Waring Pro Meat Grinder

The Waring Pro Meat grinder (model no MG-800) is designed to be as close to a professional meat grinder as you can get for a home kitchen.

waring pro meat grinder Housed in a brushed stainless case, it has a powerful 450 W motor, allowing it to process venison and most other meats. The motor has a reverse function allowing you to back up if the machine should get clogged. Because this is a home model, it isn’t really designed to crunch bones (you need a much more powerful motor for that).

It comes with three cutting places, coarse and medium, and a fine one for sausage making. You also get two sausage attachments to help you make home made sausages, plus a pusher or stomper to help you force meat down the throat of the machine.

The cutting plates are made from plain steel rather than stainless steel, and you need to look after them carefully to ensure they don’t rust – dis-assemble the machine to clean, and then make sure everything is bone dry. Then rub some olive oil on the plates before you put it back together.

This machine is made in China.

I personally prefer the LEM meat grinder, but the Waring Pro is the closest you are going to come to a professional quality grinder for the home for this price (it’s just about half the cost of a LEM).

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