How to Redo Kitchen Cabinets on A Budget ( Refacing Tips Included )

by Daisy Dao

Heart of the home? Yes, it is your Kitchen. To give your home a futuristic vibe, there is no better option other than making your Kitchen updated.

A number of questions arise when it comes to redoing your kitchen cabinets. Homeowners get confused about how they will do it using small amounts of money and get excellent output.

Now, we have gathered some quick tips about how to redo kitchen cabinets on a budget.

We hope it will show you how you can cut your expenses and still get an excellent look at your Kitchen. Trust me, and it will not be more than a fancy dinner on your marriage anniversary.

How Can You Reduce Expenses

How to Redo Kitchen Cabinets on A Budget ( Refacing Tips Included )
How to Redo Kitchen Cabinets on A Budget ( Refacing Tips Included )

In Kitchen remodel, the major expenses are in kitchen cabinets. Space of your kitchen cabinets, your redesigning limits, and even your living zone can immensely change the budget. But normally, it starts at $400.

There are many ways you can cut expenses of redoing kitchen cabinets. Here are 5 tips for cutting corners when you are revamping kitchen cabinets on a budget:

Fix a Budget

Before ordering anything, it's necessary to fix a sensible budget. After that, try to find out which elements do remodeling require. You can take help from a professional.

Then figure out the cost of the necessary elements. And this stage, we tend to make some mistakes. We think non-branded products are cheap, yet look lucrative. So why not from an XYZ brand?

But the fact is, though they look attractive, they don't provide quality materials and the products are not durable.

Never Tear Any Appliance

Never Tear Any Appliance
Never Tear Any Appliance

Never try to touch the things which are attached to gas or water line. It increases the chance of an unwanted incident. Thus it can increase the budget for kitchen cabinet remodels. So, touching these lines can cause hiring another professional.

In most cases, it is not necessary to realign the gas or water lines. In case if it gets necessary to shift the lines, hire a professional. It will be safe and secure.

Try To Ignore Replacing Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are of the highest cost. Cause they are meant to outlast the fridge and the oven etc. Cabinets can stay elegant for more than 20 years easily.

Check your current cabinet and look for repairs instead of replacement. If cabinet doors open and close satisfactorily, you shouldn't think about changing the cabinet just yet. If you see any sign of distorting or mold and overall functions are not going right, then it's time to consider refacing your kitchen.

You can repair your old cabinets to get a new look at a low cost. For less cost, changing hardware and using quality paints can bring a new appearance to your cabinets.

Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping
Wholesale Shopping

Never rely on your local retailer for the least price. It may seem that you are getting at the least cost, but that's not always the fact. You will always save a good amount of money by getting products from a wholesaler.

Buy From One Place

You should do some footwork if you want to save money yet to get a decent product. Updating a kitchen on a budget doesn't mean cheap products with poor quality. Rather it is a system you can follow to minimize your costs.

Shopping from a particular wholesaler or depo can reduce the cost. The shop owner cut the markup when you buy from the same place. Buying products at wholesale prices will take a big wedge out of your overall bill.

Best 3 Options On Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

Best 3 Options On Redoing Kitchen Cabinets
Best 3 Options On Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

The most important element of your Kitchen is your kitchen cabinets. When they remain unchanged for a long time, it can damage the look and worth of the whole Kitchen. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider only replacing your cabinets. Replacing kitchen cabinets can give your Kitchen a different and fresh look.

So, you focus only on your cabinetry to renovate the quality of your Kitchen. Now, one question may arise: will painting be enough, or should I go for replacing cabinets? Keep reading this article and make a wise decision, eventually.



How to change the look of kitchen cabinets? There are two budget options available to make your kitchen cabinets anew.

Painting and refacing are different. You can refresh the existing look of your kitchen cabinet by painting. Or you can reface them to get an entirely new appearance.

These two options are less costly than a total replacement. Though painting is cheaper than refacing, but painted cabinets can easily become dirty. As a result, painting needs frequent maintenance. Painting your cabinets will cost $400 to $3,000.


Refacing the kitchen cabinets refers to the change of all front-facing parts of the kitchen cabinet. And to leave the rest just like before. Refacing gives cabinets a new look without changing the existing cabinetry framework. It costs more than painting but less than replacing. It is between $5,000 to $9,000 or more for a big project.


Wood is the primary element of making almost every cabinet. So, water destruction is common in trouble there. When the cabinets become cranky and cannot open and close freely, you can think about replacing them. So, only think about replacing them when it's a must condition. Here, the average cost is above $10,000.


Now you got the realities. It's time to decide how much you will spend on redoing your kitchen cabinets. If you make up your mind on the professional route, you will have to hire several professionals.

However, you are confident enough; you can try DIY to give your kitchen a new shape.

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