Top 12 beverage refrigerators

Ice cold beverages are a must for any party or a game evening. If you’re a fan of relaxing with your favorite drink in hand, having a beverage refrigerator is mandatory! Keeping drinks in a separate refrigerator is much cooler than keeping them in your regular fridge. Besides, a good LCD lighting will make your space look more entertaining. So, how do you choose a beverage refrigerator? Look for the size, features, and capacity! Here is our list of top 12 beverage refrigerators to choose from.

#12 Danby DBC120BLS beverage refrigerator

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS

Price: $175.99

3.4 out of 5 stars (1667 customer reviews)

9 used & new available from $163.67

With a 93.5 liters capacity, this beverage refrigerator can store 120 cans. Featuring a tempered glass door with a stainless steel trim, this refrigerator is highly durable and long-lasting. It includes a high-tech mechanical thermostat and 3.5 black wire shelves. An integrated lock with a key keeps your drinks secure at all times. The door also features a reversible door hinge for opening on either side.

#11 NewAir AB-1200 refrigerator

NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler, Cools to 34 Degrees

Price: $268.99

3.6 out of 5 stars (501 customer reviews)

28 used & new available from $250.16

With the capacity of 126 cans, this NewAir AB-1200 refrigerator comes with a one year warranty. NewAir is a brand you can trust when it comes to refrigerators, as it’s been on the market since 2002. The compressor cooling technology will keep your drinks evenly cold for a long period of time. With 7 temperature settings, you can choose the temperature of the drinks and enjoy the quiet operation of this refrigerator. Slide-out shelves make it easy to reach the cans and five easily removable chrome racks allow you to optimize the use of space. Interior LED lighting adds to the appearance of this freestanding kitchen appliance.

#10 Whynter BR-130SB

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan, Black/Stainless Steel

Price: $239.99

3.5 out of 5 stars (139 customer reviews)

5 used & new available from $239.99

The Whynter stainless steel beverage refrigerator features an internal fan for even cooling and the capacity of 120 cans. It is compact yet efficient and offers enough storage space for an average home. The combination of the powerful compressor and internal air cooling keeps your drinks ice cold and fresh, providing consistent and even temperature. The soft interior LED light has an on/off switch for convenience. Five slide-out wire shelves make it easy to reach the cans and store them as well.

#9 Tramontina beverage refrigerator

Tramontina 126-Can Capacity Stainless Steel Trim Wine Soda Beverage Center Glass Door Refrigerator

Price: $247.99

3.8 out of 5 stars (38 customer reviews)

21 used & new available from $247.99

The Tramontina stainless steel refrigerator can store up to 126 cans. Featuring the attractive and durable glass door, this refrigerator fits any kitchen perfectly. Its shelves are easy to clean and maintain while being highly convenient for stacking cans. The refrigerator includes a thermostat with a digital display for easy control. The temperature is adjustable and can be modified easily.

#8 Kalamera beverage refrigerator

Kalamera 24" Beverage Refrigerator 175 Can Built-in or Freestanding Single Zone Touch Control

Price: ---

3.2 out of 5 stars (139 customer reviews)

0 used & new available from

With a slightly smaller capacity than the previously mentioned models, the Kalamera beverage refrigerator is a 15 inch refrigerator that can store up to 96 cans. It can be built-in or freestanding, depending on your preferences. The refrigerator runs quietly and is made of stainless steel and double layered glass. Inner LED light is included as well. What makes this refrigerator stand out is the temperature memory function which allows the refrigerator to go back to the same temperature after power loss. Six sliding metal shelves make it easy to get the cans out. A security lock is added to keep your drinks safe. The temperature range goes from 38 to 50 degrees F and is easily adjustable via touch digital control panel.

#7 Phiestina PH-CBR100 beverage refrigerator

Phiestina PH-CBR100 106 Can Beverage Cooler Stainless Steel Door with Handle

Price: $299.00

3.8 out of 5 stars (67 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $299.00

With the capacity of 106 cans, this stainless steel refrigerator has adjustable temperature settings ranging from 38 to 50 degrees F. Six removable shelves allow you to easily store your drinks and reach them when needed. The efficient compressor cooling system keeps them cold at all times. The blue LED light adds to the looks of the appliance while the digital controls via LCD display make it look advanced. While being Energy Guide approved, this refrigerator operates extra quietly.

#6 EdgeStar BWC120SS beverage refrigerator

EdgeStar BWC120SS 103 Can and 5 Bottle Extreme Cool Beverage Cooler - Stainless Steel

Price: $259.00

3.4 out of 5 stars (94 customer reviews)

5 used & new available from $189.99

The EdgeStar BWC120SS beverage refrigerator can fit 103 cans and five bottles at the same time. It is made of stainless and features a powerful compressor that ensures optimum beverage temperature at all times. LED lighting is included, as well as six removable and adjustable shelves for maximized use of storage space. The temperature range goes from 30 to 50 degrees F. This refrigerator also features reversible tempered glass door which is extremely durable and long-lasting.

#5 EdgeStar VBR240 beverage refrigerator

EdgeStar VBR240 8.6 Cu. Ft. Commercial Beverage Merchandiser - White and Stainless Steel

Price: $829.00

4.6 out of 5 stars (16 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $829.00

This is another EdgeStar refrigerator model which differs from the previous one in the few slight details. It provides even cooling thanks to the compressor based air cooling system. The interior lighting does not have an on/off switch, which is a slight minus. An LED digital screen temperature display allows you to easily adjust the temperature. This appliance can only be used as a freestanding appliance. The dual pane glass featured on the door is very durable and the door has an integrated security lock to keep your drinks safe. Four wire shelves provide enough storage space for your cans.

#4 EdgeStar CBR901SG beverage refrigerator

EdgeStar CBR901SG 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler - Black/Stainless Steel

Price: $459.00

(0 customer reviews)

6 used & new available from $329.00

Yet another EdgeStar refrigerator model, this one features an 80 can capacity within its 15 inches length. Made of stainless steel, this refrigerator has a temperature range from 40 to 50 degrees F and features both fan circulated and compressor-based air cooling system. Three highly elegant glass shelves allow you to store your cans nicely. LED lighting is included for enhanced appearance as well. This refrigerator features an auto defrost option, which most refrigerators don’t have. The black dotted glass door features a security lock.

#3 Koldfront beverage refrigerator

Koldfront BBR900BL 80 Can 15 Inch Wide Built-In Beverage Cooler - Black

Price: $379.00

4.2 out of 5 stars (38 customer reviews)

3 used & new available from $265.00

With a bit smaller capacity of only 80 cans, this refrigerator mode still has a lot to offer. LED lighting adds to the appearance while the reversible tempered glass door enhances the durability of the appliance. Three wire shelves provide enough space to stack the cans horizontally or vertically. The fan forced ventilation system combined with the compressor cooling one provides even cooling for your drinks. The temperature can be adjusted via easy to use digital display. This refrigerator comes with a one year warranty as well!

#2 Avallon ABR241SGRH beverage refrigerator

Avallon ABR241SGRH 152 Can 24" Built-In Beverage Cooler - Right Hinge

Price: $899.00

4.4 out of 5 stars (53 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $899.00

This 24 inch beverage refrigerator can be built-in or freestanding and has a temperature range from 34 to 50 degrees F. It carries a key lock for security purposes and has a touch control panel for temperature adjustments. Both compressor powered cooling and the fan forced front exhaust are in charge of keeping the drinks cold at all times. The internal LED light can alternate between blue and white, which is a feature that makes this refrigerator stand above the rest. Three glass shelves provide enough storage space and the freedom of stacking the cans whichever way you like!

#1 Allavino VSWB-2SSFN beverage refrigerator

Allavino VSWB-2SSFN - 2 Door Wine Refrigerator/Beverage Center - SS Doors with Towel Bar Handles

Price: $980.38

(0 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $980.38

Finally, the number one beverage refrigerator on our list is the Allavino VSWB-2SSFN model. Two doors with tower bar handles make this refrigerator model look very luxurious and advanced. The digital temperature display features easy to push button controls. This refrigerator has a special shelf design for bottle storage and, thus, can store both wine and canned beverages. The powerful and advanced cooling system keeps your drinks extra cold while operating with reduced noise. What makes this refrigerator so great is the shelf design that allows you to maximize space and store both bottles and cans.


Those are our top ten beverage refrigerators that you can easily integrate into your kitchen or even the living room or the entertainment room. These appliances come in handy when you wish to get a cold drink and relax watching TV or hanging out with friends!


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