West Bend Classic Stainless-Steel 12-Cup Percolator

This stainless steel percolator is by West Bend, a Wisconsin company that are celebrating their 100th year.

west ben 12 cup coffee percolator

It is an electric coffee percolator with a detachable cord, so you can carry the jug to the table once the coffee is perked.

Both the base and the handle are made from heat resistant materials so they stay cool to touch.

It also has a “keep warm” function so that it stays warm after percolating, as long as it is plugged in.

It has an indicator on the outside of the pot to let you know the level of water in the pot and comes with a stainless steel coffee basket plus a stainless steel hollow stem that performs the percolating function.

coffee percolator

What happens is that as the electric heater heats the water, the water forces itself up the tube (creating that burbling percolating sound), to emerge at the top and sprinkle itself onto the basket. The water falls through the basket back into the pot, and the process repeats itself. During the process the water warms and gets hotter – but just before boiling point is reached, the percolator switches off.

This is the main reason why percolated coffee is never bitter – for most of the percolating process cool and then warm water passes through the grounds, and they never get burnt (unlike in drip machines).

Always use coarse ground beans when making percolated coffee (as you don’t want the grounds to fall out of the basket), and to keep this percolator in tip-top condition, use a soft brush when cleaning the basket and tube to make sure they don’t get clogged up. (West Bend do sell replacement parts should you need them).

This percolator is being retailed with free delivery – see below:

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