powerful trash compactor.

3. Whilrpool GC900QPPB

Whirlpool GC900QPPB 15" Black Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor

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Being a product of the revered America manufacturer of home appliances, Whirlpool Corporation, this trash compactor boasts superior quality than most models out there. It combines longevity and outstanding efficiency in equal measure. Below are some of the reasons why this model is a solid choice for homeowners.
1. It is quite easy to use, thanks to the computerized console that is designed for inputting commands.
2. It has a stainless steel interior, something that makes it easy to clean.
3. It has a sleek, compact design, thus making it a favorite choice for small kitchen owners or homeowners with limited space.
4. It has a neutral color, meaning that it can fit in any kitchen regardless of its color scheme.
While Whilrpool GC900QPPB is definitely a powerful and high-quality trash compactor in comparison to most models on the market these days, its major shortcoming is that it does not come with trash bags and thus storage can be bothersome while using this unit.

4. KitchenAid TKUCS03FTBL

KitchenAid home appliances are in a class of their own, with this trash compactor not being an exception by the virtue of being a product of a renowned manufacturer like KitchenAid. The model boasts impressive features all designed to keep your kitchen odor free and looking spotless, while reducing the number of trips you make to the garbage bin. Below are reasons why this unit is a favorite choice for many homeowners.
1. It is designed to compact trash by up to 80%.
2. It has fully integrated controls designed for ease of use
3. Comes with an odor system to keep your kitchen odor free
4. It is among the few trash compactors in the history of these appliances to have a Whisper Quiet Plus System. This makes it remain quiet while in operation.
5. It boasts an impressive trash comparison ration of about 5 to 1, meaning it is built to take care of all your trash compaction needs.
This trash compactor is absolutely one of the best trash compactors on the market today. It has virtually no flaws and thus it is an excellent option to try in your kitchen.

5.Whilrpool TU950QPXS

Whirlpool TU950QPXS Undercounter 15W in. Trash Compactor - Stainless Steel

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This is yet another versatile model from Whirlpool Incorporation. It comes with several qualities that today’s homeowner is looking for in appliances. These qualities include efficient, trendy, convenient, environmentally friendly and modern. It includes versatile features designed to solve your garbage problem easily and conveniently. Here are some of the things that truly make this model a wonderful choice for most homeowners.
1. It is designed to compact kitchen trash up to 75%
2. Seamlessly easy to clean and empty. It offers unmatched convenience when removing trash.
3. Its compact size makes it possible for this unit to fit properly under your kitchen counter.
While this model offers all the important aspects that the today’s homeowner is looking for in a trash compactor, it, however, has a few downsides. First, trash bags must be obtained from the manufacturer. Secondly, its compaction ratio is not the best available.

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