7 Best Cup Noodles Reviews 2021

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Cup noodles are precooked noodles that make a very quick and easy meal for anyone who's too busy, too tired, or not in the mood to cook and is looking for an instant food choice. These delicious noodles are an ideal and convenient meal that's consumed all over the world. They come in individual cups made either of polystyrene, polyethylene, or paper. This makes them inexpensive, light, disposable, and easy to hold since they don't conduct heat.

Finding the best cup noodles for your taste is no easy thing considering that there are many different types in the market with countless flavors. The flavoring powder or seasoning sauce is in a separate packet or loose in the cup and is added to the noodles during cooking. The cooking process takes about five minutes and the only "extra" ingredient you need is how water.

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Best Cup Noodles Buying Guide

7 Best Cup Noodles Reviews 2021
7 Best Cup Noodles Reviews 2021

A lot of people like to stack up cup noodles handy for when they're craving for an instant yet satisfying and cozy meal. Even if you are new to the noodle world, you know that there's more to instant noodlesthan just boiling them and easting. There are other factors that you need to put into consideration when buying cup noodles. These are:

The flavor

When the noodles are made in the factory, they're steamed, dried into a block, and then packaged. Each package comes with a packet of sauce, oil, or flavoring for seasoning. This is to be added to the noodles in hot water before eating.

Some common flavors that are available include beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and oriental flavor. The tastes vary from light, smooth, deep, strong, rich, or salt-based.

Type of topping

There are several types of toppings that are added to the instant noodles to enhance the flavor, add richness, as well as consistency, crunch, and texture. Some common toppings include onions, butter, seaweed, boiled eggs, fried bacon, mushrooms, sweet corn, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots.

Most of these toppings are very healthy and so they add nutrients to the noodles. Also, you can play around with different ingredients that are available at your local grocery store.

Nutritional value

Almost all types of noodles are made using flour, salt, and oil. The flavoring packet generally contains salt, seasoning, and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Since instant noodles are so easy to prepare, there's so much controversy over whether or not they're healthy. Different types of cup noodles may vary in terms of the flavor but most of them have certain nutrients in common. Most types are low in calories, fiber, and protein with higher amounts of fats, carbs, sodium, and select micronutrients.

There are healthier options available that maybe use whole grains or have lower amounts of sodium and salt.


In the past, instant noodles were considered a luxury meal that costs more than regular noodles in restaurants. However, today they're cheaper and more readily available. The average pack costs about 50 cents or more depending on the brand. You can order online in bulk from suppliers and have the noodles supplied at your doorstep.

Best Cup Noodle Review with Pros and Cons

Cup noodles give families the chance to have the perfect mouth-watering instant meal when it's prepared well. The level of sophistication depends on how much time you invest in making the broth. If you set time to cook the noodles properly, you'll realize how palatable the dish is even with little effort. The main challenge comes when you have to decide which instant you should use.

Let's have a look at the best of the best! Here are the top 7 best cup noodles in the market to make your task a lot easier:

1. Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood Noodle 74g×20

These cup noodles make it possible for you to prepare an authentic restaurant-like meal within the comfort of your home. Unlike other instant cup noodles that have an inclination towards traditional flavors like chicken and beef, this Nissin Cup Seafood Noodles is but a real Japanese style delicious seafood-flavored noodle that is also available in the Western spheres.

The flavors erupting from seafood are just fantastic and the instant noodle cup exudes them like a rock-star. The broth itself is a showstopper and you'll be seriously impressed. If you're a health-conscious person these noodles are for you as they have very low calories. All the ingredients come together to make the meal healthy and nutritious.

The soup tastes delicious and irresistible making it almost impossible for anyone not to want to try this rich and healthy meal. That meal has a conventional taste and the noodles come out excellent so it's not only the perfect preparation to eat at home but it's also restaurant class quality.

2. Annie Chun's Kung Pao Noodle Bowl, Vegan, Chinese-Style, Instant Meal

Annie Chun's Kung Pao Noodle Bowl the no.1 selling brand of Asian specialty single-serve entrees. The noodles have a hot and tangy taste combined with delicious precooked Hokkien noodles which shapes the dish into an incredible recipe.

The noodles also come with a fair portion of bok Choy, carrots, and peanuts to add to the soup. This vegan bowl of noodles will hit you with the most amazing essence and taste from the first sip and also makes you feel full and satisfied altogether.

The noodles are light and soft just as most people prefer. What's more is that they have low saturated fat and zero percent Trans fat guaranteeing you receive nothing but the finest quality. The broth tastes like you died and went to a little mini-cup noodle heaven; it's thick, tasty, and just awesome.

If you are new to cup noodles, you ought to try out this awesome recipe for a tasty meal bowl.

3. Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy

  • Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy, 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    • Deliciously packed with a rich savory flavor
    • Soft and chewy, matching perfectly with the flavors
    • Lots of vegetable and beef chunks
    • A very convenient on-the-go meal
    • Contains 0g Trans fat per serving
    • Peppery taste gives the noodles their exciting "kick"
    1,101 Reviews

The most noticeable thing about Nongshim Shin Black noodles is the thick, meaty broth that's been enhanced with garlic and vegetable to ensure that you get the necessary nutrients. The hearty bowl of noodle soup is cooked with beef, mushrooms, carrots, and is adequately spiced contributing to the taste of this premium-grade broth. The broth doesn't contain any added MSG and has become a typical flavor that is globally sought after.

The broth has a luxuriant flavor with a nice crescendo and little peaks of perfect spiciness. The flavors are not too much to fend off anyone, they're just enough to subtly introduce themselves by saying "hi, I'm spicy."

The noodles are combined with a spicy broth that helps create the perfect recipe that will please any palate. At first, you might be surprised by the spiciness but once it has kicked in you'll be impressed by the delicious marriage of flavors. These noodles are very easy to cook and can be instantly served in just under three minutes. All you need to cook is hot water or a microwave. This is definitely the best cup noodle you'll ever have! And you can't help but crave for more.

4. Nissin Very Veggie Ramen Noodle Soup, Beef Flavor

Nissin Very Veggie Ramen Noodles can be found ranking high in the list of most "best instant cup noodles" reviews. These healthy noodles are without any MSG, GMOs, or any added artificial flavors and preservatives.

These noodles offer a blend of rich organic flavor and aroma with the nutrients of wheat making this bowl the perfect healthy and classy meal for you. The included pieces of greenery are pleasing to the eyes as well as the palate.

This classic Nissin Very Veggie Ramen Noodle Soup will without a doubt make you slip in love with its taste, delight, and instant preparation. These cup noodles are an ideal substitute for an instant high-quality nutritious weekend supper - they provide the apt nourishment that your body requires.

5. Nissin Japanese Cup Noodle Ramen Seafood 10p set

Incorporating sesame paste, these noodles are ranked high on many instant cup noodle lists due to their low-fat ingredients and high-quality taste. People love this instant noodle choice for the variety of flavors that it offers its users. This noodle soup is the ideal choice for people who are looking for a rich, delicious, highly-flavored, and ready-to-cook meal.

The noodles are prepared in the usual way that you prepare other instant cup noodles. Just open the lid halfway, open and pour the soup-base powder provided, add hot water, close the lid, and wait for three minutes. Avoid microwaving

These noodles are excellent and the broth is fantastic - they're just the right way to go. Everything works together so well. Some possible allergens found in these noodles include wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, crab, pork, chicken, squid, soybeans, sesame, and gelatin.

6. Rice a Roni Cups, Individual Cup - Link

Now you can enjoy the great taste of Rice-a-Roni in convenient single-serve cups that you cook in the microwave and enjoy an instant meal at home, at work, or on-the-go. This variety pack combines rice, pasta, and the perfect mix of seasonings to create delicious family-pleasing side dish and main dish recipes.

This convenient noodle dish continues to wow its patrons with its amazing flavor. The instant cup noodles allow you to cook restaurant-resembling fine-quality ramen within the comforts of your home's kitchen for the most satisfying culinary experience.

The noodles have a very satisfying texture and the broth will take you on a tour of strong flavors

7. Pasta Roni Cups, Parmesan & Romano Cheese Pasta Mix - Link

These Pasta Roni cup noodles' main ingredients are rice, pasta, and the perfect mix of seasonings to create delicious, family pleasing side dishes and main dishes recipes. These noodles are generally reviewed as the most versatile instant cup noodles that can be made into many meal forms. Now you can enjoy the great taste of Pasta Roni in convenient cups that you cook in the microwave.

The noodles are top-notch. The Parmesan and Romano cheeses are rich, creamy, and creamy and leave a lingering flavor with every bite. The broth is rich with exquisite flavors and soft chewy noodles that have a sweet-smelling aroma.

Conclusion for Cup Noodle Buyers

Apart from their easy preparation, cup noodles are budget-friendly and some of them come with durability in check. Although they make great standalone meals, their versatile nature allows them to be mixed with other recipes to boost their nutritional value. In a market full of different varieties of cup noodles, it's totally understandable that choosing the best can be daunting. To make your task a lot easier, we made a list of seven best cup noodles. Hopefully, the reviews will guide you in the right direction.

Our top pick is the Nongshim Shin Black Spicy Noodle Soup. These tasty noodles are a sheer delight that everyone out to try out - they're nutritious, artisanal, and simply provide a wonderful palate.

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