Benefits of Convection Oven Cooking


There is no doubt that Convection Oven Cooking is the trend. From preserving energy perspective, environmental friendliness to health concern, Convection Oven Cooking is in advantage. The following is the full list of benefits.

1. Healthy / Oil free cooking – It doesn’t need to add a drop of oil. In fact, it removes most of the fat from the meat itself. Since the heat comes from the top, oil then drips to the bottom. So the oil is completely separated from the meat.

2. Make delicious food – Meat come out crispy golden brown on the outside and juicy on the inside.

3. Multifunctional – it can broil, roast, bake, grill, barbecue, fry, and steam.

4. Energy efficient – Save up to 75% of energy compared with a regular oven.

5. Time-saving – It shortens the cooking time in different ways:
a) Cook food 50% faster than a conventional oven.
b) No need to thaw or defrost food. Frozen food can be cooked in the unit directly. Of course, you need to remove the packages. It’s great for last minute cooker.
c) Multiple types of food can be cooked simultaneously.

6. Space-saving – since it can do different types of cooking, it can replace a lot of single function small appliances in the kitchen like a toaster oven, steamer, etc. It’s perfect for a college student or downsizing baby boomer.

7. Money saving – It saves money in different ways:
a) It cuts down your energy bill by using less energy
b) With multiple functions that it has, you don’t need to buy other single function appliances like a toaster oven, steamer, etc. That saves you money.
c) Since it cooks food so fast and well, you can eat out less which in turn saves you a lot of money.

8. Green / environmental friendly – It only uses 15% of the energy of most regular oven which in turn produce less emission to the environment.

9. Smoke free – It’s a great feature for people who live in an apartment with no outside fan for the stove. Or people who got sick of the house fogging and smoking up. This unit solved that problem.

10. Won’t heat up the kitchen – Due to the low consumption of energy, it won’t heat up the surrounding area. So it’s fine to use in the summer or for people who live in a warm climate.

11. Portable – Since it only takes up the small amount of space, you can bring it anywhere you want. Like carry it to a potluck party and serve your food hot there.