All You Need to Know About Sake & Its Substitute

sake substitute

Sake Substitute Sake is a traditional Japanese drink that is made from fermented rice. A precise crewing procedure is applied to get the desired result. The taste of it is a bit sweeter than other drinks and it also contains around 15% of alcohol content. It works perfectly when it is marinated with meat. Not … Read more

Top 10 Basil Leaf Substitute – Healthier and Easy to Find

basil leaf substitute

Basil leaf is considered as an important ingredient in different Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you are making pasta sauce or need to do that decorative topping, this renowned herb will always play a striking role. When you get to taste this leaf with your dishes, its initial taste will be a bit peppery. After a couple … Read more

The Art Of Cooking – 6 Apps to Aid You in the Kitchen

Apps to Aid You in the Kitchen

Cooking in the kitchen is an art that needs praising. To learn cooking from scratch and come up with restaurant-standard edibles requires concentration and hard work. But to finish this task effortlessly, you sometimes need helping hands to instruct and assist you in the process. With the progression in technology, these helping hands don’t need … Read more

Poblano Pepper and Its Substitute

poblano pepper substitute

With the rise of popularity of Mexican food across the globe, the use of the famous Mexican poblano pepper has also increased. It has become one of the key ingredients for captivating taste buds everywhere. However, to help you get every poblano dish right, we’ve listed here everything you need to know about poblano peppers … Read more

All You Need to Know About Farro & its Substitute

farro substitute

Doctors all over the world often suggest the Mediterranean style diet considering it to be the best. Farro, a form of wheat grains, is a prominent part of this Mediterranean diet. It is gaining popularity as the stores nowadays carry many more grain varieties, and people are becoming more health-conscious. From soups to salads, farro … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Psyllium Husk Powder & Substitute for Psyllium Husk Powder

psyllium husk powder substitute keto

In this age where artificial laxatives are so prevalent in the market, psyllium husk powder is a healthier and organic alternative. Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative that is made from natural sources. Psyllium husk powder provides a wide range of health benefits, including treating diarrhea, relieving constipation, controlling blood sugar levels, and weight loss. Due … Read more

Quick and Simple Broth Substitutes – Beef Base Substitute

Beef Base Substitute

Broths are staples to any kitchen and go with almost everything, be it rice, soups or casseroles. It’s a popular ingredient because of its rich flavor that elevates any dish to a better taste. It’s not expensive and comes in different forms like mixes and powders in the market. They are different from stocks as … Read more

Difference Between Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola

gorgonzola vs feta

Cheese is the fundamental ingredient required to make any dish tempting. It has the overwhelming capability to create waves of joy in anybody’s taste buds. The way it melts in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds is beyond definition. It can fill a void you didn’t even know existed in almost any dish. From … Read more