Poblano Pepper and Its Substitute

poblano pepper substitute

With the rise of popularity of Mexican food across the globe, the use of the famous Mexican poblano pepper has also increased. It has become one of the key ingredients for captivating taste buds everywhere. However, to help you get every poblano dish right, we’ve listed here everything you need to know about poblano peppers … Read more

All You Need to Know About Farro & its Substitute

farro substitute

Doctors all over the world often suggest the Mediterranean style diet considering it to be the best. Farro, a form of wheat grains, is a prominent part of this Mediterranean diet. It is gaining popularity as the stores nowadays carry many more grain varieties, and people are becoming more health-conscious. From soups to salads, farro … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Psyllium Husk Powder & Substitute for Psyllium Husk Powder

psyllium husk powder substitute keto

In this age where artificial laxatives are so prevalent in the market, psyllium husk powder is a healthier and organic alternative. Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative that is made from natural sources. Psyllium husk powder provides a wide range of health benefits, including treating diarrhea, relieving constipation, controlling blood sugar levels, and weight loss. Due … Read more

Quick and Simple Broth Substitutes – Beef Base Substitute

Beef Base Substitute

Broths are staples to any kitchen and go with almost everything, be it rice, soups or casseroles. It’s a popular ingredient because of its rich flavor that elevates any dish to a better taste. It’s not expensive and comes in different forms like mixes and powders in the market. They are different from stocks as … Read more

Difference Between Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola

gorgonzola vs feta

Cheese is the fundamental ingredient required to make any dish tempting. It has the overwhelming capability to create waves of joy in anybody’s taste buds. The way it melts in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds is beyond definition. It can fill a void you didn’t even know existed in almost any dish. From … Read more

How to Dispose of Ammonia

uses for ammonia

Ammonia is an alkaline compound made out of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms in a covalent bond. It is a colorless and has a pungent odor. It plays a vital role in the human metabolic system. When proteins in our food break down, it releases ammonia along with amino acids. Several organisms also release it in … Read more

How to Get Rid of Grackles

grackle trap

Grackles are dark-billed mischievous birds which have a mildly similar appearance to a crow. They have a long tail and steely yellow eyes. These birds have a variety of organisms they can consume, such as small fishes, frogs, lizards, insects, and fruits. They can also be seen eating from garbage containers in alleyways. This makes … Read more

How to Get Rid of Hawks

sounds to scare hawks away

Hawks are majestic creatures and are known as vicious aviary predators. Their steely eyes dart around in search of prey which includes smaller animals like chickens, rabbits, and sometimes even small dogs. Hawks are equipped with sharp talons that make it easier for them to snatch prey out of the blue. They are fast and … Read more

How to Serve Beef Stroganoff

tasty beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is an ancient Russian dish invented in the early 19th century. It’s a savory mixture of tender beef, freshly seasoned with salt and paprika, and often served with sour cream. It’s a mouth-watering dish that can easily dissuade you from your diet plans. Accordingly, the visual appealing of beef stroganoff has such an … Read more

How to Reheat Chicken Breast

reheating chicken twice

Chicken is the staple food for the majority of non-vegetarians around the world. It’s a supple and tender supply of protein that anybody can hardly refuse. There is no lack in the variety of recipes to cook chicken. It’s the most versatile form of fowl as they have recipes designated for each of its parts. … Read more